Benefits of Extra Long Shower Curtain

People are creatures of habit, and if what they’ve been using for years still works, they’re unlikely to look for something new. A good illustration of this is the shower curtain. We’re all used to the traditional shower curtain of seventy inches by seventy inches.

Today’s bathrooms have evolved, and new homes are constructed with more enormous ceilings. The standard shower curtain will not fit in the unique high-ceiling bathroom because the modern bathroom shower head is a little higher than the conventional bathroom head.

Extra-long shower curtains have several advantages:

The extra long shower curtain should be considered whether you have a new bathroom with a higher ceiling or a standard bathroom. The extra-long shower curtain provides several benefits:

  • It will keep the shower area dryer than a regular curtain, in addition to looking great in your bathroom. Maintaining a dry shower area is a matter of convenience; nevertheless, if you have children or an older adult in the shower, a dry shower area will prevent them from slipping and falling.
  • Furthermore, water that accumulates on your bathroom floor can cause a lot of damage to it, so keeping it dry with a long curtain will spare you from having to replace the floor later.
  • Another benefit of the extra long shower curtain is that it accommodates tall people. When a tall person has to turn the showerhead upward, it might result in a lot of splashing and, as a result, water on the floor.
  • The showerhead may be turned any way you like with the extra long shower curtain as long as the curtain is at least ten to twelve inches higher than the showerhead or higher than the tallest person in the home.
  • If you have an older bathtub or one that isn’t in great shape, the extra-long curtain will hide it and transform your bathroom. The extremely long curtains are available in various colors, patterns, and themes.
  • If you’re installing an extra long shower curtain in a child’s bathroom, a clear vinyl curtain is ideal. The youngster can create their design on the curtain using the appropriate craft paint. The method can be erased using a non-acetate nail polish remover, allowing the youngster to try again.

If you’re planning to redesign a bathroom in your home, think about the factors listed above. Then devise a strategy and purchase the extra-long curtain. That extra long shower curtains will undoubtedly be a departure from the regular curtain you’ve been using for years, but it will be a welcome and fashionable one.

It’s time to break out from your routine and hunt for something that will make a noticeable difference not only aesthetically but also functionally.

For 2022, the best extra long shower curtains

Shower curtains are required in any bathroom with a shower or toilet. However, think again if you feel that all shower curtains are made the same.

Extra-long curtains are more than just functional; they’re also attractive. When you want to update your bathroom décor while repelling humidity and keeping your floor dry and clean, investing in a high-quality curtain requires some thought.

Materials for the shower curtain:

1. Cotton Shower Curtains

Extra-long curtains are a popular choice for houses since the fabric is easy to clean and maintain. The accent is also “softer,” blending in with the sharp edges of most modern bathrooms. It gives off a warm, inviting vibe. Cotton extra-long shower curtains are available in various colors and patterns—choose from flower designs, colors, dots, stripes, and more. You won’t have any trouble matching your bathroom’s decor.

2. Shower Vinyl Curtains

Unfortunately, not everyone has the time or resources to wash and replace the extra-long curtains. Cotton may not be the best option for such a demanding lifestyle. Instead, opt for a low-maintenance option like vinyl extra long curtains. Due to the synthetic nature of vinyl, it is naturally moisture resistant.

3. Microfiber Shower Curtains

Microfibers are versatile tissue that can be used in a variety of applications. They’re softer in the bathroom than usual, like extra-long drapes. They also help to keep the bathroom humid. If there is any moisture left in them, it will evaporate quickly, leaving mold and mildew in the water especially if they are hung in a well-ventilated bathroom. Use them with magnetic weights for added stability.

4. Curtains Decorative Shower

Beautiful extra-long curtains can be a good fit if you spend more time in the bath than in the shower. If you want a cost-effective approach to breathing fresh vitality into your bathroom, these will suffice. These materials are made from high-quality materials such as ray or synthetic silk.

Hand-embroidered designs may be found on premium models, laces, and other accessories. Even in high-traffic restrooms, they establish their worth when combined with nylon or polyester liners. And make your room beautiful all of the time.


You can get away with plain colors rather than patterns and designs if you have a minimalist bathroom. These will keep the space from being overly adorned and vulnerable.

Choose colors that complement the bathroom’s existing theme. Shower curtains that are very long ideal for folks with huge showers. Keep the tub full of water, and order your curtain today!

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