Bathroom Renovation Ideas for Your Rental Property

Bathroom renovations in rental properties can make your house more enticing to tenants, raising the overall value of your home.

One of the most profitable tasks you may work on is a bathroom renovation. The return on investment will surpass the time and work you put into this project.

Consider one of these unique bathroom makeover ideas when looking for ways to raise the value of your rental home.
1. Improve Your Mirrors
Mirrors Are a Great Way to Make Any Bathroom Appear Larger than It Is.

Instead of Simple Mirrors on The Wall, Encased or Framed Mirrors Are Best, as They Are Less Prone to Water Damage While Being Easy to Clean.

The Larger the Mirror, the More Light that Will Reflect Throughout the Room, Creating the Appearance of Space.

2. Install New Lighting Fixtures
Lighting Is Vital in Every Bathroom, Especially in Tiny Areas with Limited Natural Light.

When Applying Cosmetics or Shaving, Illuminated Mirrors Are Essential, and They May Help Make the Area Look Larger than It Is.

Install Smart Led Lights beneath Bathroom Cupboards or Around Mirrors for A Trendy Effect.

You May Also Have These Lights Muted or Switched on Automatically, Preventing Them from Being Left on When They Aren’t Needed, Saving You Money and Protecting the Environment.

3. Install Some Storage Containers
When People Enter a Bathroom, One of The First Things They Notice Is Whether or Not There Is Enough Storage Space.

While This May Appear to Be a Little Feature, It May Have a Huge Influence on How Much People Appreciate Your Rental Home.

Renters Are Likely to Feel Cramped and Claustrophobic in What Should Be One of Their Favorite Areas in The House if Sufficient Storage Is Not Provided.

Shelving Systems that Fit Above the Toilet Keep Towels and Other Bathroom Supplies Off the Floor without Taking up Important Floor Space in The Room, Which Is Typically Restricted in A Bathroom Environment.

You May Also Add More Storage by Installing Under-The-Sink Organizers and Hanging Shelves and Towel Racks on Any Available Wall Space.

4. Incorporate a Tiled Half-Wall Design

Trying to Keep Your Washroom Modest Does Not Preclude You from Experimenting with Fashionable Ideas. Consider Tiling the Bottom Part of The Bathroom’s Walls for A Trendy but Modest Aesthetic.

This Will Give the Area More Flair than Plain White Walls and Will Also Make Cleaning Simpler. to Maintain the Bathroom Clean, Your Renters May Simply Wash the Tiles Down After Bathing.

Consider Using a Darker Grout when Installing Tiles. White Grout May Make a Room Seem Neater and More Expansive, but It Can Get Dirty if Not Properly Maintained.

Since There Is No Assurance that Your Renters Will Keep the Bathroom as You Would Want, It Is Preferable to Use More Durable Design Solutions.

5. Replace Counters and Walls
Choose Ceramic Tiles for Your Countertops, as They Are Easy to Maintain. Ceramic Also Comes in A Variety of Hues and Is Less Expensive than Other Materials Such as Quartz or Granite.

6. Incorporate Some Color
Adding Color to The Walls Does Not Have to Be a Scary or Expensive Venture. a Wide Variety of Colors Are Available to Change Those Drab-Looking Walls Into Something More Cheerful.

To Expedite the Process, Consider Using Painter’s Tape to Form Geometric Designs on The Wall. Then, to Give Your Bathroom an Artistic Feel, Paint Each Part a Distinct Color.

7. Replace the Flooring
A Good Floor Covering is Crucial in Every Bathroom, but If You Intend on Replacing the Whole Surface Area with New Tile or Hardwood, the Cost of Flooring May Quickly Add Up.

Less Expensive Choices, Such as Vinyl and Laminate Flooring, Still Look Great While Being Long-Lasting and Simple to Clean.

8. Don’t Neglect Ventilation

The Importance of Ventilation in Bathroom Design cannot Be Overstated. This Is Particularly True in Rented Apartments Where Dampness and Mold Are Frequent.

You Can’t Depend on Your Renters to Keep These Concerns in Check, but If They Go Unchecked, They Will Worsen Over Time.

Moisture Buildup Will Also End up Causing the Paint to Peel Off the Walls, Adding yet Another Work to Your To-Do List.

Fortunately, by Adding an Extractor Fan and A Passive Vent, You Can Reduce the Chance of Dampness and Mold Spreading Throughout the Building.

9. Replace the Showerhead
There Are a Variety of Showerheads on The Market, Each with Its Own Set of Features and Benefits. for Example, Rainfall Showerheads Provide a Soothing Spray of Water that Simulates the Sensation of Rain Falling on Your Skin.

On The Other Hand, Handheld Showerheads Are Useful for People with Limited Mobility. They Have the Ability to Change the Angle and Height of The Water Flow.

If You Have an Older Rental Property, You Should Consider Installing an Energy-Efficient Low-Flow Showerhead. This Will Cut Water Use While Also Saving Money on Utility Bills.


If You’re Wondering, “Should I Sell or Rent My House”, Understanding What the Market Wants Is the Only Way to Achieve This. You Can Increase the Value of Your Rental Property by Upgrading the Bathrooms.

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Home Base Project Team
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