How to Install Over the Range Microwave Without a Cabinet?

How to install over the range microwave without a cabinet – Generally, all are well known the uses of the microwave which is the vital appliance of the kitchen. With the busy lifestyle, everyone prefers microwaves to get a convenient and quick heating meal.

Even you have to learn how to install over the range microwave without a cabinet. Then you can get clarification about it. If you are using the microwave, then that is should be fixing on your kitchen theme.

The microwave is made to fit the upper kitchen cabinet. But without the cabinet, you have to create the shelf about the microwave.

Otherwise, various kinds of brackets are also accessible to get support for your microwave.

Why Consider Cabinet?

Usually, the microwave is designed to fit by the kitchen cabinet. But it is highly held by a mounting plate on the wall.

However, it makes a small lip for the bottom rear edge of the appliance. And it does not give the proper support to hold it at all times.

The microwave must install with screws from the upper cabinet to the top of the appliance. It allows the microwave to hand over the cabinet and that are held by a mounting plate. Apart from that, you have to design to hang it.

The other reason for people choosing the cabinet above the microwave is that it is cords and ducts. The microwave is needed to be plug-in, and the wires are hanging above the store.

So, of course, it is a risk and a dangerous one. The appliance comes under the vent features that require the duct when the venting to outside.

The Vent Dilemma

This is the most common thing to know. Including, you have to learn about that then you need a vent for stove and oven. But, then, the duct is external or internal!!

If you use the electric stove, you do not need to use a vent. But without using the furnace of your own, the kitchen will get greasy and smoky.

The vents are handy, and also, every homeowner prefers them. It is because the vent helps to release the kitchen exhaust externally. It is highly effective to use. However, if you want to install it, it required more work.

Therefore, you have to hire the professional HVAC to install this n your wall. The vent you can install on your exterior wall. It is a little bit costly but a worthwhile investment.

For instance, if you are in the rental house, you do not cut into your wall. Don’t worry. You cause the internal vent, and the internal vent is essential. It sucks up the air and recirculates like a fan. So you can keep safe highly.

Both vents are best to use and help to draws the air up from underneath the microwave. But, on the other hand, it inhibits the airflow and allows the shelf to get sticky with grease.

Safety Installation

The microwave is not a more significant appliance, but it can be heavy. Once you have the microwave, you have to make sure space and installation technique helps hold the microwave safely and adequately.

Once you are mounting the load-bearing holder on the wall, you have to drill into the studs. Screwing into the support structure is helps you to get stability.

But you do not screw into the drywall. Even toggle bolds are keeps secured the heavy items into drywall. But it gives more chance to file it.

Compared to others, microwave installation is a more straightforward job but needs two people to do it. It is tough and impossible to hold the weight of the microwave and attach the support structure.

If you want to do it on your own, you have to get the help of your friend and others. Then you can do it quickly.

If you want to make any home improvement, then it is best to hire professionals. For instance, when you have confusion about your appliance’s structural stability, you can get another way. It is always right and best to spend money to do it quickly.

How to Install Over the Range Microwave Without a Cabinet?

There are two different options are accessible for install the over the range microwave with vent. First, build the shelf above to mimic the support of the cabinet. And the second option is to use wall-mounted brackets for microwaves.

Wall Mounted Microwave Brackets 

When it looks to brackets, there are plenty of options that are accessible that are helps to hold up your microwave.

However, when mounting it above the range, you must ensure that the bracket does not interfere with airflow.

The correct brackets for mounting microwave that holds the microwave from underneath it is because that comes under pair of stainless steel arms. It will bring support from the bottom, one on each side, running parallel to the microwave.

If you want to use these brackets means, then you have to find them online. Otherwise, you can see it in big home improvement stores as well. This item is always available in stock. So with no hassles, you can buy it.

Tools And Material Used:

  • A buddy to help with the heavy lifting
  • Measuring tape
  • 2.5 Or 3-inch wood screws
  • Self-tapping screws for metal
  • Level
  • A drill bit that matches screws
  • Pencil
  • Cordless drill
  • Wall-mounted microwave brackets
  • Stud finder


  1. Decide the location of the microwave. And make sure the area should be centred over the ranges, and the bottom of the space should be at least 30 inches above the cooktop. And the electrical outlet comes within reach of the chord. Even if you want, you have to vent in place.
  2. Draw a line where you have the bottom of the microwave to be. Now, you have to check the level and find where the studs are located on the walls. Even the microwave will be placed in between them.
  3. Consider the stud to placement. And attach the brackets to studs. Using the drill screwing 2.5 inches.
  4. Fix into the microwave on brackets!! You have to set it, and the arms support the flat area on the bottom edge. You can set it without blocking the vented place. Now, you have to drive the microwave back alongside the wall.
  5. Here, use the self-tapping screws!! And secure the microwave to brackets with screwing up via brackets to the appliance.

Shelf Above The Microwave 

You can use the fake cabinet, which is one of an idea to make it. By using the method, you can create the shelf to serve the cabinet. To get the support weight of your microwave hanging, you have to make a shelf secure.

The brackets you can use where you want to make a shelf hang. It is considered decorative but makes sure you get sturdy something about it. Here, the metalwork is better than plastic. You can make it by using sturdy wood.

The focus on this bracket is to make the look decorative but can hold the weight of the microwave. First, you have to fix the frame for the triangle to get it more robust. Then it evenly distributes the load and other commercial appliances.

Tools And Material Used:

  • Cordless drill
  • Measuring tape
  • Pre-cut shelf or sturdy wood material
  • 2.5 or 3-inch wood screws
  • Self-tapping screws for metal
  • A buddy to help with the heavy lifting
  • Pencil
  • Level
  • Stud finder
  • Triangular brackets designed to hold a shelf from above
  • A drill bit that matches screws.


  1. Decide the location of the microwave. Ensure the centred microwave over the ranges and bottom of the area should be at least 30 inches above the cooktop. And the electrical outlet present should be within reach of the chord. Even if you want, you have to vent in place.
  2. Decide the place on the shelf! The top of the microwave should sit flush. Therefore, you have to draw the line where you have to place the microwave top. The line should indicate the bottom of the shelf.
  3. Mark the studs in the wall. The microwave you do not fix in drywall anchors. With the help of a stud finder, you have to use wood to screw the brackets.
  4. Now, you have to align the bottom of the brackets with the line. The screw the shelves into the wall should be 2.5 to 3-inch screw at the top, middle, bottom. Use the drill and add the holes to brackets to have more placed to screw.
  5. Install the microwave as per the instruction of the manufacturer. Using the mounting place on the rear wall, you have to install it. Once after setting the microwave on the mounting plate, make the appliance top edge flush with your shelf.
  6. Use the shelf tapping screws and screw the microwave to the shelf by screwing down the wood to the appliance.

Related Questions

What Are the Other Placed to Mount a Microwave?

Now, many of the homeowners is having fancy kitchen features with built-in microwave drawers. By opening the slides, you can use it. But the inside is a top-loading microwave.

Some of the brackets will mount a microwave to the underside of the cabinet. You can use the style hook in underneath, but the screws in from above. Suggest under-counter application exit as well.

This kind of microwave you use under the counter that are not like vent a stove.

Once all the methods are a failure, the microwave you have to set on the kitchen counter. If you have space for more, putting it on any of the areas on top of your refrigerator etc. The rolling cart allows you to be handy in a kitchen with minimal counter space.

What Are the Ways to Get Help for Installation?

For venting and ductwork, you have to contact the HVAC professional. The professionals are well known for the ins and outs of ventilation in all kinds of walls.

The professionals are advised to install it in the best ways and install the venting externally range hood.

For instance, if you are losing the instruction manual of your microwave, you can do this easily.

Otherwise, you can check online to get an installation guide. Even you can use any of the valuable resources from social media as well. And you can get more details and information you want.

If the installation process are having puzzled, then call the professional. They know how to handle this, and they are having all kind of tools to do the job quickly. But make sure they are licensed and insured.


Using a microwave is common today. Therefore, you have to install it properly. Now, you are well known how to install over the range microwave without a cabinet!!

You can do it on your own or call the professional to get more advice and an easier process. All the above instructions will help you a lot!!!

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