Rheem Vs AO Smith Water Heater – What Is The Best Choice?

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Rheem Vs AO Smith Water Heater – When it comes to choosing the best hot water brand for sure everyone is confused between rheem vs ao smith. The reason is these are the top brands in the market. If you look at both these companies, they have a lot of experience. At the same time, the production line of these companies also remains at the top.

Thus, undoubtedly, everyone will get confused about purchasing a water heater. Anyhow you can easily get the differences by comparing both. That’s why you must take a look at comparison before purchasing

As mentioned before, both AO Smith and Rheem are popular hot water brands in the market. If you look at Rheem then its product is best in various terms so it attains the topmost level.

Also, AO Smith is popular and well known for its superlative customer experience. Thus, in short, no matter what type of product you are going to purchase both these companies are worth it.

In the beneath review, we have researched a lot of things about both these brands. Here we have mentioned in various classifications of the products so then you can easily choose the excellent one.

A Review of Rheem

Later 1925 Rheem has been established everywhere. This brand is there for about 100 years. It is a popular as well as best company in North America. Rheem has been established in various locations such as Australia, New Zealand, and Mexico.

This specific company is provided with a massive number of cooling and heating needs. At the same time, it is a brand that creates so many things right from tankless heaters to standard tank water heaters. Alongside the additional features like support gas, electric, and solar water heaters.

So, it is an excellent choice for commercial purposes. Plus, this brand is well known for its long-standing commitment to excellence. Thus, if you search for the best water heaters certainly you can find this brand. The high-quality, as well as standards of this brand, are available in various ranges as well.

Amongst various water heaters in Rheem, some specific heaters are provided by the noise-level department. It is popular in the United States locations and it will stand out from the rest. Therefore, Rheem company offers high-quality products for hot water.

Best-Selling & Rated Rheem Water Heater

  • Rheem RTEX-18 18kW 240V Electric Tankless Water Heater, small, Gray

This specific brand is provided with external digital thermostatic control with LED display and +/1-degree accuracy

  • Rheem 240V Heating Chamber RTEX-13 Residential Tankless Water Heater, GRAY

It has external adjustable digital thermostatic control with LED display additionally +/1-degree accuracy

  • Rheem RTEX-24 24kW 240V Electric Tankless Water Heater, Gray

The important specification in this product is ON/OFF Dial Control with adjustable digital temperature display

A Review Of AO Smith

AO Smith is a one more company and it is there in the market. In the year 1939 AO Smith introduced its very first water heater. Later this brand got a name called the company of innovation all because the company made a glass-lined tank water heater in the year 1950.

At the same time, in the year 2010, this company has incorporated the solar water heater system. Plus, this made this company attain various levels of technology. Most importantly, it has various things like standard gas, electric, and tankless water heaters.

Even for commercial usage, you are all set to prefer commercial heaters as well as boilers.

This company’s manufacturing line is available in the locations like China, Europe, India, and the US. The notable thing is that the company will keep on improve their products without any doubt.

The main feature about the company is that Proline and where they have manufactured the XE. It will offer adequate energy efficiency for uninterrupted heat during an unlimited shower.

Best-Selling A.O. Smith Water Heaters

  • A.O. Smith ENS-50 ProMax Short Electric Water Heater, 50 gal

The available permaglas glass coating protects the steel tank from corrosion and maximizes water tank life so worthy for sure.

  • A.O. Smith XCR-50 ProMax Plus High-Efficiency Gas Water Heater, 50 gal

It is provided with blue Diamond glass coating that provides superior corrosion resistance to the industry-standard glass lining

  • A.O. Smith GCR-40 ProMax Plus High-Efficiency Gas Water Heater, 40 gal

In this type, blue Diamond glass coating provides superior corrosion resistance to the industry-standard glass lining

Rheem Vs AO Smith Water Heaters – Who Offers The Best Gas Heater?

Here we have compared the two different water heaters. First and foremost, we can proceed with the ProLine XE 50-Gallon Gas feature by AO Smith and the Professional Classic Plus 48 Gallon Natural Gas by Rheem.

Based on our research that the company’s ProLine provides better customer experiences.

The beneath points will give you some idea and how does the AO Smith water heaters become a successor

ProLine XE 50-Gallon Gas Water HeaterProfessional Classic Plus 48-Gallon Water Heater
50-gallon tank48-gallon tank
6-year warranty6-year warranty
.72 Uniform Energy Factor (UEF).80 UEF
Energy star qualifiedEnergy star qualified
51x24x24” (HxWxD)60x22x22”

As in general, the Unified Energy Factor (UEF) is the Department of Energy’s method of communicating that matters the most for the energy efficiency of a product. Understand only when the numbers are massive the way that the energy efficiency will get increase.

At the same time, UEF will get differ in size based on your choice. You see both these are available with the same size and UEF is what defines the accurate measurements based on your choice.

If you check the Professional Classic Plus’s UEF then it is a little high. Also, both these water heaters are Energy Star certified so you can save a lot.

While the Proline will enable massive back-to-back showers. Even the customers reviewed the same online.

That’s the reason why we have selected AO smith for the customer experience in the comparison of both these water heaters.

Who Offers The Best Electric Heater?

In this part, we have compared the Professional 50-Gallon Electric Water Heater by Rheem and the Vortex Hybrid Electric Heat Pump by AO Smith. Here Professional Classic Plus by Rheem is the winner.

Check the below table to know it

Voltex Hybrid Electric Heat Pump 50-Gallon Water HeaterProfessional Classic Plus 50-Gallon Electric Water Heater
50-gallon tank50-gallon tank
6-year warranty8-year warranty
3.42 UEF.93 UEF
Energy Star qualifiedNot Energy Star qualified
63x22x22” (HxWxD)62x20x20”

You know that the UEF on the Voltex is greater. So, it clearly shows that the Professional Classic Plus is not Energy Star certified if you consider its online reviews. As it is unique, it is provided with various specifications.

At the same time, Professional Classic Plus never compromises on its product quality. It is available with an eight-year limited warranty instead of Voltex’s six. This makes the customers believe this is it and it balanced both.

Thus, looking at comparison helps you for sure. However, the Professional Classic Plus Electric Water Heater all because lifespan is important for water heaters.

Who Offers The Best Electric Tankless Water Heater?

Here the Electric Tankless 24kW by AO Smith and the 24kw Tankless Electric Water Heater by Rheem have been picked up for comparison. In this session, Rheem is our choice.

Just take a look at the below points

Electric Tankless 24kW 4-Chamber Water Heater R4LA-240E24kw Tankless Electric Water Heater
5-year warranty5-year warranty
Unlimited shower minutesUnlimited shower minutes
5 GPMUp to 6 GPM (gallons per minute)
18x17x6” (HxWxD)18x15x4”

Undoubtedly, that the Tankless water heaters are superlative for single appliances as they will use uninterrupted water. However, it does not work for various devices at the same time. The only thing is that it will work constantly.

In such a case both these are the same. The reason why Tankless Electric Water Heaters by Rheem is the best means because of higher GPM.

It shows that will work with more devices. Also, it has amazing energy efficiency and it is loaded with more showers even if it isn’t connected.

Who Offers The Best Condensing Gas Tankless Water Heater?

For those who have decided to purchase tankless water heaters then for sure, you have checked that number crank up. It suits well for the three-bathroom or larger households.

In general, the NOx Tankless by Rheem and the High-Efficiency Pump by Rheem are considered excellent options. It is available with a 15-year warranty is an important difference-maker and additionally, 5 years is offered.

Check the comparison below

Tankless Water Heater Condensing Ultra-Low NOxHigh Efficiency 10.0 GPM Indoor Natural Gas Tankless Water Heater with Recirculation Pump
Energy Star certifiedEnergy Star certified
15-year warranty10-year warranty
.93 UEF.94 UEF
Unlimited back-to-back showersUnlimited back-to-back showers
24x18x11” (HxWxD)29x17x15”

If you check the specifications of both these water heaters, then you will get amazed. All because it is available with Energy Star. Also, you ought to take a look at the UEF ratings. As mentioned before, the 15-year warranty is a huge difference other than that both are amazing.

Why Is Rheem A Great Choice For You?

Rheem is available with a massive range of products that will perfectly suit the requirements of both commercial and residential users. That’s the reason that we have picked this company as the best choice.

According to the perception of the customers, a product will change. All focus on its helpfulness such as efficiency as well as simple to one. At the same time, Rheem is considered the best choice for customers.

Based on our reviews and comparisons two have positive things but still, Rheem remains the choice of all.

At the same time, an important thing that you want to notice while purchasing is a customer choice. It will show that a product is surely worth your investment. For that, the AO Smith company isn’t less. But the thing is Rheem is what is preferred by all.

AO Smith Vs Rheem Gas Water Heaters- Why Is AO Smith A Great Choice For You?

When it comes to energy efficiency AO Smith is the winner and we have found that too in our research. You know it is important to manufacture a high-quality product but the thing is that it wants to save a lot of energy as much as possible.

In such a case, AO Smith is available with the proper customer service as well as given with energy-efficient products.

If you visit the AO Smith website, then you can easily understand it since it has been built in a customer-understanding way. As like that the water heaters are also simple and it will work no matter how many showers and baths are there.

Customers also support a thing that is simple as well as loaded with efficiency. So, this brand making aware of the customers what customer service should be. Though Rheem is good AO Smith is the winner here.

Finally, regardless of the specifications and efficiency once you thought of purchasing it then all you need to check is your needs reardless rheem vs ao smith gas water heaters. Once you confirm your need for hot water then start to shop for the right one.

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