Making the Most of Your Garden Space

With the warmer weather not too far away, many of us are beginning to reckon with the possibilities that the summer months bring – including entertaining friends and family alike in our gardens.

But your garden might be feeling a little uninspired after a winter of disuse. What could you introduce to give your garden new life this summer?

Craft a Garden Bar

A recent obsession that has cropped up in gardens across the UK is that of the outdoor bar – something which gained particular traction with the closure of bars in the summer months of 2020.

An outdoor bar structure could be the perfect spring project, allowing you to get it completed and ready in time for entertaining guests in the summer.

The beauty of building your own bar is its customisability; you can make changes to have your bar suit your own tastes and needs. If you’re a bit of a beer snob, you could even install your own DIY beer lines in order to serve a fresh pint or two from your own back garden.

Alternatively, the bar space could be geared towards cocktails, storing and displaying your liquor cabinet for guests to pick their own poison.

Build a Conservatory

If you have the space and the means for a larger project, a major renovation to your home could unlock its full potential ahead of the summer months.

Adding a conservatory on to the back of your home can increase the light entering it, and improve your access to the garden simultaneously.

A set of French doors can limit the barrier between in and out, and provide swift shelter in the event of rain.

Grow Your Own Vegetable Plot

With growing interest in gardening amongst younger households, so too has interest spiked in more productive, green-fingered pursuits – in particular, the growing of fruit and veg.

Putting a vegetable plot together in your garden can be a rewarding way to spend the warmer months, and a great foundation for a year-round hobby. Making room for polytunnels means you can grow more exotic vegetables like tomatoes, as well as open up the possibility for safe and comfortable winter gardening.

Add a Pond

Water features are always a fun addition to a garden, whether a small running fountain or a larger body of water. Creating your own pond is shockingly easy, and can provide a great deal of zen appeal in the process.

With the right treatment, you could even use the pond to harbour life, from frogs to koi and anything in between.

Create a Patio Cooking Space

Lastly, you could thoroughly pimp out your patio with the addition of cooking equipment, whether a simple chiminea, stone barbecue installation or a full-blown pizza oven.

Basic clay chimineas are great for cooking bread and reheating finger food, while going all-out on a stone oven could make you king of the summer party before long.

Home Base Project Team
Home Base Project Team
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