A Review of the 20D Innovative Aerial Work Platform

When there are crucial jobs to be done at a great height, aerial work platforms (AWPs) come to mind. Elevating platforms like the 20D aerial platform makes the job easier than using scaffolding or other similar equipment.

These platforms can be used in multiple sectors, like construction, maintenance, and any other industry that requires working at extreme heights.

Some of the essential units of AWPs consist of a workspace for control, a base arrangement (for positioning the AWPs), and an extending structure. Below are comprehensive details about the aerial work platform ForSte 20D SPEED.

A Review of the Aerial Work Platform ForSte 20D SPEED from Socage

Socage’s articulated boom truck platform is a unique and innovative platform that modernizes AWPs operation with the inclusion of natural stability control.

The elevation trucking platform can reach a maximum height of 19.60 m and can also swerve to the sides by 9 m. It has enough space for two operators and materials weighing less than 230 kilograms.

The Socage AWP has a lot of components that make it a great choice for aerial work platform operators, ranging from its Speed H + H, the basket attachment, and many other things. Some of the features of the aerial work platform will be listed below.

Socage Speed H + H

This unit improves safe operation and durability. No wonder AWP ForSte 20D is recommended as one of the simplest platforms for durability in the elevation market. It works as the powerhouse of the boom truck’s platform automatic stabilization, with the proficiency to shut the platform mechanically from the basket. It also gives room for maintaining materials inside the truck basket when necessary.

Hassle-free and swift processing of the strength is assured when fixed vertical stabilizers are used. Also, fixed vertical stabilizers can guarantee less space and the platform’s capacity to resist slopes. Therefore, it decreases the risk of destruction in the stabilization zone through the use of support plates.

Basket Attachments

This is also known as “front support,” which can be found in self-propelled platforms. It allows workers to work efficiently by positioning the boom more precisely to avoid possible accidents. Also, it provides safety for workers at high altitudes with the compulsory lifeline to hook on to in case of emergency.

Other Mechanics on ForSte 20D Speed

The combination of the Socage control console and recent hydraulic installation facilitates ease and precise movement for accurate control by the operator.

Efficiency and ease of use combined with many other components make Socage EWPs an excellent choice for driverless lending services and several other occupations like window cleaning, signage, construction and painting, installation companies, and many more.


Without a doubt, this articulated boom EWP (Elevation Work Platform) is a great choice for high-elevation workers due to its unique and free workspace. When it comes to the manufacturing of innovative elevation platforms, Socage has proven to be trustworthy and is always evolving with its unique ideas for efficient operation. With the ForSte 20D speed boom truck, safety and ease of use will be optimized.

The platform’s basket is made of aluminum and fiberglass polyethylene, while the platform control is fully electric. Finally, the maximum basket payload is 230 kg (with an optional 300 kg).

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