The Future of Smart Home Technology

Smart home devices and apps combine to make home life sweeter, more comfortable, and safer.

That’s been an increasingly prevalent reality, from the conceptual ideas of the mid-20th century to its practical arrival on the home market in the late 1900s to its explosion in recent years.

Beyond smart lights and doorbell cameras, though, what can tech-savvy homeowners expect to debut in the near future? Staying ahead of new developments in this active market can not only help you save on your utility bills, keep your home safe, deter criminal activity, and even sell your home faster when you’re ready to move on.

Drone Cameras

Already bored with your doorbell camera?

Sure, it’s nice to keep an eye out for dastardly “porch pirates” who want to steal your Amazon deliveries or know who’s ringing the doorbell without getting up from the couch while you binge-watch the latest true crime documentary on Netflix.

How about extending that by way of your own personal “eye in the sky”?

The Ring Always Home Cam is designed to literally be just that. It’s an indoor drone that’s equipped with a camera.

It docks inside your home, then takes off and does its “rounds” just like an airborne security guard. You can control it whenever and wherever you like. It’s also activated when your Ring Alarm is triggered. Right now, it’s only available by invitation.

Your Own Personal Amazon Robot

Another Amazon development is the Astro Robot. Also available by invitation only right now, the Astro Robot can check on rooms you’re not physically in, follow you around awaiting instructions, and even monitor intrusions by unauthorized people.

Add a detachable tray and turn Astro into your very own robot butler!

Deeper Integration

AI combined with the Internet of Things is no longer purely about creating a fun toy.

Smart home technology is creating tangible benefits for homeowners and their families. Deeper integration capabilities are all about expanding the reach of the devices you already enjoy.

Imagine your smart refrigerator not only reading the barcodes of the items inside it, but also communicating to Amazon or your local grocery delivery service what you’re out of and what needs to be replaced.

Or how about creating multiple zones of lighting, music, and temperature control for a large party in your home? Broader integration may not be as fun as a robot butler, but it will expand the reach of the smart home technology you’ve already invested in for your home in some impressive ways.

More Health-Conscious Tech

There’s no question the COVID pandemic has spurred a lot of creative work and thinking. One of the biggest questions on everyone’s mind is, “How can we make our homes healthier and safer?”

In other words, can you help your home repel a virus? We’re not quite there yet, but you can expect to see smart home technology expand the capabilities of home air filtering systems to create a healthier environment for your home.

Smart home devices can also help you maintain control over your home’s humidity levels, temperature levels in multiple areas of your home, purify your water, and even scan your wastewater for signs of disease and current levels of health biomarkers.

Better Privacy

Along with all these exciting tech developments, expect a renewed commitment to consumer privacy. There’s no question that big tech companies struggle with privacy protection efforts, and that’s not something that will likely be fully resolved any time soon.

However, with every smart home technology advancement, more personal information is collected and potentially put at risk. To maintain faith with consumers, companies will have to figure out new ways to keep their data private and secure.

What’s Next?

It’s a brave new world, and who knows what’s around the corner? Smart home technology can help you sell your home more quickly and lead to a higher appraisal value.

And if you’re ready to sell your home, talk to a real estate agent about making the most of your home’s smart technology for higher offers and a quicker sale.

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