How Long a 500 Gallon Propane Tank Lasts? | Simple Guide

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How long a 500 gallon propane tank lasts – Among others, propane you can use in a variety of ways!! It is because it helps you a lot from cooking to heating. Otherwise, people start using it for drying their clothes as well.

But, first, everyone must learn about how long a 500-gallon propane tank lasts? Then you can operate it properly.

Now, many homeowners have started using the 500-gallon propane tank to fuel their needs. This is really unique and also easier to use compared to others. However, every household is different, so it is best to use a 500-gallon propane tank!!

The 500-gallon propane tank is a useful one for household purposes. And the propane tank you can use for about five months easily. The 500 propane tank is not only last if you use it for the furnace. The propane you can use for any of the most oversized home furnaces.

Once you understand how long the 500-gallon tank of propane will last, you can comfortably use it.

In this article, you can catch more facts about 500-gallon propane. Utilize the propane supply and get benefits. Keep reading this article for more!!

It Breaks Down the Propane Consumption

The 500-gallon propane tank is most wanted, among others. Of course, you can purchase the average household propane, which is best to use. But the propane should be able to come for average family heating and other cooking purposes.

Many homeowners are satisfied to learn about the 500-gallon tank of propane. Even propane lasts for five months. Including, it becomes more significant to get closer to appliances inside your home.

A propane tank alternative is natural gas, which is abundantly used in space heating and cooking and is easily transported. Natural gas comes in uncompressed gas or compressed natural gas. Liquefied natural gas is also available. Before natural gas is stored or transported, compressed natural gas is stored in tanks rather than pipes. 

Natural gas is deregulated in parts of the US. In Georgia, the local natural gas utility, Atlanta Gas Light, does not supply gas; they only deliver it. Consumers must pick a gas supplier and can use a natural gas comparison site to review options. 

The cost per gallon of natural gas is cheaper than propane gas. However, propane is more efficient than natural gas, capable of heating the same number of appliances. A propane gas cubic foot equals 2,516 BTUs, whereas a natural gas cubic foot equals 1,030 BTUs. It means that propane gas is twice as much as natural gas energy.

Take a look at the following propane gas uses below.


Generally, the furnace consumes more propane. The exact amount varies, but the furnace you can use through the gallon of propane for every hour. So if you tried to cut down the propane usage, you have to limit your furnace usage to some degree.


All your family members are gathered in a single room. At that time, you have to consider the usage of the fireplace. The fireplace consumes one gallon of propane every three hours. Therefore, you can use a lot of fuel, but it is not like a furnace.

Water Heaters

Compared to other furnaces and fireplaces, the water heater is less of a drain on your propane supply. A gallon and half of propane is enough to sustain your home water heater per day. It always depends upon your usage and needs. Of course, the heater  also uses a lot of propane.

Kitchen Cooktops

Now, people are using electric stoves for cooking. But many people are still using propane cooktops. The kitchen cooktops do not consume large propane compared to other home appliances.

If you are using the cooktop regularly, then it will consume the gallon of propane every week.

Also, you should know how many gallons of your propane is consumed by the kitchen ice maker.

What Does The Cost To Purchase A Propane Tank Unit?

If you decide to purchase the gallon propane tank, it is a good choice, and you do not worry about the cost. The average cost of a gallon propane tank is $1,500. Of course, it is worth purchasing.

When you want to get it for more years, like 20-30 years or more than years, it is the best investment to buy the propane tank unit.

If you plan to purchase the 1000 gallon, you have to spend $3,000 – $ 3,500. Yes!! It depends on the manufacturer. The cost of  500 gallons is convenient to purchase. And it does not exceed hugely.

You can find the 500-gallon propane for a lower price. It is entirely qualified to purchase. Now, owning a propane tank is cost-effective and also practical. You can refill it and use it throughout the year.

How Much Cost To Get Filling?

Generally, it is expensive to fill the propane tank. The 500-gallon propane tank is needed to expect pay for $600 to fill. But the cost varies for each propane unit. So don’t worry, you can fill it for the market price.

Today many homeowners know the cost and worth of a 500-gallon tank. It is comfortable for all kinds of home appliances. Did you know?

The 500-gallon propane tank does not hold the 500 gallons, and normally it can hold the 400 gallons. The market price of propane is an average cost of $1.50 per gallon.

If you use the propane tank, you have to know about the refilling duration and how much propane you use for home appliances.

The household has 2,500 square feet that consume 100 gallons in almost 30 to 40 days. You can refill the tank 3 to 5 times per year. The cost of the refilling is also effective.

How Much Cost To Install?

If you want to use a propane tank, you have to install it first. The 500-gallon propane tank is more accessible for installation. Furthermore, the underground propane tank is expensive to install.

But the 500 gallon needs $ 2,000 for installation. Hire a professional and install a labor-intensive.

Professionals help to install the tank in your home!! Otherwise, you can technically install the 500-gallon propane tank on your own, which helps cut the installation cost.

If you try to install it on your own, it is quite tricky. Therefore, you have to hire a professional to get the best installation. It depends on the difference in labor!!!

Use It For Longer-Lasting

When you use 500-gallon propane, then you can extend the life of your propane tank. It is easier to extend it by using it wisely and taking precautions.

The simple way to make it longer lasting is that you have to simply turn the thermostat down up to 15%. Even though you do not need to make the house cold, then you can see the major difference in longevity.

Most households use propane for hot water usage. Limiting hot water usage is not the only way to make your propane tank longer lasting. But by using these ways, you can save money easily. By taking the shorter shower and limiting the sink runs are high helps you a lot.

Moreover, a 500-gallon propane tank can power up a whole house generator for several days. This propane tank can be an efficient backup power source for your home, which can last for a month up to 14 months, depending on the size of your property. 

The furnace basically consumes more gallons of propane every year. It puts stress on your propane tank, and that increases your electric bill easily. When you shut your furnace off, then you can extend the life of your 500-gallon propane tank.

How Often Should You Refill Your 500 Gallon Propane Tank?

The 500-gallon propane tank ideally supplies the fuel for five months. When you check the propane tank regularly, you can get a reminder to refill.

If you want, you have to check and mark the level of tank propane. Then you can use the gauge to get the value of propane in the tank.

When you want to use a gauge to measure, you have to attach the gauge to your propane tank that perfectly gives the level of propane left in the tank.

Then, you can get the value as a percentage based. For example, when the marker is pointing to 50 means, you have 250 gallons of propane in your tank.

Once the gauge is pointing to the 20, then you have to refill the propane tank. But keep in mind, you do not ignore that the pointing is fallen below the mark.

What Happened To The Level Of Propane In The Tank That Should Never Fall Below 20?

Safety is essential when you use the propane tank. There are many more reasons why you should avoid the fuel level falling below 20.

Once your propane tank is completely drained means, then the air is left inside. The moist air in the tank makes it damaged and allows the rust formation as well. If you refill the propane perfectly at the right time, you have to use it for the longer term. Once you ignore refilling correctly, then the tank gets weakened.

Moreover, the tank is leaking!! You have to leave the gas line open. Try to refill the tank properly to avoid lead and other damage!!

When you know where the propane is running out in the worst condition, you have to consider the health of your propane tank. All you need to do is refill the tank. Avoid the dry condition of your tank by refilling at on right time.

Why Does The Propane Tank Never Fill All The Ways?

Once after refilling the 500-gallon propane tank a few times, you have to check that it seems odd. Including, you have to inspect the tank that is never full based on gauge value.

Propane is needed to fill the tank up to 80 percent. The reason is that they are safe to use. Therefore, you have to check the level of fill to get safe.

The other main reason is that the tank expands when it is exposed to warmth. That’s why you have to leave some part of your tank empty. It gives safety more than your expectation. If the tank is getting full, then you have to get fuel expands.

How Long Can You Keep Your Propane Tank In Good Condition?

As mentioned above, the 500 gallons of propane last for five months. But now you have the question of how long you can keep your propane tank in the best condition. It is easier!

The homeowner can last for a more extended period. The propane tank is made of welded aluminum. So the material is more robust and comes under more excellent durability. So the tank you can use for a longer period.

Moreover, the propane tank is liable for the damage. Regular maintenance is needed for the propane tank. It is highly recommended to maintain it properly.

All you need to do is check the tank regularly and consider the level of propane to get safe. Even you have to test the leaks as well. If you prefer the outer coating of the tank, you can maintain it easily. Keep the tank clean to away the debris around it.

What Does Propane Tank Recertification Mean?

If you use the propane tank for a longer year, then you have to verify the safety. Once you confirm that they are best to use and safe through the process of recertification, then you can use them blindly.

The 500-gallon propane has the larger tank that is getting the certification for ten years after they are made. Once completing the ten years of certification, you have to get the certification again for five years. Similarly, you have to get recertification that ensures safety.

What Is The Average Cost For A New 500 Gallon Propane Tank?

Using the 500-gallon propane tank is convenient and comfortable. After refilling the tank, you can use the fuel supply for a further few months. All come under cost!!

If you want to purchase a 500-gallon propane tank the cost is $1500. It is a good investment! And you can use it for multiple purposes. So, it is all one solution to invest in a 500-gallon propane tank.

Related Question

How Long Can You Use The Propane In The Tank?

Propane can be used as a fuel source and is highly popular because of its longevity. Unlike others, propane is of greater use for a longer period.

Propane fuel is a high-quality one, and it is a useful one. Once after passing the five years, you have to refill the tank to maintain it without any problem.

What Should You Do With An Old Propane Tank?

The irregular maintenance allows the 500-gallon propane tank to get damaged quickly. Using the tank for full storage is the best. It helps to repurpose the tank.

For instance, if you have an old propane tank means, then you have to cut the tank into small pieces that are transformed into the container.

Otherwise, you can use this to hold the tools in your garage. Even you can use these pieces of the tank for outdoor cooking equipment.

You can get more by using the pieces of the tank. Make the tank empty and follow the tips. Clean the gallon propane tank and use it. You can start using the tank after all the gases are dried completely. Otherwise, the propane tank is safe to use. All of it comes under your maintenance.

What Is The Holding Limit For A 500 Gallon Propane Tank Hold?

Commonly, the gallon propane tank holds 400 gallons of propane. But in the tank, you have to leave the space.

The 500-gallon propane tank is never filled to more than 80 percent of storage for safety purposes. According to your usage, you can check the holding time of the propane tank.


Now, you can get an idea about how long does a 500 gallon propane tank last. If you want to use it, try to purchase it and use it.

It is a highly recommended one to use for homeowners. Try to keep the important things mentioned above and use the 500-gallon propane tank!! Hurry up!!

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