Turn Your Garden Into a Gorgeous Event Scene

“Everything magical happens between June and August,” says Jenny Han, a NY Times best-selling author.

It’s an astute observation but you best be assured that you are the one who’s in charge of that magic. Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to throw a party under the scorching sun or beneath a sky full of stars? The craziest and most exhilarating events of the year are held outdoors during the summer.

Are you curious about what kinds of outdoor events you can host in your garden? Go on reading and find our favorites for the summertime.

Family Reunions And Parties  

Turn your garden into an entertainment venue for a family get-together and birthday parties. This way, you can party all day long without time limits and save money from renting out a restaurant or events hall. 

All you need to do is complete your outdoor amenities for a more convenient and enjoyable party. For instance, you can install an outdoor kitchen. By doing so, you can save energy while preparing food and serving dishes outdoors. If you’re on a budget, using salvaged materials such as reclaimed wood and recycled bricks or stones is a good idea.  

If you want to make your garden more luxurious, you can add a hot tub or an outdoor jacuzzi. You can use this area to bond with close friends and family on a relaxing spa party weekend. Moreover, hanging fairy lights and solar flood lights can make your garden brighter for evening family reunions and parties. 

Don’t forget to invest in high-quality outdoor tables, chairs, and other furniture items to make your garden cozy and functional. Look at the wide range of outdoor garden furniture pieces from Fine Design or any online furniture shop or physical store. 

Now, you’re ready to choose your menu, send invites, and enjoy the party with your guests.

Backyard Concerts

Spice up the warm summer nights with loud music and neon lights. Turn your backyard into an open-air dance floor and decorate the venue with as much wonder as your imagination will allow.

Sprinkle on some charm by getting light-up signs and mounting them to trees or on the main stage. String lights are also a classic feature for creating an enchanting environment. For a more delicious evening, set up cocktail tables with savory snacks and cooling drinks.

Once you’re all set, gather friends and get ready to “eat, drink, rave and repeat.” Don’t be surprised if you find your garden in full bloom after the celebration. Plants love music.

Open-Space Weddings

If you’re thinking of organizing your wedding in an open outdoor space, it’s time to unwrap your imagination. The more sophisticated details you can realize, the more unforgettable your big day will be.

Prepare your garden by keeping the lawn neat and planting flowers to match your wedding color scheme. Be mindful to organize all this long before the ceremony and make sure they bloom at the right time.

If you’re dreaming of an outdoor wedding but still worried that the weather might change, you can set up water-proof tents adorned with flowers – homegrown decorations will certainly wow your guests.

Hang a floral chandelier from the center of the tent to brighten up the space for the evening. If your garden is in the countryside, set up tree stumps around the venue for a rustic touch and place potted plants on them. Simplicity can be the most luxurious thing sometimes.

Outdoor Graduation Parties

Graduating from college sounds fun until you realize you have a life full of responsibilities lying ahead of you. Worrying about that can wait till later.

Doesn’t it sound like a good idea to celebrate this milestone for now? It sure does. Take advantage of the warm days and care-free mood by organizing your grad party in the backyard. There are tons of hip design tips to spice up your garden for the occasion.

Roll out the red carpets and welcome the rising stars of your class. Place cocktail tables overflowing with delicious snacks and beverages to add to this VIP look. A lemonade bar is a brilliant detail you shouldn’t miss out on.

Fill the container with ice, lemon slices, mint, berries, homemade lemonade and other drinks. Leave glasses next to the stand so your guests can serve themselves. Don’t forget to fill your garden with herbal and floral arrangements to add fresh colors and fragrances to the evening.

Food Festivals

Food festivals are a melting pot of traditional and international food stands, loud music, vendor tents and crowds of people eager to try different cuisines.

If you like coming up with innovative recipes and sharing them with friends and family, consider throwing a mini food festival in your garden.

Choose the theme of the event. Will it revolve around seasonal or vegan cuisine, for example? Think about how you’ll handle the food prep and samples. Set up small translucent tents with cocktail tables to serve your offerings.

Show off the beauty of the event with garden herbs, fresh produce and berry bushes you’ve cultivated yourself. Place refreshment stands in every corner of your garden. Offer clean glasses as well as sliced veggies and fruits as toppings for the dishes and beverage jars.

Food brings people together. Locally grown food brings people home. Try this idea and have fun with your friends and neighbors.

Green Classrooms

It’s not only students who enjoy having class outside. It’s been scientifically proven that nature stimulates the brain and improves childrens’ ability to retain information.

Outdoor classrooms boost effective learning and long-term memory. Take advantage of the sunny weather and gather your students into the garden. It’s also advisable to design the space with essentials.

Set the class boundaries with flower pots and a cute little picket fence made of tree branches. You should also make sure there’s ample shade to avoid sunburns and dehydration. Arrange the seats under a tree if possible or set up a shade structure.

Once you’re done with the classroom location, think about the furniture. You can build DIY seats from tree stumps or repurposed wooden pallets. Paint them in vivid colors, cut the wood in different heights and place them in a circle formation.

This will encourage participation and shift the stoic mood of traditional settings. Mount a chalk or whiteboard onto one of the trees. The open-air classroom will work ideally for discussions and other interactive lessons.

It’s also no secret that kids like playing in the dirt. Seize the opportunity and organize gardening classes while you’re at it. Sort the seeds and divide them among your students. Let them plant, watch the seedlings grow and compare the results in the future. Who Said Learning Had to Be Limited to Indoor Classrooms?

Now you have five great ideas at your disposal. It’s time to let your imagination loose and transform your garden into an incredible event space of your own. Get crafty and enjoy hosting the most memorable events of your life!

Home Base Project Team
Home Base Project Team
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