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Samsung Washer UR Code – UR error code may come for various causes. By checking the accurately you can identify the issues and use the machine easily. The ur error code appears on the digital display which indicates some issues on the machine.

Among others, the Samsung washing machine stands out and it is always considered as the first choice for all. Moreover, the issues you have to face when the error code appears on the digital display. The common Samsung error code is considered as UR code. The code occurs due to some failure of internal parts.

Suppose, if your washer displays the UR error code means, then that unit is unbalanced and retrying. Otherwise, the code may occur when placing the washer on an uneven surface. Including, when you are overfilling the drum, the UR code will appear or the code appears if the drive belt is getting damaged. Similarly, there are various reasons are accessible for the UR error code.

Don’t worry the error code on the Samsung washing machine is not a critical problem. The UR code always indicates you remove some of your laundry load from the drum. If you want to know more about the ur error code, just keep reading this article!!

Samsung Washer UR Error Code

Samsung Washer UR Error Code

The UR code on the Samsung washing machine is always referred to as retrying and unbalanced. Of course, it is a common error code. The code you can see on your display of the Samsung washer. Otherwise, not every model of Samsung washer displays on UR code. Some of the models display the UE code instead. When the code is displayed, you do not confuse about anything.

The code is a necessary one that brings the indication while something wrong with your washer. It is often displaying the code because of uneven, overloaded laundry, damaged drive belts, etc. The code is highly useful which means it points to correct the problem instantly. Therefore, it will keep your machine protected from any damage.

There are many more Samsung error code is accessible like 3C that specify the machine is not draining. The UR code is the best error that your washer can run properly. Including, it is important and helpful to find out the issues on the washer.

Causes to Samsung Washer UR Code (With Detailed Explanations)

The Samsung error code such as UR appears for everything from weight displacement issues to an uneven surface. You can simply identify the cause of the error code by looking into your drum or checking other issues surrounding your washer. There are many more common causes for UR code seeming on your Samsung washer.

Uneven Surface

It can give the error code if the washer is on an uneven surface. Commonly, the washer is always needed a flat surface. It is because the flat surface is properly deals out the water and handles the load. It is on a slanted surface, then the load does not move properly and also the water balance is also missing.

All you need to set the washer on an even surface!! If your floor is having an uneven surface, you have to find the level and place the washer on a flat surface. Many people are doing this mistake highly. Therefore, keep the washer on the perfect surface and use it!!

Laundry Load

The Error code will displays for laundry load as well. When you load the over laundry or little laundry in your washer drums, the UR code is displayed. Therefore, you have to consider the items you load into the washer. The drum comes various in sizes, so you have to load the laundry based on the drum capacity. Overfilling the washing machine is most common because that Samsung unit becomes unstable. At that time, the code will alert you.

However, you have to avoid the shoes and other safe bags on the washing machines. The washer is having a different threshold and it is a must to note the fillings. You have to check the proper weight by adjusting the laundry. When you are adjusting the laundry, the error code will disappear.

Apart from that, you have to remove the filter to drain the rest of the water from the drum and then restart the machine. Now, you can start the washer that should be run appropriately with the right load. Everyone is making the mistake in this area that means filling the overload or little load. These issues are simple and you can overcome them easily by yourself.

Drive Belt

It is one of the reasons the UR code to display on your Samsung washer is a drive belt. The drive belt in the washer is having the responsibility for torque which helps to work properly. The drive belt indicates the speed of the washer. Of course, the washing machine does not work well if the drive belt gets damaged. It is the reason the unit becomes unbalanced.

Once you identify the spin cycle is wrong in your washing machine drive belt, you will have the code pop up. To overcome the issues, you have to tighten the drive belt to make it properly. Otherwise, it does not work, you have to hire professionals to replace or repair the drive belt. The drive belt is essential and important to the washer! Regular checking helps to avoid the error code displays.

UR Error Code – Motor Brushes

Samsung washer can pop up the code if the electric motor brush does not work properly. The motor brushes are faster than the washer and it is continual use in the washing machine. The electric motor brushes are having the responsibility for the magnetic field which is the power of the spin cycle in the drum.

Once the electric motor brushes stop working, then the code will appear instantly. At that time you will need to check the motor. Just carefully remove the front of the washer and back of the drum to access the motor. You have to replace or repair the motor to make it properly.

The professionals will help you to replace or repair the motor easily. The cost is also less compared to others. Therefore, maintain the motor properly to run the machine smoothly. When do not find the issues or rectifies them, then you have to hire a professional immediately and check it!!!

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(FAQ’s) Related Questions

How Do You Fix An Unbalanced Samsung Washer?

The simple way to fix the unbalanced waster is that you have to move it to a flat surface. It is an easier process and you can manually do it. All you need to adjust the washer legs properly. Then check the stand is balanced or even on the floor. Likewise, you have to check the drive belt and motor brushes. If getting damages, repair it or replace them.

How Do You Reset A Samsung Washer?

You can reset a Samsung washer easily by turning it off. If you have any problems you have to unplug the washer. Otherwise, you have to sit in the washer for few minutes. Now, you have to plug in the machine back!! The error code will automatically disappear unless the issues are occurring. It is simple process to reset a samsung washer by manually.

Why Won’t My Washer Finish The Spin Cycle?

When the drain pump is clogged, the washer may not finish the spin cycle. Therefore, you have to check the drain pump by using a flashlight. If you look at any obstruction, it could cause it. To resolve it, you have to use nay of thin hose to make the obstruction out.

Summing It Up

The samsung washer ur code indicates that the washer is trying and unbalanced. It is simple to fix the issues by the code. The UR code appears for various reasons but is effective to indicate the issues in your washing machine. The most common cause of code is that you need to load a little laundry or uneven surface.

Once you realize the issues with your washer, you have to remove the clothing from the drum or add the laundry to it based on the issues. Otherwise, some common issues are drive belts and motor brushes. When you fix that properly with professional help, then you can simply use the Samsung washer without any issues.

Suppose, the UR code constantly displays once after fixing the entire problem. You have to reset the washing machine once. Simply turn off or unplug it, then leave it for few minutes. Then start the machine and use it. The UR code is not a bigger issue for your washing machine. You can easily resolve the problem if the UR code pop-ups on digital displays!!!

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