Starting Your Own Construction Business? 3 Must-Haves for Every Contractor

The construction world has seen its share of ups and downs over the years. And while much of this can be attributed to economics and the state of the country as a whole, many would also contend that the COVID-19 pandemic has played a significant role as well. But beyond these facts, the construction industry still provides many with lucrative careers.

In order to accommodate the needs of a growing workforce, many construction companies are opting for mobile and temporary office spaces. These spaces, often referred to as site office containers, offer a number of advantages over traditional brick-and-mortar offices, including flexibility, affordability, and sustainability. They can be easily moved from site to site, reducing the need for permanent structures, and they are often made from recycled materials, making them a more environmentally friendly option.

Studies have shown that construction contractors and construction managers in the United States can make anywhere between 29,000 and 100,000 dollars per year. But a lot of this depends on skill, experience, location, and having the right tools for the job.

As a contractor just beginning your career, you have to ensure that you can complete the jobs that you’ve been awarded. And doing this requires a few tools and equipment that will be necessary for completing the big paying jobs.

If you’re just starting out in the construction industry, the following will provide a few must-haves for getting the job done right.

Forklift Attachments

In the construction world, you have to haul a lot of equipment around the job site. And this is going to require the use of multiple trailers most likely. But sometimes you may not have a truck or a tractor available to move your equipment.

A hands-free forklift attachment to move trailers is one of the best pieces of equipment that you should have on hand to move any trailer for any job. And since you’ll likely be using a forklift for loading and unloading materials at just about every jobsite, keeping this attachment at the ready can prove to be time saving.

Additionally, many contractors have modified their forklifts by drilling holes in the fork in an attempt to make a hitch. But this is an unsafe practice and should be avoided at all costs. With a forklift attachment, you’ll have the perfect tool to move your trailer when you need it most.  

Work Trucks

If you’re going to look professional and be efficient at your job, you’re going to need a heavy duty and professional looking work truck. Because the last thing you’ll want to do is show up to a job site looking like a cut-rate contractor.

Professionalism is taken seriously in the contracting world. And not just by your peers, but by your clients as well. As such, you don’t want to pull up to meet a potential client driving an old rusty minivan with the seats removed and a mess of tools in the back. Because though this might have gotten you by before, it looks far from professional.

Having a heavy duty work truck also allows you to transport tools and materials, and hitch up to a trailer if you need to from time to time. Additionally, you can also advertise on the side of your truck in a professional manner with a magnetic logo or other signage displaying your name and contact information.

A Safety Plan

Being safe on the job is a primary concern for every contractor and for every laborer. Because if you’re not running a safe operation, you’ll end up with production issues that can halt your entire operation. And you could also be held liable for damages and injuries if you’re proven to be negligent.

Accidents in the workplace are far too common to overlook a precautionary safety plan. But the great part is that you can implement a sound safety plan on all of your job sites by following a simple template:

  • Have proper PPE available
  • Keep a first-aid kit on hand
  • Have an eye washing station on hand
  • Use remote sensors and surveillance
  • Have employee safety training
  • Keep all equipment secure

As a rule of thumb, ensure that your workers are wearing their personal protective equipment (PPE) at all times. And if you find that safety is being disregarded, reprimand your laborers or find other workers willing to adhere to your specific guidelines.

Construction Time Clock

Keeping track of time and attendance is extremely difficult in the construction industry as compared to other industries. It’s easy to get disorganized in managing large construction crews, various teams, and multiple construction projects.

All these can be resolved with the help of a construction time clock software that can efficiently track and monitor employee hours, GPS location, and create work schedules.

In the past, construction companies used manual time tracking with the use of punch cards that employees submit to their superiors at the end of their pay period.

This process has been extremely tedious in payroll processing. Most construction companies shifted to using construction time clocks apps and software for easier employee monitoring and payroll processing. 

Construction work is known for being a dangerous job. And each year thousands of workers are injured in construction related accidents.

So ensuring that your laborers are well trained is going to be your best strategy going forward.

All in all, becoming a successful construction contractor in today’s world requires a good head for business and a high level of experience in many disciplines.

But you also need the tools of the trade as well as having a safe environment for all of your workers, including yourself also.

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