Your Honeymoon Checklist – How Can You Prepare?

You don’t need me to tell you that marriage is a beautiful thing. But the majesty of your special day with the love of your life will be the result of months upon months of serious planning, and more than your fair share of stress.

As fun as your wedding will be, you’re going to need a holiday. Luckily, your honeymoon is not only a chance to celebrate your newfound spousal status but also a chance to shake off the difficulties of planning your wedding.

But that honeymoon itself needs planning… So, how can you prepare for your honeymoon?

Set a Budget

Your wedding is already an expensive endeavour – and chances are, it has already ballooned beyond your initial budget.

As such, it is particularly important for you to budget your honeymoon carefully. Doing this before you even begin to make any plans can ensure you get exactly what you want without being disappointed.

Compartmentalise your budget into three areas – flights, accommodation and luxury spending – and see what you can afford!

Choose Your Adventure

A honeymoon is a beautiful thing, and there is no wrong way to go about one. Many choose far-flung destinations to spend two weeks immersed in another environment, and each other.

But there is also an upswing in the number of newlyweds trying domestic holidays, with staycation honeymoons and ‘mini-moons’ on the rise. Sit down with your partner and figure out what kind of adventure you’d like to share together.

Research Travel Requirements

Wherever you choose to go, COVID-19 will unfortunately still be a factor to consider in some shape or form. Some countries still observe strict rules for new arrivals, so it’s a good idea to make sure you understand what is expected of you by your chosen destination.

Book Early

Though your honeymoon plans may be distant, that does not mean you should hold off on making any bookings. Quite the contrary; the sooner you book flights and accommodation, the lower the price. If you are searching for a bit longer vacation, there are a lot of good Colorado long term stay hotels where you can get full experience for a reasonable price.

Also, you are guaranteed your first choices for destination and accommodation, and will not be disappointed by finding flights have sold out mere months before your wedding.


At long last, you can think about packing. This is the final stretch! Start with the essentials: passport, visas and documentation, any currency or bank cards you will need, flight and accommodation information.

Ensure all of the important stuff is together in one pocket of your luggage – then you get to think about the fun stuff.

Women’s holiday skirts for dressy days on the beach; men’s Ray-Bans for a chic afternoon on the town; dress shoes for evening meals and dancing; the list goes on, and differs for each honeymoon adventure.

All that remains now is to simply enjoy yourself! With all the administration in the bag, all that’s left to worry about now is how to make the most of your honeymoon, and of your new life together with your partner.

Though you might have to worry about the wedding, first…

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