How to Tee Off An Existing Gas Line | Everything You Should Know

Tee Off An Existing Gas Line – In general, the gas used in most houses is natural gas. It alone used on all the equipment such as stoves, water heaters, gas pipe, and so on. Every home that uses natural gas must know how to tee off an existing gas line but it is complex to do it.

Once you understand it then you can easily do it yourself without any doubt.

When it comes to tee off the existing gas line then make sure to switch off the gas at first. Now you ought to locate the gas line that you will be teeing off of.

The second you have located pipe and gas line then you can should the pipe using a reciprocating saw with a metal blade, and then enlarge your three socket tee.

Of course, the purpose to tee off of an existing gas line may of anything. It includes you may like to add a line to a new gas grill or an outdoor gas firepit. Also, remember that you are all set to work on gas lines without a license regardless of the state.

There are many reasons you may want to tee off of an existing gas line, such as adding a line to a new gas grill or an outdoor gas firepit. 

In the beneath article, you will come to know the accurate way to tee off of an existing gas line. You are all set to believe it since it is given by experts.

Can You Tap Into An Existing Gas Line?

How To Tee Off An Existing Gas Line

The straightforward answer is Yes. You will be able to tap into an existing gas line. The main thing you are required to notice is that confirm the available line size will offer adequate gas flow to send gas to various functions.

Here we’ll strongly recommend you to get licensed expert help. The reason is that when there are cases that you are not advisable to work on a gas line all because it is against the law to work on gas without the proper license. That’s why we suggest you contact a licensed gas plumber.

There is nothing wrong with working on the gas line yourself. Of course, it is legal but the only thing is that you must follow the procedural process. Want to know how to tee off an existing gas line? Then simply make use of the underneath points. however, before you choose to do it on yourself get a suggestion from the local authorities whether it is right to do DIY or not.

Best Way To Cut Into A Gas Line

As mentioned before, it is a must to confirm that the gas is turned off if you are going to work on the gas line. At the same time, take a look at the equipment that you have picked up to cut the pipe while teeing. In general, pipe cutting wrenches is the choice of so many in case if you don’t have it then better go for a metal blade reciprocating saw to easily cut it.

Thru, you have switched off the gas you are required to wait for about 20 minutes. After that alone, you must cut it. The reason is that even though the gas lines get turned off as well and in case if there is no adequate existing gas in the line to explode. For sure, you can witness flames if sparks burn the gas vapors. Of course, it is not dangerous however, you are required to wear goggles and you should be very cautious.

Tools Needed For Tee Off An Existing Gas Line

Once you come to know the topic then you can understand it is impossible without the right set of tools. No worries suppose if you don’t have the tools. You can easily rent. Here come the essential tools that mean a lot when it comes to tee off an existing gas line.

Tools for Teeing Off a Gas Line:

  • Pipe cutter or reciprocating saw
  • A set of plumbing wrenches
  • Gas-rated Teflon tape (yellow)

In case if you have experience in teeing the existing gas line then you all well know the importance of plumbing wrenches and a pipe cutter. However, if you have only a small space and you ought to work means then make use of reciprocating saw as it enough to do the process even without a pipe cutter.

The tap you use that is Teflon tape is gas-rated. It is available in a yellow colour that is made to safeguard the gas fittings properly.

Instructions For Teeing Of An Existing Gas Line

So, now you have some ideas about the tools that mean a lot. Forthcoming points explain the topic and for that you are required to track some steps. If you follow the instructions as such then you can easily do it in no time.

  • Turn off the gas. This is the first and main step that you should do. You are all set to turn off at the meter, or the line you are working on which is available with a shutoff valve. It is always recommended to shutting it off at the meter or else you can shut it off using the meter.
  • Let it sit. Now you must wait around 20 minutes until all the gas dissolve. The reason is that the chances that some vapors left in the line, it is not dangerous, however, you must be careful.
  • Find the line. Later you ought to find the new line where you choose to tee off. Take help of local gas company for finding main gas pipe. Most domestic gas lines use 1/2-inch (1.27 cm) through 1 1/2 inch (3.81 cm) black pipe or steel pipe. Most of the time it will be located nearby the water heater or at a gas stove. Here you ought to pick the line that is based on the place where the new line is. You know most of the people will tee off of one of these gas lines to add a line to a new gas line appliance or utility.
  • Cut the pipe. In this step you need to cut the pipe using a pipe cutting wrench or a reciprocating saw or else you can even use a metal cutting blade. At the same time, if you choose the pipe cutting wrench then you must cut the pipe in a 360-degree motion. For those who have small space then prefer a reciprocating saw works well and it will perfectly have done the job. It is required to cut the pipe downwards. Then you need two cuts and now remove about a half-inch piece of pipe. That’s why it is best to use a reciprocating saw since it will help to do the job quickly and you feel easy to cut as well. At first, be sure that the gas meter that you are going to cut is off. If not, turn it off first. You need to wait at least 20 minutes for the gas meter to turn off.
  • Install the socket tee. Finally, mount your 90-degree three socket tee to the new gas line. Before going to install you must confirm that your new gas pipe is the same thickness as the existing pipe for enough gas flow. At the same time, that the tee is provided with the same size. Eventually, make use of the Teflon tape, and attach the tee.

That’s all you can see a pipe that is coming off the existing line. You are all set to use it to mount a new appliance. Thru, you have done the job make sure that the tee is properly connected. After that, you ought to connect the pipe based on the fitting type. Turn the gas back on. Henceforth, you must understand it and then it will help you in many ways.

Tips For Working On Gas Lines

Take a look at the beneath quick tips that will assist you and notify that whether you have done the job correctly or not. The reason is working on gas is danger so you ought to be cautious.

  • Safety always comes first. At first, you should confirm that you have turned off the gas, and you have the proper protective safety glasses. If you want to disconnect your existing gas line, you must first turn off the gas meter so that it does not cause any problems. 
  • Always check your local codes and laws. Even though it is illegal for you to work on gas lines in your state. But it is best to have an eye on the regulations and laws before starting.
  • If you are hiring someone, make sure they are licensed. No matter whether a license is compulsory for your state or not. You are required to hire professionals for your satisfaction.
  • Use the right tools for the job. Avoid using tools and things that are not meant for cutting the metal piping. You must always look for a pipe cutting wrench or reciprocating saw and it is best.
  • Use a soap and water spray on the pipe thru you have completed the process it is a must to check for any leakage beforehand. So then you can easily connect and use any new appliance.

Why It’s Better To Hire A Professional For This Project

Always it’s ok to be late than saying sorry. Likewise, hiring professionals is always great more than doing the gas tee-off work yourself. Especially, if you don’t know how to tee off an existing gas line then you need to recruit an expert more than losing your life. Undoubtedly, working on a gas line is unsafe that’s why not all states allow doing DIY gas line work. It always requires a certified individual.

  • Installation
  • Removing
  • Teeing off
  • Diagnosing
  • Repairing

Regardless of the job you want to complete in the above list then simply hire local professionals and it gets differs from state to state.


In case if you break the law by doing the gas line yourself then you must pay a penalty of up to $200,000 without certification. Also, it is the penalty for a mid-class home. Thus, just estimate the cost before you violate the law.

Related Questions

Can anyone work on gas lines?

Some states require that a licensed gas plumber work on gas lines. Suppose if you are residing in a state where there is no license needed then you can do it yourself. You ought to check all the safety precautions. Even you are going to hire an expert as well you have some knowledge about this will helps you.

Who do you call to work on gas lines?

You must contact the local plumbing companies to get local plumbing companies. As the professional take only 1 to 2 hours and will tee off the line for you without any mess.

Wrapping It Up

Understand gas line tee-off is a straightforward job. It isn’t a tedious process however if you have no idea about this and the way to do it then it is unsafe. That’s the reason why most of the states require certified individuals to work on the gas line.

Thus, if you choose tee off an existing gas line yourself then have an eye on your local laws. So then you can easily avoid paying unnecessary penalties. Instead of paying a penalty, you can spend even a bit of money to hire a professional who has a lot of experience. 

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