How To Hang Plants From Ceiling Without Drilling | Simple and Easy Steps to Follow

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How To Hang Plants From Ceiling Without Drilling – When staying in the new house, you don’t want to make beautiful ceilings by drilling holes to hang your plants.

Or, when you are staying in a new apartment and need to know how to hang plants from ceiling without drilling. No matter about anything, you can do it easily.

How to hang plants from walls or ceilings without holes? Hanging plants without drilling holes in your ceiling for hooks is a inspiring one for everyone. In modern technology, there are many more different ways are accessible to do that task easily. Some greater options are

  • High strength magnets
  • Tension Rods
  • Clamps
  • Detachable Adhesive Hooks
  • Swing your plants from a coat rack
  • Consider the old ladder as a plant stand

There are many more valuable options are accessible for hanging plants when drilling holes in a ceiling is not a choice. Creative thinking is the key to finding unique and exciting ways to show your plants.

You do not worry about stab holes all over your home or apartment to hang plants.

Make Your Plants Magnetic – Using Magnetic Hooks

Many apartments and new homes, especially in urban areas have to show metal beams. These are making flawless plant hangars without drilling. New technologies in magnets are allowing you to hang much heavier loads easily and safely. Some of the magnets can hold up to 100 lbs as well.

If your home is converted into an industrial or warehouse look, you may not have to look for a metal beam. Many of these styles of home keep the industrial look with open support structures on the ceilings. Therefore, choose the ways you can hang your plants based on your choices.

How To Hang Plants From Ceiling Without Drilling – Turning Sleuth To Locate Metal Beams

You have to do a bit of examining to find the metal beams in your home or apartment. Some may hide behind decorative coverings. Some magnetic hooks are strong to hold a plant-based on the size of load through thinner coverings that are also hidden metal beams. Choose the hidden beams can be as simple as using the magnet.

The transparency of the magnet over the surface helps to hide the beam. You will identify easily if there is a beam therefore, you have to grasp a magnet and your plants. Once you set the beam, and you should be spaced over the ceiling.

The Drop Ceiling Dilemma Is Not A Dilemma At All

Sometimes, the home and apartments are transformed from older structures feature drop ceilings. The Drop ceilings feature a metal grid track fit into the ceiling panel. If your apartment is having a drop ceiling means, you do not face any difficulties at all.

Drop ceiling manufacturers deal with special hooks that are close to the track of the support grid. The signs are hanging from the ceiling of your retail store. These marks are hanging from this hook.

Use The Space Available – Bridging Gaps And Openings

If your home is having skylights or any other gaps and openings in the ceilings, you have to use tension rods or spring curtain rods easily. This kind of spring or screw can operate the rods and makes great plant hangers in skylights, stairwells, and openings in a ceiling.

The smaller versions of tension rods are having an internal spring. In order to install them, you have to compress the spring. You just place the rod in the opening and allow them to hold it tightly in place.

The rubber cap on the end of the rod does not stain the surface and some of these rods will grasp numerous pounds of plants as well.

For larger openings, a screw tension curtain rod is a good choice. These types of tension rods do not have springs. And you need an internal screw mechanism to lengthen the rod. This type of mechanism can easily hold the heavy drapes and curtains and can surely support some potted plants.

When A Wall Isn’t A Wall Or A Door Isn’t A Door

For instance, if you are having stub walls on your home or apartment, you just consider it. Generally, the stub walls are short sections of walls that are crucial or divide a space right?

At that time you have to find stub walls at the end of kitchen cabinets or built-in bookcases. The stub walls are able to make perfect places to hang plants with a little creativity.

When you choose the carpenter’s clamps used in woodworking that makes a seamless way to use stub walls to hang plants. These durable clamps feature the best trigger to tighten the clamp. The clamp bar projects from the rear of the clamp trigger is a greater plant hanger.

The best thing about these clamps is that are designed not to mar or mark the material but that is holding properly. And you can safely put them across the top of a stub wall and tighten them. Therefore, use the expanded bar as a plant hanger!!

The Doorway Without A Door

Door openings often never used doors or don’t have a door installed. At that time you can use the same style of carpenter’s clamps workings in doorways. Many of these carpenter clamps are fit over the door to clamp against the wall and without leaving any marks.

For a more industrial look, metal c-clamps work is most suggested and the same sort of arrangement you have to follow. It is best if you are taking care of c-clamps.

The pressure area of most c-clamps is slighter than the pads on the carpenter’s clamp. This kind of smaller pad is easily making a clump in the wallboard.

Stick It On And Peel It Off – High Strength Adhesives

When it comes to the high strength, peel away adhesives. When is sticky or not sticky? And, some manufacturers give hooks that can be keep to perfectly any surface and later you can remove without any damaging the surface.

The variety and design of the hooks are huge. Most plastic hook bodies are having metal hooks that you can apply to a ceiling, hang easily. This style of adhesive hook is ideal for lighter-weight plants.

Steps to Follow for How To Hang Plants From Ceiling Without Drilling-

Of course, the removable adhesive hooks are the best solutions for hanging smaller plants from your ceiling. Though, there are some requirements to the use of these hooks are:

  • Follow the right directions on the package
  • Make sure the surface is spotless and free of dust, dirt, oil, or grease. Cleaning is vital in kitchens where a tinny film of cooking oil can store.
  • Respect the manufacturer’s load restrictions.

1. Be Patient

Apart from that, if the plant you are hanging from an adhesive hook is more than 50 percent of the rated capacity you have to wait for 24 hours. It is because the adhesive requires time to preserve before applying the full load.

2. Think Outside The Box

If you are having the desire to get your plants up off and the floor or table, and need to hang from the ceiling, you have to think out of the box. It is because there are limitless options are accessible. You just think outside the box and find diverse ways to get a little height for your plants.

There are many more creative ways you can get. And find more and more around the house or apartment. You can apply any ideas you want!!

3. Give Your Plants A Leg-up With An Old Ladder

Repurposing an old ladder is really a unique way to give some height to your plant. Including, you can add a decorative flair to a room. A length of a wooden ladder propped in front of a window makes a perfect showplace for plants.

The ladder will allow light and air into the room and also you have to place your plants where they get the benefits!!!

4. If It Is Meant For Hanging, Hang A Plant

If you want to make a perfect plant hanger, you have to consider the dusty coat rack sitting in the entryway. The coatrack and moved near a window make a perfect way to get your plants up and perceptible.

Most coatracks are turned and making them perfect for spinning your plants to give them exposure to the sun.

Decorating With Hanging Plants Doesn’t Mean Holes In The Ceiling

Commonly, the plants can add a natural feel to your home or apartment. And it can be a healthy solution to your life as well. The little creativeness and specifically focused re-thinking are enough to make them great.

There are different alternatives are accessible to drilling holes in a ceiling to mount a hook.

Moreover, the magnets, adhesives, and cleverly repurposed items help to avoid the unappealing holes that can cause problems with rental credits. Don’t be hopeless. Take the challenge and find those creative and imaginative fresh ways to get your plants where you want them.

Available Alternatives To Hang Plants From Ceiling Without Drilling

You can simply choose between pre-stickered hooks or even magnetic choices. These do not need to pierce the ceiling to hold the plants. When you search how to hang plants from ceiling without drilling, you can get more answers which are simple and effective.

Nevertheless, you may want to check the amount of weight that they can hold. Therefore, with the help of the options, all your lovely plants don’t comes dropping down in any of the cases. You can get good experience when using the method to hang plants without drilling.

Our Takeaway

Plants are exclusive to have and it adds the beauty and design of your home. However, most people are not ready to puncturing their ceilings to hang their plants inside. If you’re one of these people then you have to choose a few different alternative methods for hanging your plants from your ceiling without drilling.

Therefore, there is no damage to your ceiling. But you can hang your beloved plants around your home. All you need to check the weight of the plant and hand from your ceiling by using the methods.

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