How to Run an Ethernet Cable Through the Ceiling?

Run an ethernet cable through the ceiling – Ethernet cable plays an important role when creating the business network or home internet connection.

The Internet of Things concept proposes internet development in that all objects have good network connectivity that allows you to send or receive data without trouble.

Ethernet cable is only used to connect the desktop or laptop to the network before introducing wifi.

With the help of an Ethernet cable, you can connect two desktops and exchange data directly between devices. The wireless network is flexible and convenient, but the wired network has lots of benefits.

If you need to have a stable internet connection, you should adequately wire up in your home. Let’s take a quick look at how to run ethernet cable through the ceiling.

Ethernet Cable – What Is It?

Ethernet cable is a specially designed cable that is used to transfer data from one device to another. It is one type of network cable that works with Ethernet ports. You can find Ethernet ports on desktops, routers, television, switches, and other devices.

Ethernet cables are not like the phone cable that is thicker than the phone cable. Instead, it is distinguished by the internal cable wiring.

You can find different kinds of Ethernet cables such as straight-through Ethernet cables and crossover Ethernet cables.

A Straight-through Ethernet cable is utilized to connect the desktop to the network switch. Crossover Ethernet cable helps connect two desktops, which don’t have wifi to transfer data directly.

How to Run an Ethernet Cable Through the Ceiling?

Before starting the Ethernet cable installation process, you should plan perfectly. A perfect installation plan helps you to run network cable smoothly. First of all, you should decide how many drops in the room.

Running the cable through exterior walls can be a complex process that contains insulation. You can use tips on how to run ethernet cable through ceiling. It helps you to finish the network cable installation process faster.

You have the recognized locations where the network cable will end. Remember that the central location for the wire needs to be more significant to hold the current project.

If you need to cable for a harsh environment, buy the Ethernet cable with mechanical strength properties like resistance to oil, chemical, extreme temperature, cutting, UV light, abrasion, and others.

Ethernet cable isn’t required to be run through a conduit when installed in your attic. an equivalent rule applies to basements and crawlspaces.

Because the cable is extremely low voltage, it’s safe to run ethernet lines outside of a conduit. it’s safe and legal to run coaxial cable without a conduit in your attic, crawlspace, or basement.

Procedure to Run Ethernet Cable via Wall

If you are planning any electrical work, you should plan appropriately where the wire is going. Ensure that the cable is suitable for your atmosphere. The followings are some tips to do it with no trouble:

  • You should measure how much Ethernet cable you required for the top to the bottom floor. Ensure that you have enough wire for the underground. If you take the measurement and add additional ten feet, it allows you to run the cable efficiently.
  • Draw a plan where the wire will run in the ceiling. The professional will suggest installing the wire in the corner where it is protected. Ethernet cable has a clip that holds the wire. It is essential to place the mount every four feet that protect the wire from falling.
  • You should check the ceiling part when running the wire. Never try to drill in your area before planning the cable installation. Avoid installing the network cable close to the circuit breaker and near bulbs. You can use ¾ inch drill bit and pull the drill from the hole after drilling the flooring. Stop when drilling cuts in the lower ceiling of the room.
  • Mark the ceiling where you need to run the Ethernet cable. It is critical to look out for the blueprints of your property before starting the cable installation. It allows you to ensure that you thread it in the correct position.
  • You will be ready to stick a finger inside the channel to guide the fish tape into and past the notch where the cable will run. Continue feeding the fish tape all the way through the wall, into and thru the notches, until you’ll pull it out of the wall at the top. Strong string or a fish tape Costs you $30 on Amazon.
  • Run the coaxial cable along upright 2x4s in your attic at shoulder height. Staple these cable loops to the 2x4s and run the cable through them. Keep coaxial cable a minimum of 16 inches from electrical wiring, to stop interference. It is best to run the cable at about shoulder height, along upright 2x4s in your attic.
  • This allows you to cut a hole in your drywall and connect the cable to a wall jack. This way, you’ll install an ethernet jack in any room in your home.
  • Drill a hole within the header and thread the cable down through the opening inside the wall. Then, cut a hole within the wall near floor level and pull the wire through this hole. Install the wire to an RJ45 wall jack to make a secure , reliable ethernet installation
  • Find a neighborhood between the studs and cut a hole within the wall where your box will go as other have described. Then drill a 3/4″ – 1″ hole in top plate within an equivalent stud cavity. that is the easy part.

Ethernet Cable Length Limitations

Ethernet cable has the specific limitation that tends to concentrate on the maximum length of the cable without compromising the signal quality.

The standard Ethernet cable length is 100 meters. The size of the maximum Ethernet cable might vary based on the equipment configuration and quality of the cable. People who are looking for a cable with 100 meters can try Cat5e cable.

Category 6 and Cat 7 cable is more extended than forty-five meters for a 10 Gb connection. Wires can range from 324 feet to 700 feet, so you can select the Ethernet which fit your requirement. The high-performance cable can deliver reliable performance due to the use of copper wires and foil tape.

If you need to wire your whole home, you can get some tips on how to run ethernet cable through ceiling. It allows you to run Ethernet cable in the entire house.

Once you have completed it, the desktop will have Gigabit connections with high-speed internet. So you can share your files speedily and easily from your desktop.

Use Strategies to Protect the Wire From Catching Between Floors


Ethernet cable can catch between floors. So it would be best if you made the wire stay stable for continuous internet connection. You can use some strategies to protect the wire jammed between floors. Let’s see some helpful tips:

You can tape the end of the wire that you attach in the hold to the coathanger. Regular scotch tape is the perfect choice, but you face difficulty with this tap. So you can use the sticky tape that feed the cable challenging to remove.

Drill a hole straight down through the beam that serves as the header for the wall. Equip your electric drill with this 1-inch auger bit.

Use an electrical drill equipped with this ½-inch drill bit to drill a hole through the outside wall. At this point you’ll also want to chop a hole in the wall up the distribution room

One can run the wire and coat hanger in the newly drilled hole. If you pick the bottom to do this, you should drop down without hassle. Dropdown coat hangers in the spot and leave it hanging below. You can use hangers to push the wire quickly.

If the wire tip is poking in the wall end, pull it. It isn’t easy to keep the cable on hold. Then you can feed the wire in the hole and pull through three or five feet before getting to the next step. If you provide an extensive range of wire in the wall, remove the hanger. Now, you can run through the wire and install it.

Your Cable Into the Wall Feed your coaxial cable down through the opening you drilled. Feed carefully, feeling for any obstructions. it is also an honest idea to write down down the space of the opening you drilled from both corners of the wall. 

This may allow you to exactly locate the wire once you narrow a hole in the wall to feed it into the space below the attic

Why Is Ethernet Cable Better Than Wifi?

At present, wifi connection and the Ethernet cable is used to connect a PC to the network. Many people use both methods to transfer data. These methods let the user create the network connection, but there are many differences between the two processes.

Every technique has associated with some benefits and drawbacks. Ethernet cable is the perfect choice for office purposes.

  • A wired network connection is reliable than wifi.
  • High-speed Ethernet cable provides a maximum speed of internet
  • Connecting through the cable essentially needs the wire and limits the connected device’s mobility.
  • Wifi allows the mobile connectivity to connect the laptop to the network without the cable.
  • Some machines may not access the wifi connection.

Can You Run Ethernet Cable Exterior Walls? 

Of course, it is possible to wire the Ethernet cable exterior of the building. You can choose the best Ethernet cable which suits your requirements. Picking an Ethernet cable with weatherproof wires and protective coating is the perfect choice for the outdoor environment.

This cable is designed for the outer atmosphere and provides excellent durability against the elements.

Hire Professionals to Install Ethernet Cable

When it comes to installing the network cable, you can hire the certified professional. The expert knows how to run ethernet cable through ceiling. They have the helper to run the wire via the wall faster. It means that it is the challenging project for particular people.

The professional and handypersons dial-up when they should have the wiring installed adequately.

When hiring the electrician, you should ask if they install the Ethernet cable. Many electricians don’t network wire installation. The professionals bring essential tools to install the network cable smoothly and within the short time.

By hiring the experienced expert, you can save time on establishing the line through the ceiling. Also, you can keep away from the risk of accidents. There is a higher risk when installing cable through the roof.

How Do You Pick the Best Ethernet Cables?

Choosing an Ethernet cable can be a time-consuming and challenging task. Moreover, there are different kinds of Ethernet cables in the market.

Therefore, it would help if you found the suitable cable which meets your requirements. The followings are some tips on how to choose the Ethernet cable.

Decide whether you need to purchase the pre-made Ethernet cable or manufacture your own. You can buy the Ethernet cable and construct them to the exact length you want them by attaching the Ethernet cable connection at all ends of the wires.

  • You should consider the environment where you install the Ethernet cable. Some Ethernet cable is waterproof, and many cables are not waterproof designed for the indoor purposes in the dry atmosphere. Decide where you need to install the Ethernet cable inside or outside. You will need to purchase the high-quality Ethernet cable which suits your atmosphere.
  • If you connect the desktop or other devices to the network hub, you need the straight-through cable. Without a modem to communicate with two computers directly, you use a null-modem Ethernet cable.
  • The speed is another aspect to bear in mind when choosing an Ethernet cable. You should go with the most excellent cable which suitable for your budget. It would be best if you designed the infrastructure to reduce the length of Ethernet cable wherever it is possible. Cat6a offers quick performance, but it is too costly than other Ethernet cables.


Ethernet cable is the backbone of the computer network. You can follow the steps mentioned above on how to run ethernet cable through ceiling.

In addition, it allows you to transfer necessary data directly from one device to another without trouble.

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