Eight Different Designs of High Gloss Kitchen Cabinets

Planning to remodel the kitchen? There are several things that one has to keep in mind while dealing with the cooking area. From floor tiles to countertops, everything needs to be planned perfectly.

Cabinets also play an important role in changing the whole look of the kitchen. From finishing to countertop design, there are many things that one has to decide. With so many options available for countertops like marble and granite, it gets quite tricky. One countertop material that has been trendy these days is quartz.

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Cabinet finishing plays an important role in making a kitchen look elegant and classy. High gloss finishing is quite popular these days. It gives a dramatic visualization and changes the whole outlook of the kitchen.

Let’s explore more exciting information about high gloss kitchen cabinets.

What Are High Gloss Cabinets Made Of?

High gloss cabinets are quite impressive and contemporary. They offer a reflective surface and look quite attractive. High-gloss cabinets are made from acrylic material.

Acrylic is a hard synthetic high-quality plastic. It is used in place of glass and is also shatter-resistant. These cabinets are a good fit for a modern-style kitchen, but with proper planning, they can be incorporated into a vintage-style kitchen too.

Advantages of High Gloss Cabinets

Easy to Maintain:

High gloss cabinets are quite simple in design and can be cleaned easily. One only requires a damp cloth and soap to get rid of all the smudges and stains from it. In addition, it has scratch resistance properties, so one doesn’t have to worry about damaging the cabinet while working in the kitchen.

Plenty of Designs:

There are plenty of designs available that homeowners can experiment with. Moreover, one can create unique designs and patterns by mixing up metallic textures. From coal, copper, and mud to glossy wood, there are plenty of finishes that one can go for when purchasing high gloss cabinets. This leaves plenty of room for homeowners to bring their creative ideas into reality.

Bright and Spacious Kitchen:

For a kitchen that does not have much room for natural light, a high gloss cabinet can work wonders in it. These cabinets reflect light which makes the kitchen look more spacious and bright. With the “mirror effect” created by the high gloss cabinet, the kitchen tends to appear wider.

Different Designs of High Gloss Kitchen Cabinets

Black High Gloss Cabinet and White Quartz Countertop:

If a dark-colored kitchen is something that one likes, then why not try having black high gloss kitchen cabinets? A black-colored high gloss surface accentuates the kitchen and makes it appear more elegant. In addition, with a white quartz countertop laid over it, the kitchen will appear even more stunning.

Ice White High Gloss Cabinet:

White symbolizes peace and cleanliness. It gives the kitchen a vibrant and fresh appearance. With a white high gloss cabinet, one can automatically have the cooking area look more vibrant. Add white quartz on top of it to have a uniform effect all over. Add on some bright white chairs and tables too. With beautiful lighting installed in the kitchen, one can easily make the space look bright.

Brown High Gloss Cabinets with White Countertops:

The color brown has been widely appreciated in these past few years. The reason being it does not get dirty easily, and it gives a quite royal touch. Homeowners can make the kitchen look even more appealing by keeping the interior the same as the modern high gloss kitchen cabinets.

Put up a white countertop to cut down the monotony. Throw in some brown and white colored furniture to finish up the kitchen decoration.

A Colorful Modern Kitchen:

Why stick with just one color when one can experiment with several? Color the walls of the kitchen in some neutral tones. Install bright red colored high gloss modern kitchen cabinets with some red colored backsplash. Lay over a black-colored countertop to finish decorating the cooking space. This mixture of light and bright colors will make the kitchen stand out from the rest of the space in the home.

Polka Dot Walls with Black Cabinets:

It’s not common to see a polka dot wall in the kitchen. So, why not experiment a little and get the kitchen walls painted white with black polka dots? Then, add on some black high gloss kitchen cabinets with a white countertop to make it sync with the walls. Finally, keep the flooring in the kitchen neutral and allow the cabinet and walls to spill their magic.

Blue Heaven:

The most underrated color that is used in a kitchen is blue. One can play around with different tones of blue and make the kitchen space pop up. The best way to incorporate blue into the kitchen is by using hints of off-white on the walls.

Place in some high gloss blue-colored cabinets that will go well with the theme. Use the same colored countertop to make the kitchen look like blue heaven.

All Black Kitchen:

An all-black kitchen is something that might not be everybody’s favorite. But its elegant finishing attracts the most attention. A black high gloss cabinet looks wonderful and fits in well with the black theme. Get the walls of the kitchen in a neutral color. Have a textured stone countertop with black and golden undertones.

Orange Cabinets and Green Backsplash:

Instead of sticking to white, black, and blue, go on with something different. Orange has a distinct appeal and looks phenomenal when incorporated with brown or green. In addition, a green backsplash and countertop will ensure that the kitchen looks stylish.


High gloss kitchen cabinets have become quite trendy. It has plenty of benefits, making it one of the top choices for homeowners. There are several designs and colors available that a homeowner can look for.

From plain white to a colorful blue high gloss, cabinets come in different shades and tones. Top it up with a beautiful quartz countertop and make the kitchen stand out.

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