Top 10 Reasons to Hire a Local Roofing Contractor

You have a leaky roof and need to hire a contractor quickly. You don’t want to wait weeks for someone to come out, so you start looking at local contractors in your area. Do you know what questions you should ask when hiring one? What are the top 10 reasons people go with an experienced local roofing contractor? Read on!

1. Good Reviews from “Credible” Sources

Whether you are researching online or talking to friends, make sure the contractor is coming up in trusted sources. If a company is paying for good reviews, the quality of their work will likely be lower than someone who doesn’t have to pay for positive press. Make sure there is some type of balance between online review sites and offline references.

2. A Licensed & Certified Contractor

Make sure your roofer has all the necessary permits and licenses. You wouldn’t hire a dentist that wasn’t licensed and certified, so don’t settle with someone who isn’t properly insured and qualified to do the job right! These registrations prove not only that they know what they’re doing but also ensure proper methods were used and ensures your home will be treated with respect.

3. Good References

Don’t be afraid to ask for references and follow up on them. It’s important that the company you’re hiring is willing to put their name and work out there for others by offering references.

These are people who have hired this contractor before, so they should know what kind of quality to expect when it comes to installation or repair work. Call the number, speak to the customer if possible, and learn more about their service!

4. A Professional & Thorough Estimate Process

For starters, make sure you understand any estimate in its entirety before signing anything! You’ll want a thorough explanation of all costs involved along with a better understanding of how long each service takes to complete. Here you can find an affordable roofer.

If something isn’t clear, ask for it to be explained! A quality contractor will know there is no point in taking on a job that is not understood by everyone involved.

5. Professional & Courteous Service

You want someone who knows what they’re doing and will treat your home with the respect you expect. That means showing up when they say they will, leaving work areas clean after completing their service and respecting your request for privacy throughout the process of project completion.

You’ll also want communication throughout all stages of the process so you can plan ahead or make necessary adjustments where needed!

6. A Cohesive Crew with Good Working Relationships

Time is money, so it’s important that your roofing contractor’s crew is well-organized and smooth in carrying out their work. This will ensure that your roof will be replaced properly in the shortest time span possible.

7. A Good Warranty on Materials & Labor

If something goes wrong with materials used to repair or replace your roof, it’s important you are able to hold your contractor accountable for using good quality materials. If they don’t offer any warranties or guarantees, walk away from the deal!

It doesn’t make sense to hire someone who puts off-brand shingle on your home when there are plenty of contractors offering better options for less money. You want a company that stands behind its services just as much as you stand behind that check you wrote!

8. The Experience Needed for Your Job

Some roofing jobs are more time-consuming or technical than others. For example, if you have a steep pitch roof with multiple layers of old sheet metal, there is going to be more to consider than what another company would have to deal with if the materials are newer and less complicated.

Hire someone who can handle your job so you aren’t stuck having to replace them after the fact because they didn’t know how to handle the situation!

9. The Right Experience & Tools for Your Problem

Every situation calls for different tools and workers that are specifically trained in dealing with it properly. This will ensure your job is done correctly the first time around without having to rehire another contractor later on down the road.

10. Guaranteed Workmanship & Quality Materials

If you’re investing in a new roof, you want to be sure that it’s going to work and last for years to come. A good contractor will take the time to go over all available options so you can find the best match for your home!

11. The Right Installation Team with Experience & Knowledge of Local Codes

Every city, town or county has different building codes regarding where certain materials should be installed on a home and how they should look while doing it! If your local code authority discovers that your roof is being built improperly or safety issues have been overlooked, they may recall your job and force you to hire another contractor at your cost!

12. A Structural Assessment of Your Roof Before Work Begins

This is an important step that may not always be included in roofing estimates, but it should be! A trained eye can spot trouble areas before they lead to further damage on the property of your home.

Some signs include cracks in the asphalt shingles, missing or broken nails, and damaged seams. None of these issues are difficult to repair when caught early enough, so finding a professional you can trust with this job will save you time & $$$ later on down the road!

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