Exceptional Home Enhancements: 3 Reasons Natural Stone Worktops For Your Home Are A Great Idea

Natural Stone

Natural stone is surprisingly adaptable and durable, and it may be utilised in a variety of settings, including bathrooms, utility rooms, and fire hearths.

Marble has a distinctive appearance and is frequently used for shower cladding, bath surrounds, vanity counters, and wet room installations.

Marble may assist you in creating opulent rooms for your home because it comes in a selection of vibrant colours as well as understated Carrara or Statuario.

Since limestone is a soft rock with earthy undertones, it works well as splashbacks and vanity tops in bathrooms.
Slate is used most frequently today for fireplace mantels, vanity tops, and bathroom shelves, for instance, where a matte finish is preferred.

Are you in the process of choosing worktops for your kitchen or bathroom? Read on to discover three key reasons why high-quality, natural stone materials like granite, quartz and marble should be your first choice:

Timeless Appeal

Marble, granite and quartz are all stunning natural stone materials that add opulence, class and beauty to any space. Whereas trends like wooden worktops, colourful tiling and various other materials come and go, natural stone is timeless.

Even with its vast universe of colour, pattern and textural choice, it still provides a stunning solid neutral that diffuses light, enhances any room, and it will always be on trend, providing the perfect backdrop for you to explore more experimental, temporary styling with electronics, fixtures, fittings and accessories.

Endless Range

Each and every natural stone worktop is unique in its aesthetic. Marble, quartz and granite offer the homeowner an endless range of colours, tones and patterns to choose from. Will it be a dreamy off white marble with grey and black streaking? A lustrous velvety black granite with sparkling silver speckles?

How about a dreamy mixed quartz of pink, white, brown and black swirls and speckles for a truly eye-catching centrepiece? Your choices are endless, and exciting.

Built To Last

Natural stone worktops are more of an investment than common and affordable choices like wood, laminate, composite, tiling and other more temporary options.

However, if you’re looking for a worktop that does not require regular replacement, and that stays looking beautiful and in great condition year on year, natural stone worktops should be your primary choice. Here’s a snapshot of the durability qualities of granite, marble and quartz:

Granite – When sealed it is hard-wearing and able to resist staining, direct heat damage and repeated dings and knocks.

Marble – Marble is porous but when it is sealed, it is highly durable and with the right care, can stay in great condition for a long time.

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Quartz – As quartz is an engineered worktop material, it has a lot of the qualities of natural stone along with the benefits of additional materials added during the manufacturing process. For example, the added resin means that it does not need to be sealed. It’s also great at resisting knife and heat damage, dings and staining.

Is It Time You Upgraded To A Stunning Natural Stone Worktop?

If you really want to add a stunning, timeless, high-quality worktop to your kitchen, it has to be a natural stone worktop.

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It’s the first step to upgrading and enhancing the aesthetic and functionality of your kitchen with high-quality materials that are made to last year on year.

The stone industry is continuously impacted by the rising popularity of artificial and natural stones, with granite being one of the most popular.

Quartz, on the other hand, is becoming more and more popular and is quickly displacing granite as the preferred material. In addition, a few unusual stones are becoming more common, such as soapstone and limestone, which are showing up in bathrooms and kitchens.

The grace and beauty of natural stone and the new engineered stone products, particularly quartz, which offers a variety of colour options and design options, are naturally luring kitchen homeowners and designers alike.

There is also a wide variety of stone Worktop colours and treatments that have been developed to be more stain- and mold-resistant. Additionally, manmade stones are harder than other types of natural stone and are meant to be more crack-resistant.

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