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Whirlpool Washer Agitates But Won’t Spin – With the advancement of technology, the invention of the washing machine is great. If you are having a whirlpool washer, you have to know what to do if it won’t spin.

When you are trying to catch up on laundry, and you find out that your Whirlpool washer won’t spin even its agitating. Now, the washer stops wet and clean clothes at that time you must press out by hand before shifting to the dryer.

If your Whirlpool washer agitates but won’t spin, this may be a signal that there is a simple issue in your machine. The tricky can be unbalanced load or an uneven washer.

It can also indicate the switch is stuck or the drain is blocked, or that the washer is uneven.

There’s nothing more irritating than a washer doesn’t want to spin at the end of its cycle even it agitates. Don’t worry this guide helps you to analyse what may be mistaken with your Whirlpool washer.

Also, you can know a few simple fixes for the issues. Therefore, you can simply apply the fixes and see the outcome. The fixes are making a huge difference.

Why Is My Whirlpool Washer Not Spinning Even Though It Agitates?

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There are various reasons that your washer may not be spinning even it agitates. There are many more fixes that are accessible but some of the fixes are simple and easy to do by yourself, while others fixes are needs to hiring a handyman.

Below, you can get numerous issues and the easy fixes that you can apply. Surely it will help your washer enter the spin cycle seamlessly.

Blockage In The Drain System

It is the main and foremost mistakes everyone frequently doing. When you notice your Whirlpool washer agitates but won’t spin, then you have to check any blockage in the drain system.

Sometimes you forget things in your pockets, such as cash, pen drive, and other tissues. Otherwise, some buttons are exploded off a blouse or a brace of jeans.

Did you know? This object can make its way into the hoses, right? And that connects the drain pump to the washer. This kind of obstruction will stop your washer from spinning.

You can typically access the drain pump on the back close to the floor. Of course, some of the models will have it under the back of the washer, so you will isolate the machine. Before doing this, you should unplug the washing machine.

It is highly helpful to read the guide of your specific Whirlpool machine. If you want to eliminate any of the clamps that keep the hose in place, then you can clear any blocks.

Then, reattach it and plug the machine in now, it is run on the spin cycle.

Unbalanced Laundry Load

This is one of the most common causes of that your Whirlpool washer agitates but won’t spin may is an unbalanced laundry load. For instance, if your materials are have stuck to one side of the drum, this will cause the motion of the washer automatically.

This kind of issue is common when you’re washing bulky items such as winter jackets or large blankets etc.

If you have a newer machine, and then it may not range a high enough speed on the spin cycle to press your attires and drain the washer if the load is unbalanced?

In order to overcome the issues, you have to readjust your wet wash and placing it evenly in your washer, and then you can fix the problem easily.

Power Source Came Unplugged

Every so often, the most straightforward scenarios can be unnoticed, that is why you have to double-check that your washer is plugged in or not.

If you are overlooked the middle of your cycle and returned to sopping wet clothes, then the vibration is unplugged the washer from the wall.

If the washer is still plugged in, you have to check the breaker panel to make sure that you didn’t trip a breaker. This is significant to check, it is because it occurs a lot.

Washer Is Using An Extension Cord For Power

The power cord of the washer is too heavy-duty to be placed into an extension cord. Therefore, that should be a direct connection between your washing machine and outlet.

The issue is lies within the extension cord, and it has the power to run the motor for the washer. In effect, it can cause overheating and the machine to shut off before the spin cycle.

In order to fix the problem easily, try plugging your washer directly into a wall outlet. Then you can see the difference easily.

Moreover, you should exhort from using an extension cord with the washer. Not only does it shorten the lifespan of your washer, but it can also cause burnout and fires, etc.

Uneven Washer

Suppose, if your washer tends to shake on the spin cycle, of course, it is quite common among the older, and at that time your washer may be off-balance.

If you find any vibration or extra noise while the washing machine is running is an indication that your washer is uneven.

Once you find the issues, you have to adjust the washer’s legs or change the position of the washer on a flat surface.

If you want to identify the level, you have to use a laser level or a water level on top of the washer. Once you check it is even, tries rerunning the washer then you can see it enters the spin cycle.

Spin Switch Is Malfunctioning

If you have a top-loading Whirlpool washer, you can see the small button under the lid. The lid presses the switch when the lid is closed therefore, that the washer can indicate the cover is shut. Otherwise, if the button is bent, it won’t cause as well.

Are you tried to test the switch? You will need to open the lid first and choose the spin cycle. Then, press the button and start the washer usually.

If the machine starts spinning, then you have to bend the button back into place. Though, if the washer didn’t spin, you will want to replace the switch that means the switch is damaged.

Using The Wrong Detergent For A HE Front Load Whirlpool Washer

Holding a high-efficiency front load washer is need to use a high-efficiency detergent. It is because it has low foaming action. If you don’t, other detergents produce foams that indicate to your washer that the load is too bulky. This will keep your washer from spinning appropriately.

Drive Belt Needs To Be Replaced

A drive belt that is has come under as a pulley wheel. Once the drive belt is broken then it will allow the Whirlpool washer agitates but won’t spin as well. May the spin cycle kick in, and the washer may still drain, then the drum won’t move. Therefore, keep the drive belt correctly to make the washer in good condition.

To check the drive belt, you have to get into the back of your washer and unplug your machine before doing the washing.

Then, remove the back of the washer and check if the belt is having any damage or fallen off the pulley. If it fell off, you have to put it back. Then, you can simply replace it if it is broken.

Drain Hose Is Kinked

A kinked hose will stop water from flowing away from the machine, which means that your washer will not drain properly all the way or enter its spin cycle.

To fix this, you have to pull the washer out from its place. And you have to ensure that the hose is free of any kinks and sharp bends, then place the washer back.

If the hose is kinked, simply unkink it by moving the hose nearby. When you push the washer back, make sure you don’t crush up the hose. Formerly, run your washer on the spin cycle to check if it drains the remaining water and beings the spin cycle.

When To Call A Professional?

Furthermore, these are the issues with your washer that you cannot fix on your own. If you are having tried the whole thing listed above, but you want to get your washer to spin, then you have to call a professional for help at any time.

The professional are gives the solution when your Whirlpool washer agitates but won’t spin.

Bad Motor

If your motor isn’t running, then try to keep your washer from spinning. Some Whirlpool models have carbon brushes that are sustain wear and tear over time. But it is cheap to replace.

If you have an induction type of motor in your washer, you can still endure an electric shock even if your washer is unplugged.

Therefore, you must call a professional to test your motor to check if this is the problem. All your need to check the motor frequently and maintain the motor condition properly is must!! It is because the motor is main part of washing machine!!

Drain Pump Needs To Be Replaced

If your washer isn’t spinning, then it has a faulty drain pump. To order to identify the issues, you have to check the continuity by using a multimeter on the drain pump’s motor connections.

If it is not workable, then you need a professional to replace the part. It is very simple to check the drain pump by yourself. Or else, you can get the help from handyman as well.

Wrapping It Up

If your Whirlpool washer agitates but won’t spin, that can be tremendously annoying. However, before you stress out, check out the problems listed above, as try to fix them. If you’ve tried everything, and your washer still isn’t spinning, it is best to call a professional. It is cost-effective to fix the issues.

You do not worry about cost and anything and you can simply overcome the issues by choosing the right professionals at right time. Try to use the fixes!!

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