Different Types of Minecraft Medieval House And Steps to build a Minecraft Medieval House

Since the first launch of Minecraft, it has remained the most popular and most enjoyable designing game. There are three different versions of this game: the Vanilla Version, Bedrock Version, and Java Version. Medieval House Minecraft has always been one of the most notable aspects of the Vanilla version. 

There are many ways to build a medieval house in Minecraft. Below you come to know how to build a medieval house in Minecraft. The following features are typically included in Medieval Minecraft Houses:

  1. The basement has several furnaces, lots of chest storage, craft tables, anvils, and access to a mining shaft.
  2. On the ground floor, there are lots of chests with craft tables.
  3. The second floor has a working enchantment table, a potion brewing area, and a room for enchantments.
  4. There is a balcony on the top floor that allows snipers to snipe enemies in the morning. Armor stands and beds are also present on the top floor.

Though there are many types of Medieval House in Minecraft, given below are a few types of Medieval House Minecraft:

  1. Spruce Medieval House 3
  2. Medieval Rural House 3
  3. Unfurnished Nordic Medium House 2
  4. Gothic Medieval House 1
  5. Tall Medieval Unfurnished House 5

In this blog, we are going to discuss how to build a medieval house in Minecraft.

Steps to build aMinecraft Medieval House :

To build a Minecraft Medieval House, you need to follow a few steps: 

Step 1 – Resources Needed. 

To build any house, you need first materials, especially if you are playing in survival mode. For the main floor, you need oak trunks, cobblestone, stone brick, glass panes, etc. For the second and top floor, there is not much difference; you need oak trunks, white wool, birch planks, glass panes, etc.

These are some essential things. Other than these, you can collect materials for the roof, decorative blocks which you may need for the outside area, and stable (which is optional).

Step 2 – Look for a flat place.

For a solid and proper house, we need a flat place so that we can dig inside and also have access to underground storage for more space. Also, make sure that we can dig too to get underground storage which gives you an extra edge while building the medieval house.

Step 3 – Construct the basement for the house:

The supports are made out of oak trunks stacked five high and then connected so that the frame is seven wide and eleven long. Having built the frame, the front and back will have two windows each, while the front door would be in the middle.

Step 4 – Complete the Framing and go ahead with Flooring: 

Build up to five blocks tall by placing an oak trunk at each corner. Make sure that each trunk is connected to the next. Add four more trunk blocks so that they are level with the corners in the middle of each side. Create four additional support layers above the second floor to build the roof frame.

Repeat the process on the other end. Next, lay the Flooring. We recommend birch boards. Add a stone brick staircase as well. Dig one block down on the main floor and install the planks on top of the dirt. There are only birch planks on the second floor, all of which are laid into the frame. 

Step 5 – Use the wool walls for constructing the top two floors:

For building up the wool walls, the procedure goes the same as the construction of standard walls. Use the same method to build the top two floors of your medieval Minecraft house.

Step 6 – Framing of the roof and adding top floor:

Ensure that the Flooring is horizontally aligned with the oak trunk support that runs horizontally across the front and back of the top floor. The base should be five feet wide. Next, put a line of oak trunks on either side – this will form the bottom of the inside wall and provide support for the roof. Build the roof by installing acacia planks.

Step 7 – Build the roof:

In addition to each acacia plank block, you will build an acacia stair. Along both sides of the roof, carry the planks and stairs.

Step 8 – Making your rooftop fancy:

Use different materials to make your rooftop look beautiful and attractive. You can show your creativity here and make it as you want to.

Step 9 – Decorating your outside:

This is optional. If you like to decorate and make your Minecraft medieval house fancy, you can place pots, flowers, and other stuff to make it look attractive.

Also, in addition to all the above steps mentioned, you can add windows to the rooftop, build stables to keep your horses, make the floors look nice by adding tiles to them, build a balcony, building a basement, giving a finishing touch to your first floor, etc.

The list goes endless when it comes to decorating and making it look marvelous. It all depends upon your creativity and how you love to design.


The above-discussed are different ideas for building your Minecraft medieval house and how to make it attractive, beautiful, and appealing. By now, you should have a clear picture of how to build your Minecraft medieval house. 

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