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Home Decor Write for us – Home Improvement write for us – Are you a writer who has a deep idea regarding home decor? If you’re looking for the right platform to write for the home decor ideas or your craft, then you have come to the right place.

Here you will be getting the opportunity of sharing your interest in our website, and we will be taking care of the contribution that you make here.

Submit YOUR Content to: stiffen.homebaseproject@gmail.com

Write for us: stiffen.homebaseproject@gmail.com

We are searching for creative writers who will be providing us with high-quality content for the home decor write for us. If you are sending the articles for the home decor niche, it will be helping us a lot with the expansion of the business through write for us. Also, it will help for good search engine optimization results.

The readers will be getting more information at our site. The write for us content will be available to millions of daily readers and will promote social media channels. Based on the niche, our writers will be receiving the benefits as well.

We are continuously looking for creative writers who will be making sure to provide us with high-quality content through write for us for our website.

Home decor write for us aspect will be helping us and expansion of the viewership. Though we receive many emails from different writers for guest posting, we cannot allow everyone to write for us.

If you are an expert writer in home decoration or website owner of home decor and like to write for us, you are open to sharing ideas in posts with us.

Topics related to home decor ideas, kitchen decoration, home interior decoration, DIY decor, students rooms decoration, living room decoration, bedroom decor, DIY write, etc., are trending. You can get the right scope to expand your business.

We will be requesting everyone to go through the guidelines that we will state here, and any submission that will be ignoring the company’s guidelines will find rejected.

Who Can Write for Us, and Why Should You Be One of Such Writers?

We are looking for writers who are quite fascinated by home decor. This is because they are the ones who can write for us and will be familiar with our niche. You don’t need to be an expert in the field.

So whenever you are a beginner or have written articles over the years, you can be free to start a career.

We are a well-known platform known in the world of home decor and interior design. Over the years, we have built our reputation by holding strong values, and we are the home to thousands of readers every month.

We are there for the ones who are looking forward to gaining exposure with SEO-friendly home improvement blogs.

This is a place that will be the best fit for you for the guest posting. The blog will be demonstrating the ability of the write-up and the professional work that caters to a large audience.

These are also the posts that you can consider an addition to the portfolio whenever you look for new clients.

Targeted Readers

The main reason why we are considering the guest posting for our home decor blog is that you can get essential quality traffic. When you are trying to build the online profile and the brand, you can get exposure.

When it comes to submitting the guest posting articles here, you will be getting the opportunity to draw the attention of the rewards towards your website or the portfolio for reading more about you. Not only will it help in increasing the traffic to the website will also be ensuring the increase of the ranking in google.

The specialization that we hold is that we utilize the backlinks. It will be letting google know regarding the website of yours that is performing well.

That said, you will be getting exposure to the website and the writing to the search engines in return. You can get an increased audience.


Every business person always knows a successful business needs have a large network of connections. These days, more brands are developing, so everyone is finding the opportunities and partners to build a great world.

This will be a good idea for increasing the network and will be adding more traffic to our website. Whenever you get such collected views, you will find people you want to become new clients and potential partners.

You must be wondering that why you are a capable person for writing for us.

We are the reputed brand regarding the discussions regarding house decorating products, house decor, cheap furniture products, DIY ideas, information regarding the new products, and similarly other subjects.

Everything on our website will be related to home decor. It helps readers to gather the information that is based on the interest in the house decor tips.

Besides, our innovative team is focused on writing an SEO-friendly blog that ensures helping get millions of readers.

We have readers worldwide, so we’re focused on the delivery of fresh and unique content. Guest posting always boosts the career and will be helping you boost the visitors to the website. With the help of the backlink, guest bloggers will also be getting an improved ROI for the sites in search engines.

No matter how much experience you have, you will be getting the opportunity of starting a career to enhance your writing skills and earn in return.

We have developed our reputation over the years. The innovative team is always paying attention to give you the scope for improving your writing skills and gaining the audience for the website.

What Kind of Content Do We Accept for Home Decor Write for Us?

We are very open with the kind of content that we are accepting to get posted on our site. Yet, we have many restrictions.

Any content that you submitted to us should always be unique and shouldn’t be published anywhere else.

We will double-check your guest post contents and then judge whether it is non-plagiarized or not. We don’t accept posts promoting a single product. We have complete freedom over the world of home decor.

You can also be sent it as your write-up in the form of drafts. But, if the quality is poor, then we will not be able to accept it. We have a team for checking the quality of the write for us home decor articles that you submit.

The overall quality of the content is the priority. Some of the topics you can get for all content. Your guest post includes:

  • Tips and tricks.
  • Interior design ideas
  • Reviews.
  • Home decor Niche ideas.
  • DIY ideas.
  • Information regarding the new products.
  • The reviews you need to follow.

When you follow the guidelines, your home decor write for us articles will be amazing to draw the attention of someone interested in reading the content.

You will have to follow that the topic and the niche should be relevant and about the home decor.

Gaining Followers on Social Media

One of the major benefits of the guest blogging home is that it gives you the bulk followers on social media like Instagram, Facebook, and other social media platforms.

We have already stated that when you have heavy traffic on the website, it will lead the visitors directly converted into organic social media followers.

When you have a quality, concise blog for our site, then we will be making sure about staying in touch with you for long-term support.

Guest Posting Guidelines for Home Decor Write for Us Content

  • Your topic should be relevant to the home decor write for us niche as we don’t accept any other niche guest post. We won’t promote posts promoting the author. Rather, our platform is aimed to provide our readers with information about house affection and decor ideas. We do not entertain self-promotion.
  • Rather niche blog posts providing knowledge to the audience is acceptable. Pay attention that it should not be manipulative and wrong information.
  • Editing Information: We’ve certain terms and conditions for editing your guest post.
  • You should always include a minimum of one picture with your guest post. You can also send us the images that you have taken.
  • The word count must be between 800 and 2000 words. Researching before and during the writing process is a must to make sure that everything is accurate. Quotes and references from somewhere else are also acceptable.
  • You must include the original photographer in case you are taking it from somewhere else.
  • We welcome the links to your work. However, you shouldn’t link to one of our competitor’s websites in decor write for us article.
  • Don’t forget the conclusion at the end of the guest post that must answer the inference of the topic. This section will be dedicated to summarizing the guest posting articles.
  • We always accept all the formats so long as they aren’t write-protected that means you can send us the writeup in the form of a word document, google doc, and PowerPoint.
  • You can also send us the work by submitting it to the website or sending it via google mail.
  • You should always format the guest posts and be interactive. This means that it will be including the embedded links list, headings, and subheadings. We have the right to edit the article for the formatting, spelling as well as grammar mistakes. However, we may also go over the body of the work.
  • When you like, you can submit a short description of yourself alongside your guest post content submission.
  • Every article should focus specific topic.
  • High definition images draw the attention of readers and hold impact. We recommend a minimum of 1 image. Besides, if you are providing videos, make sure they should be relevant to the specific blog post. We request content writers abide by the copyright guidelines from the source images.
  • Guest posts with one or more than one backlink are acceptable but should redirect to one of our competitors under no circumstances. Use keywords to gain heavy traffic but make sure that they’re not used forcefully. Kindly value guidelines from a business perspective.

How to Consider Guest Post Submission?

Formats: all sorts of editable formats is acceptable, like word documents, PPT (PowerPoint presentation), google document, etc.

Write for Us Submission: articles via email are acceptable. Separate subtopics for how to submit guest post articles will give you better ideas.

Proper format: utilize the headings and subheadings to help readers catch the article quickly. Placement of the bullet points in the right place makes your article innovative writing. Make sure that you consider checking spelling, grammatical mistakes.

We have already mentioned how you can send us the guest posts. You can send us the pictures and the content either using e-mail or through the submission section of the website. For submitting guest posting articles through an email, you will have to consider our email id within the email.

you will have to attach the article that, after your sending it, our team will be working on it. They should take at least three days.

If we are not satisfied with the quality of the content, we won’t accept it, and the writing will remain to you for later use. You can then submit it somewhere else.

The individuals who are acquainted with the article writing know-how to stand out amongst the most well-known approaches to improve business. Utilize them for articles that can ensure acknowledgment and directing people to your site. Utilize them to make you more enthusiastic about your brand. Generally, self-filling articles ensure driving traffic or attention to your site/image.

Final Words

Correctness, uniqueness, optimization, and word count, as mentioned above, are the core points for approval. Fulfill all these conditions and get started. Write for us.

The scope turns out to be an exciting proposition when you are aware of what people like to search on the internet.

We really appreciate the precious time and efforts of our content writers in pitching our guest posts. 

So while you home decor write for us, you can rest assured about targeted traffic for your website. We would like to thank everyone who has taken the time to send us their writing. We receive lots of guest post submissions every day, and so we cannot accept everyone’s work.

However, you are always free to resubmit the guest post work in case it has been declined. If your article is accepted, we will be sending you the publication date to get to know when your article will appear on our site.

Finally, you should also know that we won’t provide you with the feedback for the submission as we won’t tell everyone that their content has been rejected. In case your guest post work is accepted, we will contact you.