How To Update A 1970s Stone Fireplace? | Simple and Easy Guide

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How To Update A 1970s Stone Fireplace – Undoubtedly, the ’70s is the time were various attractive styles came in such as pony cars, peasant tops, disco platform shoes, bulky stone fireplaces design, and so on.

At that time, every house owner wishes to have a stone fireplace. As it will give captivating look that will add a rustic appearance. In particular, how to update a 1970s stone fireplace shows interest. More than giving an attractive look it will make your living space quite great.

How to Update a 1970s Stone Fireplace?

When it comes to modernizing your 1970s stone fireplace all you need to adding concrete to the stone facade. Even you are all set to prefer wooden paneling will give traditional look certainly.

Can I update my brick fireplace by painting? How does one modernize a red brick fireplace? What quite paint does one use on a brick fireplace mantel?

While having a multi-decade-old stone fireplace within the interior may help create a country atmosphere, it always presents tons of decor challenges.

For a captivating look, you should not stop just by simply paint the stone fireplace. You are all set to make use of these things that will surely change your bored-looking old fireplace an updated one by including the modern patterns and appearance by saving its character.

Unquestionably, almost every house is having these kinds of fireplaces. The reason is that it will make your living space warm and you can enjoy winter by getting some fresh fire. However, people living in this century of the internet don’t find it much attractive to see huge-sized stones.

Natural stone paint is best because a painted stone fireplace with natural foliage looks soothing

Thus, you must know how to update a 1970s stone fireplace to grab your likely look. Here come the options that will suit modern house owners. Take a close look underneath.

Before You Begin to Update a 1970s Stone Fireplace Facade: A Quick Note

Fireplace makeover are also a part of home decor. If you fail to mount it properly, then it is unsafe your life will be at risk. That’s why you must update, maintain more often. Before going to do any steps in your fireplaces you ought to check the local fire codes. You can even recruit a certified professional who can help you on time.

It is important to note that regular fireplace repair is crucial for not only ensuring your safety, but also for improving energy efficiency and preventing costly damages to your home.

In case, if you choose to do it on yourself then you are required to confirm that you have taken the procedures from an authentic website. Most importantly you should follow step by step instructions without skipping. You must be careful while working on fireplace makeover. In this article you will get trending fireplace makeover ideas.

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The Various Methods For Updating Your 1970’s Stone Fireplace

Updating Your 1970's Stone Fireplace

At first, you must decide the final look you would like to get. All because that the things you can do are massive in numbers when it comes to modernizing your stone fireplace from the ‘70s look. Underneath comes the proof,

  • Including concrete to your stone
  • Expending paneling made from wood to create a more traditional look
  • practice a stone veneer for sure
  • Use tile to add some color
  • Paint the hearth

There are also some ideas you can perform that are mixing any of the two methods from the above. That is, you are all set to add some tile for color while using some wood panels to create a distinctive look.

No matter what it is but when it comes to choosing a style it comes down to your choice and preference. Henceforth, we have decided to explain to you even more ideas have been including that will assist you to prefer the best and then work on it.

Add Concrete To Stone Fireplace Wall

Concrete To Stone Fireplace Wall

Certainly, stones will include a lofty of heaviness to your sweet home. That will make you deal with a lot of weight at the end thus none go for it. If you check “Concrete” then you are all set to apply directly to the stone masonry to fill in all the gaps.

Thus, it looks like the stones and at the same time, you can achieve a captivating look which means a lot.

Even some additional things can also add to this method,

  • You can color the cement. There is no rule that the cement needs to be in grey. In case if you get bored of it then try changing. You can even add little coloring that can give you a reddish hue, a blue twist, or a nice creamy adobe gaze.
  • It’s a smooth, crisp look. The people’s favorite update will help a lot to change a 1970s fireplace into a modern household centerpiece. So, never miss it.
  • It’s easy. The final one is quite a great easy one and it will give your fireplace a new look.

Use Wooden Paneling For A Traditional Look to Stone Fireplace Makeover

Wooden Paneling For A Traditional Look To Stone Fireplace Makeover

For those who would like to change the very old stone fireplace to get a more traditional look adding a bit of wood paneling is a great option. If you check wood paneling, then it has the perk that will give a standard look that is always a masterpiece.

It will assist you to retain the rustic look 1970s fireplace elements as such without stripping.

Stare at the beneath points that will show better perks of using wood paneling to get your fireplace to modernize,

  • There are a lot of ways to dress up wood paneling. If you are looking for the best way to get an old Cape Cod to look. Then all you ought to do is simply choosing mahogany or a rich cherry texture on your paneling. At the same time, if you need a farmhouse look. Then all you need is white paint wooden panels and it is great as well.
  • It’s a quick way to get rid of any evidence of the stone. You know that the Stucco and concrete will use up a lot of time to dry and model. That’s why preferring wood paneling is fast to mount however it is based on the method you use.
  • You can also hang up artwork on it easily. Of course, it is a lot easier to nail a painting to a wooden panel. The reason is that provided with drywall behind it than it is to nail something to concrete. Of course, if you have decided to get a wooden surround then it will turn your modernization project into a shelving unit for sure that’s why you must know how to update a 1970 s stone fireplace so then you can obtain the look you need.

Opt For A Stone Veneer Instead

Just think about how you can replace stones with stones. It asks a huge difference from you. Henceforth, you must use stone veneers and it will help you to straightforwardly update a fireplace.

At the same time, stone veneers are thinner and lighter than traditional stone or brick but you must spare some money to maintain them.

Of course, stone veneers are made of stone but you can’t compare stone and stone veneers all because of the traditional stone layouts. Once you come to know various options which will help you easily change the fireplace.

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  • You can choose a more modern stone or tile layout. If you like the iridescent tile installation that arises with mica? For sure you are all set to obtain as a veneer. At the same time, most need a “mismatched brick” look that will enhance interior design magazines. Also doable. The sky’s the limit here.
  • It’s cheaper than standard stone. You know that the stone will ask you to break your savings for sure. To help you alone are available which is the famous option.
  • It’s also easier to install. Do you think it is possible to get rid of all stones and reinstalling it will be cheaper? Of course not, that’s why prefer stone veneers. It will surely remove the stone fireplaces with new patterns that you like.

Use Tile To Get Some Color In Your Life for 70s fireplace

You know tile is the most preferable layers of material by all. For sure, all choose it when it comes to change their fireplace.

For sure, it is a traditional resurfacing material. Truly it is the basic thing that everyone should do. A notable thing here is that you can use any color and use it on your fireplace.

Take a look at the below points,

  • You can get the tile in almost any color. When it comes to choosing tile always choose mural tile or larger neutral stones that are great and feasible as well. For sure, you must choose tile if you want flexibility and it is the only option too.
  • Colored grouting is a thing, too. For those who are looking for a better appearance then never miss pointing out the grouting you’d use to keep the tile in place.
  • Most people find this to be an easier fix than most others. Undoubtedly, if your choice is a tile then needless to worry since it will last for so many years.
  • Speaking of tile, it is easier to clean than stone. It does not ask you to maintain much. Once you felt that the air gets dirt prefer proper maintenance which will give you fresh air.

Paint The Stone!

Paint The Stone

The reason why modern people don’t like the ’70s era stone fireplace is all because of horrible paint. Eventually, the second you check how to update a stone fireplace, you can witness a lofty of options out there.

If you have no much time to update your fireplace, then go for a painting such as white and so on. It will give standard look.

Of course, painting your old fireplace is a budget-friendly way. The notable thing is that you are needless to do anything much. All you ought to do is choose some heat resistant paint so then it will never melt or come off from the stone.


However, once you have decided to update your 70s fireplace then all you need to do is estimate the budget. In case if you choose to do DIY then decide your ideas and then the end looks you want to attain.

Sometimes an old fireplace will affect your home appearance as well. That’s why you must do a lot of research, decide a budget, plan a final look and then start to work.

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