What is the Name of Dragon in Shrek?

What is the name of dragon in shrek – Are you having any idea about the Shrek dragon? Do you want to know the complete details about the Shrek dragon? Then this article can be helpful for you to find a lot about dragon now.

Generally, the dragon is the green-eyed, red-colored and important character in the franchise of Shrek fairy tale series. It has appeared in almost all the parts. She is one of the leading antagonists, who always look forward to make a friend from the main cast.

She is also donkey’s love interest in these fims. Dragon has appeared in Shrek franchises such as Shrek, Shrek 4-D, Shrek 2, Shrek the Third, Shrek the Halls, Shrek Forever After and Scared Shrekless.

A dragon is an important cast of a Shrek franchise, as it is a cast that appears in this franchise regularly. From there, keep things simple. If you want to check out this franchise with a regular appearance of the dragon, then it is best. Proceed further and find in detail about the dragon.

Name of Dragon in Shrek:

Pic Source: shrek.fandom.com

In general, the dragon is the giant magenta-red colored female dragon. She is 30 meters or 100 feet long from her snout to leg.

This dragon sports maroon spines, pink belly, webbed ears, white spikes on cheeks, razor-sharp claws, bat-like wings, and a long spade-tipped prehensile tail. As she is a female dragon, so she is having feminine features like large eyelashes and lipstick.

This kind of detailing is given to her to make the audience believe her as a female. As she is the lead of the cast, her detailing is a must in the movie. This is an animation movie, so the dragon is having some fantasy body shapes and appearance. The deliberately applied makeup and natural marking have been never revealed.

Dragon will have the mop of disheveled hair and it will be more obese in most of the original conceptual drawings. Initially, the makers have planned a different design and character arc for this dragon.

But in the final design, everything is changed based on her character. This dragon is having romantic scenes with a donkey, so based on that her design is added with some beauty and attractiveness.

She can able to communicate very effectively using her roars and body language. Both dragon and donkey share their love and affection for each other and she is also very protective in caring for babies.

Her main task is to protect Shrek and Fiona. Even though this dragon is a fun-loving member of the franchise, but still she is a destructive and dangerous carnivore. She has eaten Lord Farquaad and many knights.



Dragon first appears while guarding the abandoned castle, which serves as Princess Fiona’s prison. This place is assumed to be her long term stay as this castle has huge amount of treasure and full of bones, armors & weapons of the knights who failed to save Fiona. The Fairy Godmother had given this role to the dragon so her son prince charming could rescue fiona & marry her. While the dragon would eat the other knights trying to save Fiona.

Shrek and Donkey arrives at the castle to save princess but end up separating from each other in the castle. Later they both get attacked by the dragon. Dragon chases after Donkey after he accidentally wakes her up and almost eats him before Shrek intervenes. Dragon uses his tail to launch Shrek, who eventually ends up in Fiona’s tower.

Dragon catches donkeys on the top of the stone so she can eat them first. Here, donkey makes the smart move by smooth talking with the dragon to get his life spared. Dragon flirts with Donkey Dragon tries to give Donkey a big hickey. Dragon grabs a reluctant donkey in his mouth and drags it back to his hiding place.

Later, shrek intervenes while dragon is trying to flirt with the donkey. Dragon chases after Shrek, donkey and the princess as they try to escape the castle. Due to shrek’s heroics all of them succesfully escapes with Fiona princess.

Shrek 4D

Shrek 4D is a short film which was released as an additional featurette to the original Shrek film & it was produced by the audio-visual media of a Universal Studios ride. Again, in this film also the dragon has a significant role in helping shrek & donkey escaping the animated dragon statue which was created by the spirit of Lord Farquaad. Also then carrying Shrek and Fiona on their backs to their moonlit hotel for their honeymoon.

Shrek 2

Pic Source: shrek.fandom.com

Although not stated, this movie Shrek 2 implies that Dragon and Donkey were married sometime after the events of Shrek. Dragon did not appear in the movie until the very end with donkey and dragon mutant children. But she was mentioned by the donkey only in the beginning of the movie for being moody.

Originally, Dragon was supposed to play a more significant role in the original plot of Shrek 2. She was supposed to join the other fairy tale cast who got Shrek, Donkey, and Puss out of jail, but she was eventually cut from the movie. And when shrek & donkey got transformed by the magic potion of Fairy Godmother, dragon was supposed to be turned into a beautiful female Pegasus.

Shrek The Third

Pic Source: shrek.fandom.com

Dragon plays a more consistent role in this movie. Her responsibility to raise her and donkey’s children prevents her from accompanying Shrek and Donkey on their quest. So, she ends up instead staying with Fiona and the other princesses in this film. In this, the dragon gets easily catched by the prince charming & his allies who are attempting to take over the kingdom of Far far away.

Once the dronkeys are released, Dragon joins the fight to retake the kingdom and turns the tide by taking down Rapunzel’s model tower that crushes Prince Charming. It is not known if he survived.

Shrek The Halls

This is a Christmas special movie which was made for television right after Shrek The Third.

On the occasion of Christmas eve, Donkey and Dragon along with other donkeys show up at Shrek’s home even without being invited as a surprise. Dragon inadvertently destroys the ogres’ dinner when he shoots fire down the fireplace to make the flames grow in the fireplace, and rocks the ground dancing.

During the special, Dragon pokes her head out of Shrek’s house window, but is unable to join the others due to his size. She also appears in Donkey’s Christmas story.

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Shrek Forever After

Pic Source: shrek.fandom.com

At the beginning of the film, Dragon takes the Shrek family and donkeys from their swamp to the kingdom of Far Far Away to celebrate the Ogre triplets’ first birthday. Due to absence of shrek, an ulternate universe is created where dragon also remains absent until the end.

When they arrive, Dragon and Donkey share a quick kiss and he tells her not to eat the servant. The dragon reappears when Rumpelstilskin releases it to devour Shrek and Fiona, who are now chained to the walls. There is no explanation given for how did the dragon get captured. Dragon has never met Donkey and does not recognize her husband or her friends.

Later, Donkey and Puss save Shrek and Fiona by dropping part of a giant disco ball on the dragon’s head, which only temporarily stops them. Then shrek encourages the donkey to woo the dragon. But the intention of dragon is just to devour donkey. Before it swallows Donkey, the Dragon Cat stabs Dragon in the butt with his sword, causing it to roar and spit out its prey.

After this, dragon still continues her chase to catch Shrek & princess but ends up caught up in the chains at the end.

Abilities and Power of Shrek Dragon:

The abilities and power of the dragon are extraordinary. Check out below to find more:

Pic Source: shrek.fandom.com
  • Immense strength

In general, the dragon will be big and it gives her immense physical strength. Initially, Shrek tries to hold back her tail, but she easily overpowers him. By using her tail, she can able to easily destroy stone structures and tries to trap the donkey. This dragon can able to easily escape the dragon’s keep even being chained.

  • Fire Breath

The most feared and powerful ability of a dragon is breathing fire. At the time of her stay in the dragon’s keep, she is making use of this ability to kill and incinerate many knights, who attempted to rescue Fiona. The fire this dragon breathes can be easily effectively to meet the charming’s sword.

  • Prehensile Tail

She is having a long prehensile tail and is tipped with the spade that is more powerful to knock many strong buildings. She can also able to hold strong objects with her grasp.

  • Flight

Through her wings, she is having the possibility to fly like a bird and can travel long distances within less period. When she built the relationship with the donkey and Shrek, she took both of them and helps them to reach duloc before Fiona marries Farquaad.

  • Carnivore

At the time of protecting the dragon keep, she has eaten more knights. This donkey almost proceeds to eat the donkey, but Shrek distracts her by restraining her tail. In to protect Shrek and Fiona, she eats lord Farquaad. After doing so, she then burps out his crown.

  • Linguist

This shrek dragon is cannot able to speak, but she is having the capability to understand what other characters are expressing. Through roars and body language, she can able to communicate with them easily.

She is also good at sneaking up on anyone. For an instance, the dragon and donkey met near the lake without letting anyone hear her sound.

  • Enhanced Stamina

It turned out that Dragon’s stamina was very high when he was able to transport Shrek and Donkey to Duloc with no apparent signs of fatigue.

  • Expert Combatant

Dragon was a powerful fighter also due to her gigantic size and has fought many knights in her life. Her fiery breath, jaws, claws, and backend are particularly strong, making her a fierce opponent in battle.

  • Enhanced Durability

Dragons are very durable as body tissues and scaly skin are extremely tougher than most dragons.

  • Higher Speed

Dragon can fly and run faster than most other Dragos at high speed.

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