What Should be the Size of Wire for 200 AMP Service?

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What size wire for 200 amp – Electrical power is essential that allows you to access electrical appliances. If you need more power in your home, you can install 200 amp services. For 200 amp service, you want a minimum of four or six ground.

The conductor is the wire that carries the electrical power. To upgrade a 200 amp wire, you can use special fixtures with aluminum. When using the aluminum wire, you should consider using the copper fixtures, which are pigtailed onto the aluminum ends.

If you are wondering what size wire for 200 amp service, you can continue reading the article to get the answer.

It is the size of the wire diameter that discovers how much electrical current the wire can carry. The wire is available in different sizes in the market.

Many people refer to it using gauge sizes such as gauge wire, gauge wire, gauge wire, and others instead of referring to the actual wire thickness. Gauge size is proportional to the diameter that means the smaller the diameter and higher the size.

If the size is not mentioned in the wire, use a thickness gauge to find out its actual size. It is critical to purchase the right diameter because it verifies the maximum current of the wire support. It allows you to buy the right wire for 200 amp service.

Using the wrong wire can cause serious issues and damages to the home in the longer run. More than sixty countries utilize American wire gauge for measurement. Other countries make use of Imperial Standard Wire Gauges as the unit of measure.

How Do You Install 200 Amp Service Wire

Before starting 200 amp services, you need an inspector because it is the big operation. You should have the permit and inspectors to perform this task.

If you need to upgrade to 200 Amp service underground, then you can follow the below-given steps. It allows you to install a 200 amp service without trouble.

  • Make sure that the power is switched off to the whole home. In addition, it might involve shut off the main breaker of the building.
  • Have the trained professional discount the electrical cable from the residential place.
  • You can remove meters from meter sockets.
  • Now, you need to unscrew the meter socket in your home.
  • Utilize wire cutter to cut the line linked to sockets
  • You can use the cordless drill, and 3” diameter hole saw to expand the existing wire hole in the ceiling.
  • With the help of a 2” diameter hole saw and extension shaft, you can bore in the edge joist.
  • Then attach 200-amp SE wire length to the new socket.
  • You need to feed the SE cable in the hole and attach meter sockets to the building exterior.
  • With the torpedo level, you can check whether the meter socket is level or not.
  • You can install the PVC weather head and conduit outside above the socket that increases its security. Also, you can protect the conduit to meter sockets with PVC cement.
  • By using the U-shaped plastic snip, close conduits to the residential place.
  • If you need to make the place of underground lines, you can hire an electrician. Then, hit copper ground rods into the underground with the 3-pound sledgehammer. Keep in mind that you can space the road more than six feet at a distance.
  • Join the wire between the ground rods, inter-system bonding terminations, and sockets.
  • Finally, you can attach the power lines to the socket and then plug up the glass meter into the socket. Now, you can break on the meter wrap.

It is the simple way to install the 200 amp service wire in your home. However, for the better result, you can call a pro electrician. You can save time, energy, and money by working with the licensed professional.

Pick the Perfect Wire Size for 200 AMP Service:

It is essential to choose the right wire size for your home. If you buy the wrong size of wire, it burns and also causes some damages. It is recommended to know the perfect size of wire to safeguard this from accidents.

Many house owners don’t be aware of the bad thing that wire size makes a difference. Some people connect the 200 amp service wire themselves without consulting the qualified professional. It leads to major problems if it is done wrongly.

The property owner must take additional precautions if the setup engages the circuit breaker. Installing the best component will reduce the problem from happening in your home.

The problem arises due to the faulty cable gauge. It would be best if you bought the well-matched breaker and wire that prevent the problem.

If anyone has 60amp or 200 amp circuit breaker for certain appliances that you don’t have any idea what size wire for 200 amp service you need, you can ask the pro electrician. The expert understands your requirements and suggests the correct wire size within the short time.

Get Permit for Installing 200 Amp Service

If you are planning to install 200 amp service wires, you need a permit. The professional will help you to get the permit quickly for this job. The electric work can be dangerous because it can damage the property if anything goes wrong.

An underground 200 amp services have more power and many parts that should do correctly to avoid accidents. For the large electrical operation, the permit is essential. If you don’t have a correct permit, your operation has stopped.

Hire Professional Electrician

When it comes to the big size of electrical work, you can hire the licensed and insured professional. They have years of experience in the field that they perform electrical work effectively.

In addition, changing the electrical service panel is not a simple job like wiring the light or ceiling fan. It is a dangerous job, so the trained electrician can install 200 amp service wires.

Never perform any work if the person is not licensed. If the service panel is wired wrongly, it can cause an electrical fire, loose live wire, and other issues. Hiring the best electrician is the best choice to upgrade the service panel in the home.

The licensed professional knows what size wire for 200 amp service. By working with a pro electrician, you can focus on your job or other tasks.

If anyone attempts to perform the task without the right permit or insured electrician, the insurance is not cover injury or property damage. For these reasons, you can hire the certified professional for electrical work of this size.

The code can vary from one state to another state. Ensure that you check your state code before starting the electrical work. Pro electrician follows the local code while installing 200 amp services.

Upgrade Your Service

If you have upgraded your service panel, you can also upgrade your service. There are a few steps the house owner can take to get better performance from the electric system. First, upgrade to a 200 amp panel to your home; you can benefit from 100 amp service without losing current.

Many houses are switched to the higher amp service when they need high power. It provides the people the safe working capability of 160 amps in their residential place.

What Conductors to Buy for 200 Amp Service

Based on what type of wire is using, 200 amp services have lots of options. The house owner can select the right conductor for high electrical work. Aluminum conductors and copper conductors are popular options for this task.

Copper Conductors

Copper is one of the popular conductors used for wiring because it works perfectly. When compared to other metals, it has lower resistivity. If the copper conductor suits your budget, you can use it for high electrical work.

It has fewer oxidates that don’t rust. So it protects the metal from erosion that makes is a popular option.

There are many reasons for using copper over aluminum. One of the main reasons for using the copper conductor is its long-lasting durability. however, you want to utilize 4 American wire gage copper wire for 200 amp service. The copper conductor can hold the large load capacity you are installing.

Copper-clad Aluminum

Aluminum is another option for high electrical power. It is affordable than copper, but it does not conduct electricity like copper. People who are looking for affordable wiring can try aluminum. It has lower conductivity when compared to copper.

You should utilize two American wire gage aluminum wires for 200 amp service. It keeps aluminum conduct from corroding. Aluminum deal with the heat, it leads loosen wire over time, and cause the fire hazard.

Before choosing the conductor, you can get suggestions from the professional. They aid you in picking the best conductor for 200 amp services.

Cost of Wire For 200 Amp Service

Installing 200 amp services is higher than others. The cost of wire for 200 amp service varies based on the home size, wire type.

For a two-thousand square foot building, you will spend more than thousand-five hundred dollars. It is recommended to use copper-clad aluminum or copper wire if the residential place has the high load capacity.

If you use the copper wire for 200 amp service, you don’t face any issues in operation. The aluminum wire doesn’t push the electrical power property that will be expensive to change the wire in the entire home.

However, electrical work can be challenging if you don’t know codes, needs, and permits. You should find what permit and code is required in the area. First, you need to find what permit and code is required in your region. It enables you to finish the task smoothly with professional help.

Final Words 

First of all, you must pay attention to how much electrical current the cable will handle before deciding what size wire for 200 amp service to buy.

After that, you can choose the wire size based on the devices you decide to utilize. Then, join your hands with an electrician and install 200 amp service wires safely.

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