Where to Go for A Verona Pump Repair

Great pumps are the foundation to any homes or buildings. These wonders of engineering are necessary not only for passing the water through homes but also preventing the surrounding environment from becoming toxic.

Unfortunately, all pumps won’t always last for long periods of time and will require repair or replacement. Are you looking for Verona pump repair but don’t know who to entrust with the work? Sauk Plains Plumbing & Pumps Inc. has you covered on all your pump issues.

About Sauk Plains Plumbing & Pumps Inc.

Since 1934, Sauk Plains Plumbing has offered Western Dane and Middleton WI County outstanding pump repair, plumbing, and well services. Their secret to success? Unmatched devotion to offering quality services as well as excellent customer support.

The genesis of their excellent services is their staff training, quality products, and how they plan and conduct their services.

Sauk Plains Pump Repair Services

Whether it’s a new pump or an old one, Sauk Plains provides quality repair services for different types of water pumps as follows:

Standard Water Pumps

They are the most common pumps and come in different shapes and sizes. Their reliable engineering and simplicity is considered the reason they’ve been operational for decades.

Standard water pumps will power up when the water pressure in the system pressure tank drops, thereby triggering a pressure switch.

If yours has stopped functioning or is not functioning optimally, get in touch with Sauk Plains for quick help and repairs.

Constant Pressure Pumps

These new designs have a continuous pressure model that ensures the pump spins round the clock depending on the demand for water. For instance, it will spin faster when there is a need for water pressure.

Similar to the standard pump, regulating the system pressure of constant pressure pumps lowers full start speeds. A reduced hard start increases the pump lifespan and lowers energy use.

The popularity of these pumps have risen significantly recently for a few reasons:

  • Compared to traditional models, they occupy less space
  • They produce less noise than the standard pumps
  • Offer superior water pressure
  • Consume less energy
  • Most come with electronic controls that detect potential threats and supervise operations

Common Water Pump Issues that Sauk Plains Professionals Can Help With

Pump problems are not always easy to spot when they occur. Unfortunately, when you finally identify some issues, it could be too late and thus costly to repair.

If you identify any of the following warning signs, be sure to contact Sauk Plains to assess and possibly correct the problem before it goes out of hand.

Air in The System

While not always alarming, it should be a little concern when the water runs off a tap in spurts and with other air bubbles.

High Electric Bills

This arises when your well standard pump takes more running time than expected to maintain high water pressure. The extra running increases the electricity burden. In such scenarios, the default may be in the fitting or if the pipe has a hole.

Low Water Pressure

A decrease in water pressure indicates that the pump is not working at optimal levels and might need checking and repairing.

Short Cycling

Air deficit in the pump system causes short cycling, which saturates the pressure system with air. In normal circumstances, when the system is active, well pumps usually run for at least one minute.

A short cycle occurs if the contrary happens. Low pressure and noise in the pipes sometimes accompany a short cycle.

Strange Sounds

Although well pumps make noise naturally, they don’t produce extreme or unusual noise when they are in a good condition.

If you hear any of the following sounds, it could be time to contact Sauk Plains pump repair experts:


Clunking sound happens around the piping and the control switches, usually occurring at the beginning of the well pump cycle. Usually, it emanates from a failing check valve or loose piping that moves when the water pressure is rapid, making the pipe shift.


Banging occurs when the system switches on/off. A hammering sound may be caused by a damaged cavitation that causes the valve to shut quickly, hence trapping the air.

Rattles and Grinding

This could indicate that the impeller inside the pump is damaged mainly by debris.

Hire Sauk Plains For Your Verona Pump Repair Services

Sauk Plains Plumbing & Pumps are your go-to experts if looking to install, repair, or maintain water pumps at home or business. Reach out to them today for any mechanical problem you may be experiencing with your pumps.

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