The New And Latest Trends When It Comes To Your Outdoor Pool Area

The pandemic has forced people to stay indoors. This has necessitated the need to have a good look at the indoors and outdoors of your living space. The backyard has shot into prominence as a recreational spot for the entire family. The trend is to fit in as many entertaining options as possible into the backyard so that it can be used for an extended period of time.

Compact pools

Gone are those days when a large pool occupied pride of place in the backyard. Compact homes with small backyards have given rise to the trend of small pools. Small pools also leave out space for creating other outdoor features.

These compact pools can be enhanced with seamless edges or premium finishing. Fibreglass pools are available in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Outdoor seating

It has become a trend to create a seating area in the backyard. This allows your backyard to function as a venue for gatherings or parties. The seating arrangement can be a simple one with tables and chairs or it could consist of cushioned seating arrangements and daybeds.

Pergolas and gazebos are also becoming popular. Pergolas can be of any material like wood, vinyl and fibreglass. You can decorate your pergolas with ceiling fans, chandeliers, fabric or string of lights. Pergolas increase your living space and allow you to enjoy your pool area on hot summer days.

A swim-up gazebo, which you can access from the swimming pool, is another interesting option.

A hammock is another popular trend in the outdoor area, Hammocks can be suspended between two trees or you can buy a hammock with a stand.

You can provide comfortable seating inside the pool by installing ledges and loungers with reticulated foam cushions. An outdoor rug can be used to separate the seating area from other outdoor features.

Outdoor kitchen

An outdoor kitchen in the pool area prevents the need for leaving the pool and going inside the house for food. Your outdoor kitchen can be a simple table and charcoal grill. If your budget permits, then you can build an elaborate outdoor kitchen complete with a grill, storage, refrigerator and an island.

Greenery in the landscaping area

If your backyard is compact, then you can choose wall planters to add greenery to your pool area. The plants can provide shade and privacy in your pool area. You can choose from ornamental grasses, palms or herbs to grow in your pool area.

A grassy landscape will provide a refreshing look to your pool area. Strategically placed flowering plants can add colour and provide privacy to the pool area.

A bar in the pool area

Who doesn’t like a drink by the poolside or inside the pool? Customized built-in bars which can be reached from inside the pool are gaining popularity. If you are on a tight budget, then you can choose a bar cart.

Water features

A water fountain tops the popularity charts when it comes to water features. Waterfalls and water fountains made of different materials can be a part of the pool or made in a separate area. Rock grottoes are also gaining in popularity. Rain curtains, water walls, scuppers and scones are some other water features that are trending.

Spas and Jacuzzis

Spas, hot tubs and jacuzzis add value to the pool and your outdoor area. A spa-style tub in the middle of your pool can provide you with the benefits of hot and cold water. The soothing jets in a spa can relax your tired muscles. Spas can be built as part of your pool or as an independent structure.

If your spa or Jacuuzi is part of your pool, then it can be lit in a different colour to make it look more attractive. A spa can be constructed at a different level of the pool. So get a Fibreglass Spa today!

Sophisticated lighting

Innovative lighting can make or break your outdoor pool area. There are a lot of choices in outdoor lighting. Wrapping your pergola in string lights can give a starry effect to your pergola. Your patio and garden path can be lit with lanterns or torches. You can also use floodlights in your backyard.

Lights can be used to focus on plants or water features. Different lights can be used underwater in the pool to demarcate deep and shallow ends. The LED lights can be programmed and controlled through your smartphone.

Other backyard features

You can incorporate tree houses, swing sets and jungle gyms into your pool area to make it more attractive for children. Fire pits are another feature that can make your backyard interesting. A fire pit can be portable or immovable. It can be custom-made or ready-made. You can also add a diving board or a small bridge to your pool area.

Feature walls can be used to divide your outdoor area into rooms. They also provide privacy in the pool area and prevent water evaporation due to winds. Feature walls can be made of timber, stone tiles or greenery.

You can also build a poolside house featuring a fireplace and lavish seating. You can also place an outdoor TV in the seating area. Glass roofs and transparent enclosures add privacy and style to the pool area.

Natural elements in the pool area

Adding stones to your pool area gives a natural look to your backyard. Stones can be added in the form of rock waterfalls, stone decks, stone chairs, fire pits made of stone or rock gardens. Stones can also be used to create a pathway in your garden. Patio designs with natural stone are eco-friendly.

Hardscapes in your pool area

Hardscapes like fences, retaining walls, paved patios and man-made ponds add character to your backyard, and they are easy to maintain. If you’re looking to add a more modern touch to your landscape design, steel retaining wall posts can be a great option for your retaining walls.

Retaining walls, after all, can be made of various materials like wood, concrete, or even steel retaining wall posts, and can serve as both functional and decorative elements in your backyard. And if you prefer a more traditional look, fences can also be made of wood and painted to make them look more interesting.

You can make your outdoor entertainment area as big or as small as your space and budget permits. You can divide your backyard into different levels with different types of flooring and lighting. Remember to select durable furniture and raw materials for your outdoor area.

Your poolside furniture will have to face climate changes and chemically treated water. Proper research can allow you to construct a complete entertainment zone in your outdoor pool area.

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