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Why Electronic Ignition Water Heater Won’t Light?

Electronic ignition water heater won’t light – Every water heaters, the most common malfunction issue that occurs is electronic ignition water heater won’t light. When you buy it newly, it will completely work fine, but when the year starts to go, it will show this electronic ignition issue.

Have you ever thought about what the reason behind this kind of issue is and what is going wrong with this at any of the moment?

This article will explain to you what goes wrong, or else finding service to repairs this will save your money and time or not. Apart from all of this, you will verify and know the reasons why people are switching from the standing pilot’s type heater to the electronic ignition model nowadays.

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Why an Individual Favor Electronic Ignition Water Heaters?

Nowadays most devices are using electricity instead of using the batteries. In the past few years, multiple people were practiced using standing pilot-based water heaters. It has possessed a high demand too among the people.

But these days, it has no use and none of the people are purchasing plus using it. The electronic ignition water heaters are now placing in a top position when it comes to water heaters.

The reason behind not using the standing pilot water heaters is it constantly uses the flow of gases. Approximately 24 hours it uses up to 600 to 800 for a cause of steady work. Another most important drawback of these water heaters is you won’t able to pay the gas bills; it cost high expense for every month. The billing price is apart from the boundary of your imaginations.

At the point when you take electronic ignition when compared to other types, it only gets functions when it has the electronic current. When you need the heater, you can turn the switch on plus with the help of electric current it will start to work. It does not require electrical power for 24 hours to functions.

You can give the power when it is needed. By lighting the water heater, you can get to know whether the electronic ignition won’t light or not. To make work of the light at the heater, you should require installing all the units which are needed for that.

After that, observe whether it is lighting or not. Whether it is not working means, it should contain some of the issues; you have to look up and study to know about it.

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Is It a Defective Igniter’s Issue?

Most of the units will surely have the igniters when it got defective problems, there will be a lot of changes to electronic ignition won’t light. Verifying the version of it will help you to find out whether it matches or not.

When you are not capable to find out, you can seek out a contractor to solve your issues related to light errors.

The service technician will verify whether the water heater is getting the required voltage to the units to make it work or not. Whether the technician founds that, that is the original issues, he/she will prescribe you to replace it some other new parts.

Why Should Pressure Sensors Work Perfectly?

Another reason electronic ignition won’t light is pressure sensors. Well, there are a lot of chances when the pressure sensors got repairs, they won’t light under a lot of circumstances. Most probably the light will get off when it reaches the required level of airflow and after this process, the units of the ignition will start to work.

When the ignition does not have the needed level of airflow, then there is a high level of electronic ignition that won’t light. Calling out a serviceman will help you to find out what is the fault behind that, they will check whether that part is defective or else due to the loss of not having proper connections.

Why Should Spark Electrodes Work Properly?

A lot of units at the water heater are having spark electrodes, which actually start the ignition properly. It functions by sending the signals or by having interacted with the high-level voltage sparks.

When the proper signal is sent by this, then the light will function properly. When the water is not able to spark at the water as per the functionality, then it will be better to call the serviceman to replace the electrodes properly. This will help you to fix the electronic ignition that won’t light.

Why Verify Thermocouple Too?

Another chance to not light is thermocouple defective. When the thermocouple is not able to work as a detector, then surely the electronic ignition won’t light will not happen by any chance.

Whenever your electronic ignition won’t work, you should remember these four defective errors first. This sort of issue occurred when the manufacturing is not done well by the enterprises. So always try to buy the best product instead of saving money by purchasing the cheat products.

What Are the Signs of Water Heater Igniter Issues?

The initial step you have to do for identifying the defective igniter is to understand that you have a problem. Let’s know and study from the below-given issues of the electronic igniter.

  • A problem-based heater most probably produces a low amount of heat, even though you wait for a long time it does not produce efficient heater water.
  • The burner at the electronic heater will do its work unsteadily, due to that it will start and stop the heating cycles of the water heater on its own.
  • An inaccurate switch will automatically turn off and turn on the igniter. When it turns off means, the blower at the heater will start to clear the warm air presented in it.

Call the service assistant when you find out this kind of starting issue at your water heater, the service assistant will help you to solve the problem when it is in the starting stage. In this way, you will able to prevent the larger difficulties in your water heater.

What Are Things to Remember About Light Up?

Water heaters are burning in one of three different ways. Thus, knowing the sort you have is vital for lighting it:

Numerous recent water heaters necessitate that you realize how to light a water heater with the electronic pilot. They have a gas control that searches for a status light that squints when the pilot is lit and a little igniter button, conceivably with a lightning bolt image close to it.

On the off chance that your water heater is very old, it probably won’t have an electronic pilot. There will be no status light or start button. So, they suggest you contact an air conditioning organization that fixes old water heaters for data on physically lighting the pilot or to examine supplanting the water heater.

Some more current units don’t have a standing pilot light, that is, one that is constantly lit. The fire just when water warming is necessary. Pieces of information that you have on one of these models are that it is more up-to-date and doesn’t have a start button. On the off chance that the unit isn’t lighting, it is likely a flawed gas control valve or else thermocouple.

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Bonus Tactics to Learn and Understand:

In the event that the water heater has not made a fire, two additional tips may tackle the issue.

In some cases, the pilot will go out before you can turn the handle to one of the water temperature settings. This is due to that the thermocouple hasn’t warmed adequately. On the off chance that that occurs, stand by 10 seconds before changing the handle from pilot to a temperature setting.

Whenever rehashed endeavors to light the pilot and water heater fall flat, search for a little reset button at the foundation of the unit with wiring to it. Additionally, if your water heater has one, press and holds it for five seconds. Then, at that point, retry the functionalities repeatedly.

What Is the Requirement to Light It?

The pilot should be heated since:

  • A recently introduced unit is initially begun;
  • The gas has been closed off for fix or assistance;
  • The water heater quits warming for no clear explanation.

On the off chance that the last situation happens, watch that the gas valve handle is corresponding to the gas line to demonstrate it is in the on position. Then, at that point, search for a little blue pilot fire in the little window at the lower part of the heater.

On the off chance that there is no fire and the gas is on, the means beneath depict how to light a water heater with the electronic pilot. When the pilot is on and the dial is set to hot or one of the more blazing settings yet the unit actually electronic ignition water heater won’t light to make heated water, your concern is almost certain the gas valve, thermocouple, or indoor regulator and ought to be analyzed by an expert.

Procedures Followed to Light Up the Water Heater:

In case you are accurate about your water heater to possess an electronic pilot, find its gas control get-together. It is a crate connected close to the lower part of the unit with a pivoting control handle or dial, status window, wiring, igniter button, and the gas line joined.

Here is a bit by bit direction for how to light a water heater with an electronic pilot:

  • When the heater has electrical wiring for a fan or other capacity, then, at that point ensure its circuit is on;
  • Switch on the gas valve to the proper position, if fundamental;
  • Pivot the gas-control handle or dial to the pilot position;
  • Push down the handle. Then, at that point, hold it down while finishing the following stage;
  • Press the start button about once each second. Make this move until you see the status light start to flicker at regular intervals. This shows that the pilot is lit. The interaction that requires as long as 60 seconds in a recently introduced unit;
  • When the pilot is heated its blue fire can be seen through the little perception window turn the handle to the hot position or a more sizzling setting, on the off chance that you like. Then, at that point, tune in or search for the gas burner to fire.


Every house and building is needed to be properly managed with electronic items. Especially the water heater needs to properly maintain for a better way of working.

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