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Clay Virtue’s Death – People familiar with the series 100, episode 4 of season 5 might be familiar with Clay Virtue. It is the dedicated episode in his memory, and the reason behind the dedication is discussed here without knowing the cause for Clay Virtue’s Death.

He entered the stunt field at the age of 11 by his father, accompanied by his brother in the same field. He worked hard in his early days, and later, he became the most wanted and highly demandable stuntman in Hollywood.

Clay Virtue’s Famous Achievements:

He attempted several major projects in his lifetime, and the projects include

  • WarCraft
  • Seventh Son
  • Godzilla
  • Total Recall
  • The Grey
  • The A-Team
  • Night at the Museum
  • The Twilight Saga-Eclipse
  • Battle of the Smithsonian
  • X-Men The Last Stand
  • Under World Evolution
  • The Chronicles of Riddick
  • Flash
  • Arrow Legends of Tomorrow
  • Super Girl

A lot more to make a list complete. He continued as a stuntman, and along with that, he coordinated the stunts in some of the shows. He received several awards for his tireless work and was nominated for his best works comprising the Taurus Stunt Nomination award 2010.

In the year 2017, he was nominated for the Screen Actors Guild Nomination Award. He also nominated for Emmy Awards nominations for his best stunt coordination.

He was a good friend for his fellow men, a good son fo his parents, a lovable husband for his wife, an adorable father for his son, and apart from all the roles he played, he established himself as a successful stuntman and went to the peak in his living days.

Clay Virtue’s Death:

The mystery of the death of Clay’s virtue is still unrevealed. His family announced his death as a sudden demise and did not share any information in the obituary.

Stunts Canada started the trust named the Clay Virtue Memorial Fund to help Clay’s family. He was referred to as a passionate, hardworking stuntman and was appreciated for the stunt works by his co-workers.

The stunt community could not tolerate the sudden death of Clay, and they described his missing as “a tragedy full stop.” However, his “death developed awareness among the stunt people to take care of themselves and advised them to spend time on their health and care for their families.

Clay Virtue in 100 Series:

The fourth episode of the fifth season of the series 100 remained dedicated to Clay Virtue. His brother Marshall Virtue was the coordinator for the series, but the show remained a memorable event that revealed the love towards the demised personality.

Clay Virtue did not take part in the 100 series neither he performed, nor he coordinated. The dedication is for his sincerity in his work. Both brother and father were also belonging to the same field; Clay was happened to interact with them and developed his skills in the same field.

About the 100 Series:

The 100 series is developed from the novels of Kass Morgan that deals with science fiction. The first edition of the series The 100 was published in 2013 on September 3rd. It attracted young readers to the world of reading.

The plot of the series begins with a set of 97years after the devastating nuclear war that wiped out all the life from the planet Earth and with they started critically failing with the Ark’s support system and send 100 juvenile prisoners to the planet Earth to detect whether the Earth is suitable for living.

The entire plot of the story is about a nuclear holocaust that made the Earth not fit for living. Later, a group of people that is the juvenile prisoners escape the planet to an orbiting station. The station remained overcrowded after 100 years, and it runs out of its resources.

The story runs in this way, and the way it is explained is the attractive factor for young minds. It is fiction oriented story that contains humor as a part and concludes it interestingly.


Most people like celebrities, and most of them even consider them as their role models. The personalities who appear on the big screen remain inspirational to the younger generation. Several fields are there to choose the celebrities from them, and it depends on the individual’s preference to choose their favorite from the field they like.

The life of the popular figures is not easy as expected. The life behind the screen is unreviewable, and this why the family members did not share the reason for clay virtue death publically, and it remains a secret to date.

People only know the celebrities’ fantasy part, but they fail to peep inside their personal life. The personal life of the popular figures is full of tragedy, and most of the time, life becomes the toughest task for them to perform.

Clay Virtue a good example and the people only know him because of his fame because his dedicated work. Nobody can feel the pain behind the success except the person who traveled with the pain throughout his lifetime!

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