Exploring Home at the intersection of Contemporary Art, Social Innovation, Urban change. 

The HomeBase Project is an international site-specific residency and research program exploring the notion of “home”.

Operating at the intersection of contemporary art, social innovation and urban change, HB’s  mission is to challenge the role artists play in shaping their surroundings, raising new possibilities for social, communal, educational, and civil awareness in everyday urban life.

HomeBase Project was founded in 2006 in NYC by Artist and Entrepreneur Anat Litwin. Over the years it has inhabited buildings in changing urban neighbourhoods in cities across the globe – from NYC, to Berlin, to Jerusalem, and  Tokyo – transforming vacant sites into vital homes for cross cultural exchange, in collaboration with diverse communities of artists, local residents, experts, and city dwellers alike.

Along this journey ‘home’, critical formats of hosting, research models and artistic practices have evolved, positioning HomeBase as a research oriented art work in progress, with an over arching vision of policy making through the arts.

** We are currently re-constructing the site and archiving past HB activities, please visit again!

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