Mirror Direction as Per Vastu

Mirror Direction as Per Vastu: Mirrors are great instruments to provide the appearance of a larger area in addition to their decorative and practical uses. But according to vastu, mirrors also have another purpose: if properly positioned, they can alter the energy of a house.

Mirrors have the ability to reflect or reject bad energy while drawing in positive ones. With the right placement, they can rectify vastu faults. The Vastu Shashtra includes some guidelines for arranging mirrors in your dwellings.

Directional Placement of Mirrors

Never put mirrors on the southern or western walls of the house; only the eastern and northern sides.

Suitable Locations

Mirrors can be positioned in the dining area, directly across from the dining table, in addition to the dressing room and bathroom, so that when eating, the entire family is reflected. According to vastu, this promotes prosperity and strengthens the bonds of love and devotion among the family.

Shapes of Mirrors Are Important

In vastu shastra, square and rectangular geometries are recommended as they distribute energies equally. Avoid using ovals and circles because they are not thought to be the greatest shapes. Any unusual shape should be avoided, even though there are no restrictions on the size of the mirror that can be utilised.

Increased Wealth

You can increase your fortune by putting a mirror inside your locker. Make that the mirror is intact and does not reflect an incorrect image of the locker or the items stored inside.

Keep it tidy

Make careful to keep a mirror completely clean and immaculate wherever you install it. Avoid placing stickers or bindis on the reflecting surface.

Mirrors in the Bedroom

The master bedroom should face south or southwest, which is where the earth element is strongest. Mirror, on the other hand, is a water element and is linked to instability. According to vastu, it is not advisable to hang a mirror in this room since it will disrupt the earth element’s energies and cause chaos.

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