Choosing Roller Garage Doors Over A Conventional Panel Door?

When weighing up between roller garage doors and the conventional panel door, the choice is simple. Below we will give you all of the information and the decision will be very clear, so here is the information on both panel doors and roller doors for your comparison.

Would you Prefer more or Less Space?

Roller garage doors are a compact and stylish addition to the home that maximise space in the garage both in length and height, this is due to their lack of internal tracks and ability to be installed in a variety of positions to best suit the garage layout and usage.

Conventional panel doors on the other hand hinder the space available.This is because panel doors require horizontal tracks that line the top of your garage ceiling to perform as a garage door.

The solution that they both provide; the opening and closing of a garage door is vertical and the space that is taken up is the same. However, for maximised headspace within the garage, the roller door system is by far superior and allows the maximum space internally.

With the ultimate space saving and function, roller garage doors are the most popular option on the market. With a huge option for colours, there is an option for every home.

Made to Last and Protect

Roller garage doors are manufactured from robust aluminium to ensure their durability. The aesthetic of your garage door is important and for some is the deciding factor. Available in a wide array of colours, roller garage doors are a great addition to have your home standing out on your street with their sleek high quality finish.

With a double skinned finish on the extremely robust roller garage doors, not only do they add a high level of insulation to your garage space for a wide range of uses, but there is also an added security factor to prevent attempted forced entry into your home.

Insurance companies value high quality double skinned aluminium doors that are manufactured well and professionally installed.

The Mechanisms of Garage Doors

Conventional panel garage doors are sturdy by design of course, however they are typically manual, not automatic, so if you are looking for added security for your home then the roller garage door is the right option for you.

Roller garage doors have a tube motor that is discreetly nestled inside the barrel of the roller for aesthetic appeal. With a typical headroom requirement of 200-400mm, the curtain roll garage door can nestle inside 99% of UK garages with ease and finesse.

Pure Luxury

With 9/10 conventional panel garage doors being manually operated, there really is an added luxury to roller garage doors and their automatic function with remote access to your home.

There are many differentiating factors between roller garage doors and conventional panel doors, but considering the added security, the insulating properties, the robust nature of them and the aesthetic appeal, roller doors really are the best choice in adding that extra something to your home.

At Roller Door Concepts, we are experienced industry professionals that work with reputable suppliers in Europe for all of the components of our garage doors and we can guarantee the quality and performance so much so that we offer an industry leading warranty on all roller garage door purchases.

To organise a free call out to your home for measuring your custom garage doors, please get in touch today with one of our friendly representatives.

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