Different Types of Sheds and Questions to Ask Before Ordering One

Do you have a garden that is cluttered, untidy and congested? Are you an enthusiastic cycler looking for an efficient way to store your bike? Or are you a bird lover or bird breeder and require an enclosure for that purpose?

The answer lies in installing a shed that lets you store your garden tools, hardware, heavy equipment, and bicycles and even maintain bird aviaries in your backyard.

However, having a shed is useful only if it’s made from a material like steel that is resistant to corrosion and rust, besides having the strength to withstand harsh weather conditions. Sheds made from wood or other materials are weak and quickly incur damage.

It is vital to check a storage unit’s features, quality, and related details before ordering one. You should also be sure of finding a manufacturer who supplies the kind of shed you want, according to your requirements.

Here are some things related to this topic that you will find helpful.

Different Types of Storage Units

Garden Sheds

These are suitable for your backyard and come in various shapes and sizes, allowing you to choose one according to your requirements. The strongest of these have steel frames made from rectangular hollow section (RHS) beams hand welded in a factory.

The roof types available under this category are heritage, gable, skillion or flat.

Storage and Lockers

Bikes, pool pumps, chemical storage, cars and boat sheds are various uses of storage and locker solutions. Rather than leaving your bike on the road and exposing it to theft and damage from weather conditions, it’s better to store it in a bike shed with accessories like hooks, windows, and hanging racks.

If you have a pool pump, it’s advisable to store it in a storage unit, safe and protected from external damage. However, storage units that exceed a specific measurement require a permit before installation, whose regulations differ in every state.

Narrow, Trapezoid and Triangular Sheds

These are unique types of outhouses that are suitable for limited spaces or spaces with unique requirements.

For example, you can place a narrow garden storage unit along the fence and use it to store garden tools and equipment. Slims structures are ideal for storing tools in your front or back verandah, carport or garage.

On the other hand, trapezoid storages are suitable for limited spaces, for instance, the small area down your house’s side. These units are highly customisable, and a reliable manufacturer will give you the option of choosing the wall height, siding type, roofing style, and door placement.

Things to Check Before Placing Your Order:

What Material Is the Storage Made Of?

SteelChief Sheds and other trusted manufacturers prefer using the highest quality steel for their units. They ensure that their storage meets Australian standards and can withstand harsh weather conditions. The steel must be at least 0.35 millimetres thick, with a gauge of 0.47 millimetres.

Is It Easy to Install?

You should not find the installation process challenging. The manufacturer should supply ready-made walls and roofs, which you can assemble by simply screwing the corners correctly and fixing the base to the ground. You will also receive tutorial videos that explain the assembly process.

Do They Use Basesmart Technology?

Using Basesmart technology enhances the functionality and efficiency of the sheds by stopping the accumulation of debris, preventing the build-up of corrosion, and ensuring the unit looks consistently clean with a self-flushing system.

Can It Withstand Harsh Weather Conditions?

Your outhouse must withstand harsh weather conditions such as strong winds. The storage should have an N4 wind rating, ensuring it can withstand winds with a speed of 180 kilometres per hour. A fully welded internal steel frame is better for places with strong winds.

Sheds serve various purposes, from storing bikes and boats to serving as aviaries. You should select a manufacturer who specialises in building those made from steel since that assures the highest efficiency, security, and functionality.

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