How to Remove a Tub Spout That’s Stuck? | Detailed Guide

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How to Remove a Tub Spout That’s Stuck – Nothing in this world lasts forever, and the condition goes the same with the tub spout in the bathroom. Usually, there is a problem in the form that the old tub spout starts becoming worn out, and then it will create a problem in the flow of the water. Repairing or replacing is the essential procedure for maintaining hygiene, and you can’t probably risk delaying it. When you have already noted the problem, you will have to consider repairing or replacing it.

In this article, you will get the idea regarding how you can just remove the tub spout that is coming up with such issues.

The Problem You Face in Removing a Tub Spout:

The bathtub spout turns out to be corroded, and so it indicates the time for a replacement. With time, this phenomenon is common. But when you try to do that, you will see that it starts becoming stuck and won’t unscrew. You will have to apply force at such time, but still, you will see that it isn’t bulging. Now, this is the major problem that most homeowners are facing in their day-to-day life. There is a reason behind it, and so you will have to remove it.

Let’s discuss the solution.

Solution to Remove a Tub Spout That’s Stuck

You will have to consider looking at how the tub spout gets attached to the wall. There are several ways in which it is sticking to the walls. One of the ways is a hex screw fastener on the underside of the spout.

Step 1

First of all, you will have to check below the spout and look for the hex screw fasteners. Once you notice, you will have to screw it for the removal quickly. Do that with twisting or rotating motion. The other way in which the spout finds fixing to the wall is by threading. Usually, the copper male adaptor gets attached to the spout with the help of the thread. But that doesn’t turn out to be very easy to loosen.

You will have to always take caution in such cases, but the caution is not too much.

Step 2

All you will have to do is cut off the thread connecting the spout with the copper adaptor. Now for that, you will require the 10-inch pipe wrench. Just go ahead with rotating the wrench counterclockwise and slowly applying the necessary force and pressure. This step can ensure cutting off the thread.

If you find that this method proves unsuccessful, you can just go ahead with getting rid of the thread.

With it, first of all, you will require to place the hacksaw just behind the opening of the tub spout. Then just go on with carefully moving a diagonally over the thread. It will give you the chance of getting it off. You will have to be a bit careful in the process because sometimes it happened so that the saw doesn’t cut the main copper male adaptor.

Once you remove the thread, you can be ready to go ahead with the complete removal from the wall.

The Alternate Solution That You Can Consider

The plumbing problem is widespread among most homeowners, so you will have to consider several ways to solve it. Now the alternate solution is to just consider certain additional instruments than the previous method. The materials you will have to collect include a towel, flashlight, hand towel, Allen wrench, pipe wrench, hairdryer, and a piece of gloves.

Step 1

The first step is to just go on withholding the tub spout and looking for the other side. Then you will see a hole in it. Once you find a hole, go checking if there is a retaining screw connecting the faucet to the main supply of water.

Step 2

Whenever you are doing this first step, you will have to face the unwanted smell coming out from the old tub spout. To prevent spreading through the drain of the tub, you will have to just place the towel over the drain.

Step 3

The important step that you will have to consider in this process is getting yourself drenched to turn off the main supply of the water. The tip here is to remember that it will save the water and ensure that the area is free from getting slippery and vulnerable to accidents.

Step 4

Here is the function of the Allen wrench. The task in this situation is to perform the unhooking of the retaining screws. Make sure to move the wrench in the anticlockwise direction and then start slowly loosening the screw.

Once you see that it gets loose and completely loose, just proceed to the next step of removing it to come out from the wall.

Sometimes it may have been that despite the unscrewing, the pipe remains stuck. For that, you will have to apply a bit of force and move it sideways for detaching.

If you see that the tub spout is missing the retaining screw and is completely attached to the main source of the water without it, then you will have to consider taking the clean towel on the tub spout and positioning the pipe wrench right on it.

Step 5

The next step is to just move the wrench and the tub spout at that point simultaneously. Go moving anticlockwise. Now detach it. When it seems a bit lose, make sure about pulling it, and it will come off. If the tub spout still does not come out, you will have to use a hairdryer to give some heat and dry out the moisture that is making it stick to the area. Make sure wearing the rubber gloves. Sometimes the heat may come to your hands and injure you.

Step 6

Finally, once you remove it, you will have to choose to repair it or replace it. If you want to save money, you just go ahead with repairing the old tub spout with the help of vinegar. For that, you will have to soak the paper towel in the vinegar and wrap it around the spout. Now just take some amount of the vinegar in the jar, keep it in a container and dump the wrapped spout in it face down.

Remember soaking it there for some time. Now just go ahead with checking time to time to see whether it is fading away or not. Once it is clean, remove the spot from the vinegar, and then you can replace it easily.

Additional Obstacles You May Come Across

The mineral build-up, caulk, and corrosion make the tub spout vulnerable to stick to the wall. The gentle scrape of the caulk is directly attached to the base help in loosening from the wall. When you fail in the mission, it’s worth wedging a putty knife or razor in between the spout and the wall. Take precautions to not damage the internal pipe. Carefully jiggle the spout first before attempting to twist again. The jiggling motion dislodges the brass adapter alongside the pipe.

Understanding the Tub Spout Type

Before you are messing too much with things, remember that it is best to understand how the attachment works.

If the spout is sliding over the pipe at around half inches distance across the copper pipe, then this is the type of slip-on spout. The attachment here is the screws that are on the other side.

Knowing the difference between the two is very difficult, but sometimes it becomes easy when you take a closer look at things.

If you see the screws are on the backside, then this is a slip on the spout. Again if you don’t find it, you will be confirmed that this is a screw-on spout type.

Sometimes both things look a bit confusing. But you will have to follow the process as we have mentioned above. Different type of spouts is already available in the market. However, you will have to consider checking the manufacturer’s recommendations if you still have any doubts.

Final Words

With the right tools, removal of the stuck tub spout comes out as an easy task. Sometimes it turns out to be tough to handle but considering the professionals can make the task easier.

The removal process is also easy, but if you still face the issue, it’s worth considering taking professional help.

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