The Home Base Project is a state of the art home decor brand for home services, DIY, home improvement, housekeeping, and more. We work with home service professionals in various industries for the optimum solutions.

John Ramsey

Lead Writer

John Ramsey is a professional writer who has always had a passion for DIY projects, house management, and beautifying environments. John has a vast knowledge of home renovation. He handles some of our most difficult assignments, such as floor plans, dimensions, and other construction-related materials.

Daisy Shroff

Lead Writer & SEO Growth Strategiest

Daisy has been writing for the longest time, and she has a wealth of expertise writing about interior design, real estate, and housekeeping. Daisy applies her 15+ years of writing experience to help us improve our brand and organic reach. She brings new ideas to the table as a result of her experience working with large groups, which will help Upgraded Home accomplish its aim of quick expansion.

Fedrick Patt

Lead Copywriter & Editor

Fedrick is a top copywriter and editor for us. He has experience creating landing pages, cost guides, and blog entries under his belt. His area of expertise is developing engaging material for the home remodelling industry.