The Simple Tricks to Make a Small Bedroom Appear Bigger

Do you have a small bedroom? Decorating such a room is often challenging for many. Embracing stylish and simple ideas can make your small bedroom appear bigger. They can make the room feel airy and more open. Here are some of the ideas that can help you transform a small bedroom.

Hang the Curtains High

In a small bedroom, you should ensure that you hang the curtains close to the ceiling. Hanging the curtains above the frame of your bedroom window tends to draw the eye up, making a small room look more spacious. If you have just relocated into a house with a small bedroom, you should measure the space where you wish to hang the curtains.

Doing this can help you get the right curtain size that can fit the space perfectly. Rather than fitting the small bedroom with patterned curtains, you can choose light-colored curtains that come in a single shade. Such curtains can make the room feel brighter.

Choose Light-colored Bedding

Rather than choosing patterned bedding, you should add a light-colored one in a small room. Such bedding can make the space feel airy and more elegant. Ensure that the bedding you choose blends with the rest of the items in the room. Feel free to include a splash of color into the small bedroom by adding a pillow. Do not overdo this. Minimal items in the bed can help you maintain the illusion of space.

Instead of using layers of blankets in a small bedroom, maintain simple bedding. Choosing breezy fabrics such as cotton and linen can make the bedroom feel open and fresh. If your house is located in a cold place, you can get textured warmth without bulk by using bedding such as a camp blanket.

Add Rugs

Rugs can transform a small bedroom since they make it appear bigger. You can draw attention by adding an oversized rug in the small bedroom. This makes it feel more open and spacious. If you have minimal space for a rug, you can slide a small one under pieces of furniture. A rug can easily connect different furniture pieces in a small bedroom and create a great sense of proportion.

Choose the Right Furniture

You can achieve the illusion of a bigger bedroom in a small room by investing in a low-slung bed.  A low-profile bed can leave more room above it, making the bedroom look bigger. You can even go for a bed that comes with some built-in drawers. Such a combination can help minimize the number of furniture you have to buy for a small bedroom.

Apart from cutting down the clutter in the room, it can also make most of the items that you frequently use easily accessible. You can find such pieces by focusing on the best furniture brands. Rather than adding a large headboard in a small bedroom, you can go for a light tall one that can help create the illusion of a taller space. You can also place a short table beside the bed to make the room feel larger. Choose pieces of furniture that are low in height for a small bedroom.

Get Large Mirrors

Light can make a small bedroom feel more airy and open. Adding large mirrors in the space can make the small bedroom look elegant. Identify the darkest wall in the small bedroom and place an oversized mirror on it. Alternatively, you can also place different mirrors behind the nightstands. Most people with small bedrooms prefer decorating them with floor-length mirrors.

Large mirrors are not only functional but also add a decorative element to a small space. You can even place the mirror adjacent to the window to reflect light. If, for instance, the scheme of your small bedroom is plain, you can choose a detailed mirror to complement it.

Choose a Low Profile Nightstand

You can also make a small bedroom look bigger by adding a low-profile nightstand to it. A nightstand with open shelves can make a small bedroom stand out. Ensure you go for a nightstand that has light colors. You should also style it sparingly using only bedtime essentials so that the small bedroom feels bigger.

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