3 Decor Pieces House Flippers Love (And Why You Should Too!)

Whether you are selling or looking to spruce up your home, home staging is one way you can drastically change your home. With a handful of pieces, you can transform your home to be more inviting and can earn you more when you sell.

Coldwell Banker published a survey result that staged homes sell for more than 6% above the asking price. House flippers know that first impressions can lead to dollars. That is why many invest in a home stager for photos and use it to make more money when they sell.

Here are the home staging pieces house flippers love (to sell their homes for more)!


Let there be light. Lighting is one of the most efficient and easy ways to transform a room. That is why one of the top improvements house flippers make is to improve the lighting in a home. This is why light is one of the most versatile décors that house flippers use.

Combining electrical lights with natural light is a great way to accent and improve any room. Light fixtures can be centerpieces of a home while being functional. A house flipper can easily combine the decorative nature of a light fixture and functionality to improve the value and feel of any room.

There are many ways to use light to set a tone for a room. Every Girl best describes these types as:

  • Ambient (soft lighting that puts out an overall ambient glow)
  • General (can be a combo of all sources but think mainly overhead lighting)
  • Task/Directional (lighting a particular area where a task is performed)
  • Accent (adding drama to a space, decorative)

By using these various lighting types throughout a home, you can easily create an inviting atmosphere through lamps, chandeliers, overhead lights, and vanity that make your more and rooms more visually appealing.

House flippers using hard money loans, know that the easiest ways to transform a room is with light! If you are looking for an easy way to spruce up your home, look no further than light!


Mirrors are one of the easiest ways to add some personality to a home, while also improving your home value. Combining function, fashion, and value to any home they are added to mirrors is one of the house flippers’ favorite decorations!

Mirrors aren’t just for bathrooms, nearly any room in a house can benefit from a decorative mirror. There are many benefits to adding mirrors to your home such as: making small rooms feel larger, statement pieces, improving lighting, and improving your home’s value.

If you have some mirrors in your home, a simple DIY project is to ensure any wall-hanging mirrors are framed. Not only does this improve the look of a mirror, and make it safer, but a framed mirror (especially in a bathroom) can improve your home value, with a recent study showing any dollar spent in your bathroom, increase your value by $1.71.

There are endless ways to use mirrors throughout your home. Unique framed mirrors can bonus as wall art that is a sense of unity and tie a room together. Creating a visual focus for any room, it’s easy to see why house flippers always reach for mirrors for their home staging.


While they may not be the most exciting home décor piece, Rugs are the unsung heroes of a living room. Rugs have endless options of designs, that can improve not only the look but functionality of a home. This house flipper favorite is perfect for someone looking to make a room pop!

Rugs come in many shapes and sizes but serve a lot of tasks in a home. Aside from designs, textures, and styles, they can even help control noise and heat in your home. So how can you choose a rug that works best for your home?

While styles and design choices can seem overwhelming, rugs are complementary décor pieces that should bring a room together.

Things to consider when choosing a rug:

  • Furniture Materials and Colors
  • Wall Colors
  • Room Style
  • Light
  • Room Size

Rugs should add texture and depth to the room you are staging. White fur rugs or even burlap can make excellent choices in minimal-style homes.  While not necessarily a centerpiece rugs can make a room feel more inviting, and are a great complimentary piece to show your sense of style. That is why for anyone looking to stage a home, rugs are a must for a living room!


Home Staging is a great way to not only make a home feel more inviting but also increase your home value when selling. The National Association of Realtors study showed that staging a home increases the dollar value of the home by between 6-10%. For a $100,000 listing, that’s $6,000 extra in the seller’s pockets and $3,000 extra for the seller’s agent’s commission.

No matter why you are choosing to stage your home, using these 3 easy staging pieces can help you create cohesive and beautiful rooms.

Home staging pieces house flippers love (to sell their homes for more)!

  • Light and Lamps: No matter how you choose to add light to your home, Light is one of the easiest and most effective ways to improve the mood of a room. Play around with lamps, or even a chandelier to add a beautiful centerpiece.
  •  Mirrors: Make your rooms more visually appealing with a mirror. Add a frame to a mirror to add personality, depth, and wall art to your home.
  • Rugs: Quieter rooms that look more unified? Rugs got your back for a cozy look that adds texture and can be played up or down.

How will you use these home décor pieces in your home?

Home Base Project Team
Home Base Project Team
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