Tips for Making Your House Feel Like a Home

We can all agree that a house is just a structure that turns into a home only if the homemaker manages to provide personal touches to make it as comfortable as possible.

It’s the people who make the home while the house provides shelter. You can turn any space into a home if you can express your personality within the property. 

Turning your house into a home doesn’t mean you’ll splurge on fancy furniture. Instead, there are several simple ways that you can do to ensure that your personality shines through from the moment you step inside the threshold.

Here are some tips you must consider to make your house comfortable and homey.

Install an AC unit 

According to air conditioning in Brighton experts, installing an air conditioning unit powerful enough to cool the entire house down would be a huge step toward making the property feel comfortable.

Check out the industry leaders in your area, and collaborate with them to provide your house with adequate equipment. 

Add Some Indoor Plants

Indoor plants will not only add colour to your immediate surroundings, but they will also help purify the air.

Choose low-maintenance indoor plants such as peace lily, snake plants, African violets, Boston fern and Parlor palm. They will help make your indoor environment livelier and healthier.

Fill Shelves and Walls with Personal Mementoes 

One of the best ways to personalize an area is to fill available shelves and spaces with mementoes such as your favorite books, souvenirs from your travels, and various trinkets. You can also fill a wall with framed photos and other ornaments.
These can serve as the focal point for when people enter the room. 

Lay Down Rugs and Carpets

Lay down rugs and carpets to define and delineate an area. These will help you set the ambience for that particular space, and you can create a different feel for each room in the house. 

Make Furniture Cosy with Throw Pillows and Cushions

Hardwood furniture can be a bit discomforting, so you should try to make furniture as cosy as possible with cushions and throw pillows and blankets.

These will help you create a homey, lived-in feeling for the space. The warmth they bring will make the space inviting.

Use a Dehumidifier, Potpourri, and Scented Candles

If you want to impress visitors with your home, one of the most neglected aspects is how the rooms smell. You can create a good feeling by using dehumidifiers with essential oils and potpourri to make the rooms smell good.

Remember to rotate the scents and refresh the potpourri regularly. You can also light up scented candles to create a heady aroma.

Update Your Bathroom

One of the cosiest and busiest rooms in the house should be updated. Hang mirrors, paint the walls with vibrant colours, upgrade the fittings and tiles and remedy any structural problems. Make it as comfortable and welcoming as possible with items that will also make you happy. 


Turning a house into a home isn’t difficult. First, you must incorporate your personal aesthetics into the house and instill warmth to make it inviting.

Home Base Project Team
Home Base Project Team
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