Ideas and Inspiration for your Living Space – A Guide to Coffee Tables

Have you been thinking of renovating your living area or reception? Fancy yourself as a budding interior designer?  

This guide will give you lots of ideas and inspiration on how to makeover your living space, how to get the best out of the space you have, and how to utilize it.  Whether you are looking for a coffee table for front room, a reception or maybe even a bedroom, look no further for what to look out for when choosing one. 

Coffee tables are the centerpiece of any living space, there are lots of decisions to make before choosing the best coffee table for your home.  Read on for more helpful ideas and tips. 

They are a great place to set your hot drink, a book or magazine, and ornaments or picture frames, it is a good piece to decorate a room and make it more welcoming and cozy. 

There are many different types of coffee tables suitable for a budding interior designer with great plans for a specific space, small and custom-made coffee tables, and many more.  Below you will find details on just what is available. 


You may not think so, but there are many different types of French Coffee Tables.  Some of the most popular are listed below. 

Robust Square Table – Offering storage drawers and a natural wooden top, this table is one of the most attractive of all the coffee tables we will discuss in this guide. 

Square Grey Table – Low-level shelf, two drawers, and turned legs.  This coffee table offers a more vintage, distressed look which would look fantastic as a centerpiece in any room. 


Mirrored furniture has become one of the most popular purchases in recent times, and it remains to be a great seller for any home. 


Have you at any time ever thought of an industrial coffee table? Do you know what it looks like? 

Another popular choice for home décor is the industrial coffee table.  The effect of this type of coffee table uses metal, glass, and wood.  Each part of the coffee table looks great and boasts robust construction, and has lots of imagination.  It is a coffee table to consider if you are looking for a unique look and feel to your living space or room. 


Another huge favorite in lots of households in the UK, this coffee table is proving it lasts time after time.  This type of table lets you create and custom-make your own style and look in a coffee table. 

It encourages you to think out of the box and shape the coffee table to your needs or how you want it to look in your living space.  Get creative and design the coffee table for you with a beautiful shabby chic coffee table.  Loved by many but very popular with people who want to have something a bit more individual and unique. 


When it comes to interior design, not everyone has a creative mind, sometimes you might just want a simple, beautiful coffee table centerpiece without having to think about it yourself. This is where a modern coffee table comes in and is perfect for those that want to buy a modern piece of furniture that will look great in any living space. 

There are hundreds of different designs, colors, and shapes to choose from, so there is bound to be something for every living space. 


These types of coffee tables offer a marble effect either on the tabletop or as part of the frame.  They are perfect for making an impression in your living space and an impression on those who see them. 


Another very popular addition to any living space, glass coffee tables offer style and grace in any home.  They fit into most rooms and are contemporary, which means they never go out of style in any room. 

They offer a splash of sophistication and beauty and are loved by many. 


If you are looking for a piece of furniture that will be talked about and will turn heads, then a teak coffee table is sure to provide this in your living space.  They are unique in that the root of the wood is used as the showpiece.  


These types of coffee tables are very deceiving in that they may look like a simple design on first look, but they actually boast being expertly crafted and unique in design.  Another popular addition to your living space, it will look beautiful and help show off any room or living space. 

There are many different furniture specialists who can help you work out what type of coffee table you are looking for in your living space or home, they can give you advice on the best size and shape.  If you want to custom design your own coffee table, this can be done with a specialist who is experienced in planning and brainstorming with you to design the kind of coffee table you want as well.  

Whether you are only in the planning stages, want to design your own coffee table, or have even only just purchased your first home and need advice check out your nearest furniture specialist online or in-store. 

Use their years of experience and interior eye to your advantage and have a chat with them today. The living space you dream of can become a reality much easier than you might think; it all starts with a click or a visit to the store for more information and guidance. 

For more information on the different styles and types, visit  You will literally be spoilt for choice.

Choose your next accessory from their online shop or chat with a friendly member of staff who will take your ideas and make them a reality without the stress and hassle of starting from scratch yourself and having to create the coffee table without any help. 

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