What Is a Leather Reclining Sectional Sofa?

It is the weekend, and you can’t wait to get home to your sofa, perhaps the most coveted spot in your house, which you have grown attached to immensely. You spend hours binge-watching your favorite show, reading a book, hosting guests, and just whiling time in its loving embrace.

Sofas have come a long way, ever since their invention in the late 1880s. Once aesthetically pleasing though bulky pieces of furniture, they now come in stylish designs, amalgamating the elements of high functionality and class in equal proportions.

For instance, the leather reclining sectional, a sectional sofa manufactured using top grain Italian leather, renowned for being durable, consistent, flexible, and free from impurities.

What is a reclining sectional?

If you have never heard of a reclining sectional sofa, here is what you must know. Sectional refers to upholstered furniture consisting of two or more sections that form a single unit together. This sofa comes with one or several power recline seats and different configurations suited for various layouts.

A modern reclining sectional allows you to adjust the backrest into any position you want, from an upright to a sleeping position, while extending the footrest forward.

What are their types?

The three most common sectional types are chaise, L-shaped, and U-shaped. A chaise refers to a traditional sofa consisting of three seats and a chaise located on either side of the unit. L-shaped ones usually come with more than five cushions, have a connecting seat in the middle, and are ideal for hosting several people at a time. U-shaped units have a single main sofa flanked by chairs.

How do power reclining sectionals work?

Power motion reclining sectionals operate with the simple touch of a button while offering you the benefit of numerous positions. The power recliner gradually pushes the chair backward, using a single or several motors.

Modern reclining sofas run either with the use of electricity or a battery. Wireless ones have the advantage of portability since you don’t require a cord to plug them in.

What leather are reclining sectionals made of?

The best reclining sectionals that you will find usually contain top-grain Italian leather, as mentioned earlier. It is known as Italian leather because the technique is popular in that country, and it also serves the purpose of a trademark to preserve traditional leather manufacturing techniques.

The leather of this type has a thin hide layer and is significantly more flexible and durable when compared to whole grain. A significant benefit of buying a sofa made from top-grain is protection against stains or discolorations since it is resistant. Even if you encounter any stains, removing those using soapy water and a soft, warm cloth is pretty straightforward.

How to buy a leather reclining sectional?

If you have not bought a sectional before, these are some details you must consider.

Consider the arm size

The arms of the sofa are the places where you rest your hands on either side of the unit. All sofas contain an armrest since they are an essential part of the structure. You must choose a sectional with an arms size you find comfortable. Generally, sectionals with arms measuring between seven to nine inches are best for drawing rooms, while those above 10 inches offer maximum comfort.

Most arms measure between three to eight inches. If you plan on having plenty of napping sessions on your couch, the best option is low and wide arms, as they provide the ideal space and height for your neck. If you are tall, go with those between four to ten inches, but if you are of short or average size, arms above ten inches work best.

What features does it have?

You should also check the number of features on the sectional, even though they would vary from one model to another. A good quality leather sectional Sofas with recliners will consist of a modern console table, steel cup holders, at least two USB ports, and two outlets (for extension cords), besides other features.

Does the recliner have an adjustable headrest?

It is advisable to buy a couch with an adjustable headrest, primarily if you are used to watching television at a reclining angle. It will prevent you from straining your neck. Headrests differ in height and depth, but thick ones are the best as they provide the necessary cushioning.

Consider the layout

If you purchase the unit online, you should pay attention to the layout options. Generally, you can choose from layouts like combo sectional, loveseat, and home theater, or select a custom design according to your preferences.

Leather reclining sectional offers you the benefits of more seats, optimum comfort, style, and convenience. Made from top-quality leather, it is durable and resistant to stains while being the center of attention of your living room.

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