Set up a Relaxing Retreat With Steam Showers

You can only understand how relaxing a marvel steam shower is, if you have enjoyed one in a high-end spa.

It’s a full package of tranquility. However, it’s a general notion that you have to pay a good sum of money to have this retreat. Well, not necessarily!

You won’t have to pay a penny to enjoy steam showers if it’s installed in your house. It might come to you as a surprise, but it’s totally possible to install a steam shower in your bathroom.

With just a handful of considerations, you can turn your bathroom into a relaxing retreat. Let’s explore the steam showers in detail.

What is a Steam Shower?

A steam shower is a standalone shower stall without a bathtub that can produce enough steam to provide a warm and pleasant steamy environment for a shower.

It allows you to enjoy a hot shower without running hot water for an extended period of time. The steam generators use a lesser amount of water than a regular shower.

Most steam showers feature watertight glass enclosures to prevent the steam from leaving the shower area.

Steam showers have proved to be effective for dry skin and clogged sinuses. They also offer a wonderful opportunity to relax and soothe tense muscles.

You can also integrate essential oils to combine the benefits of aromatherapy with steam showers.

How Does a Steam Shower Work?

A steam shower has a simple air-tight glass enclosure in its construction. The enclosure is properly sealed to prevent the steam from escaping.

A team generator is installed in the shower. A trigger button activates the steam generator and starts producing steam by heating the water to the boiling level.

The steam from the boiling water passes through the shower system and emerges from the steam head. Thus filling the shower with pleasant steam.

Modern steam showers have digital controls. It is very easy for the users now to turn on the shower, alter its running time, and adjust the temperature.

Some steam shower models also come with some additional features such as sound systems, aromatherapy, and adjustable lights.

Why Use Steam Showers?

In addition to providing a perfect tropical bathing experience, steam showers also have a number of significant benefits over sauna and spa setups.

Boost Property Value – Steam showers add a touch of grandeur to the interior which makes the property more appealing, both to the homeowners and the prospective buyers.

Respiratory Relief – Steam is known to help clear stuffy nasal passages. So steam showers are a great way to remove congested sinuses.

Health Benefits – Steam showers are great for alleviating chronic allergies and regulating sleep. It is also a great way to reduce blood pressure. Steam is beneficial for the skin as well. It warms the skin up and helps in the reduction of blackheads and pimples.

Relaxes Muscles – Warm water relaxes body muscles and relieves pain. Taking steam showers after a workout also works wonders for relaxing the sore muscles.

Eco-Friendly – In steam showers, a lesser amount of water is used as compared to regular showers.

Construction of a Steam Shower

All steam showers follow a standard construction. However, you can choose different styles. You can go for modular steam showers or choose to invest in a custom shower system.

A modular shower is typically designed for standard bathrooms. While the need for custom showers arises when you want a personalized shower system for your bathroom.

However, the basic construction of a steam shower remains the same.

  • Shower Stall

Steam can damage some materials more than water. A non-porous surface works best for steam showers. Therefore, steam showers are generally made up of glass.

An all-glass design gives elevated style and class to the interior. Moreover, it adds a spa-like feel to the space.

Check the height of the shower stall. A standard steam generator can work effectively for shower stalls no more than 8 feet.

So consider the height of the stall according to your steam generator. Make sure to choose the right slope and drain during shower stall installation.

  • Shower Door

The shower door is an integral part of a shpwer enclosure. But it can also prove to be the main outlet for steam escape.

The heat and moisture created by the steam generator would escape and spread to other sections of the bathroom if you didn’t have a good door.

So choosing the right shower door style is very important to make the most of the steam shower.

Both hinged and sliding shower doors can be used for steam enclosures. A unique door seal technology is used in steam showers that help maintain the concentration of steam in the shower.

You can also choose frameless shower doors for steam enclosures. The sturdy all-glass doors are made air-tight with sealants and sweeps to keep the steam in. Custom shower doors are also an option for steam showers.

  • Sealing System

The air-tight shower design is the key to keeping the steam inside and enjoying a steamy bath. The shower must be properly insulated and watertight.

Therefore, special gaskets and sealants are used to keep the steam from escaping.

  • Steam Generator

The specifications of a steam shower generator depend on the model of the steam shower. The manufacturing material, water capacity, and height are some of the aspects that determine generator size.

However, most steam generators are small enough to fit in a closet, a vanity, or a basement. So it’s quite easy to incorporate steam showers in bathrooms of any size.

  • Control Panel

The steam shower control is installed in the shower but away from the direct steam flow. The control panel allows you to control your steam sessions entirely.

The control features depend on the shower specifications. The panel may include music, lighting, and aromatherapy control in addition to the steam flow and temperature controls.

  • Accessories

Different features can be added to the steam showers to accessorize them. For instance lighting, timers, touchscreen, and mobile controls. You can choose as many accessories as you want.

Wrapping the Discussion Up!

Steam showers have proven benefits in terms of stress release, metabolism, skin cleansing, toxin removal, respiratory issues, and arthritic relief.

Moreover, it also boosts the aesthetics and adds practical value to the bathroom.

If you find steam showers relaxing and don’t want to pay for a few moments of serenity, install a steam shower enclosure in your home and cherish the excellence of your home-sauna.

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