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Samsung dryer won’t start just clicks – So many things will cause this issue, but you must determine it and then sort it out.

Samsung Dryer Won’t Start Just Clicks?

The main reason why samsung dryer won’t start just clicks all because of the broken drum belt or idler pulley inside your dryer. Also, there are some other reasons.

Puffed Thermal Fuse

In general, a thermal fuse is the one that will stop the dryer from getting overheated. If you fail to mount the thermal fuses, then the dryers quickly get fired. That’s why you must make use of a blown thermal fuse.

Sometimes the thermal fuse will also get blown because the relay on the control board failed, or else the debris present in the fuse, even due to a clogged dryer hose or a grounded heating element.

Failed Relay

If the relay from the control board fails, for sure, the control board sends ON/OFF commands to the heating element in the dryer. In case if it gets to stop in “ON” status. The power will keep on flow to the component.

At the same time, it will cause the thermal fuse to blow as well. Therefore, you are required to replace it.

Determine Whether the Samsunfg Dryer’s Control Board Is Damaged:

Step One: Undo the Dryer

If you want to step out from electricity accidents, you must remove the dryer from the power source. Never forget to wear gloves while doing this.

Step Two: Take away and Check the Control Panel

You ought to remove the control panel from the back of the dryer by simply removing the screws. After that, you can witness the relay switch at the bottom right of the control board.

Now look for the black burn marks and make sure it is burned. At the same time, if the relay switch on the other side is repaired as well change it.

Lint Round the Thermal Fuse

All the dryers come with lint traps. However, it does not capture all the lint. Sometimes the lint will reach some other parts in the dryer. At the same time, it will get surround by the thermal fuse, which is located inside the blower wheel.

It will make the thermal fuse get affected by overheat and blow. Thus, you need to find the blower wheel and remove the lint. Also, never forget to remove the thermal fuse.

Blocked Dryer Hose

The clogged dryer hose is also the reason behind the overheat as well as trip. Once it gets blocked via lint and debris, you are required to clean and maintain it.

Grounded Heating Element

The dryer’s heating element coil will get expand if its gets heated. If the coils get to expand, then they will surely touch the metal casing of the dryer. Also, if the heating element turns on, it will get keep on heat.

Also, the overheat will cause the thermal fuse to blow. The only way to replace it is by replacing it.

Samsung Dryer’s Heating Element, Then Do as Per the Steps Below:

Step One: Disconnect the Dryer

Of course, before you choose to repair the dryer disconnecting it from the power supply is essential. No matter what, safety is an important one.

Step Two: Find and Cut off the Heating Component

If you look for the heating component, you can make evident it below the dryer’s back panel. Now you need to detach the rear panel from the dryer. After that, you must take off the wires and the heating component and notice where the wire connection starts.

Step Three: Eradicate the High-Heat Thermostat

In this step, you ought to take off the high-heat thermostat from the old one. After that, you must look for the way to connect the new one to the dryer.

Step Four: Switch the Heating Element

Once you have connected the new heating element, attach the wires, and re-attach the back panel. Later it would be best if you connected with the power supply.

Working in wires and electricity is always hazardous. Thus, make use of the experts who will straightforwardly replace the heating element.

No matter the cause behind the damage of the blown thermal fuse, you are required to change it for sure. Remember it you must use a thermal fuse only once. At the same time, you must find the reason for the blown thermal fuse.

Disastrous Idler Pulley Multiswitch

A few dryer models come with a multiswitch in its idler pulleys. The idler pulley will give extreme tension to the dryer belt when it runs around the drum. The function of multiswitch is to stop the dryer from operating when the belt gets damaged.

If the belt is broken, then the dryer will click; however, it won’t start. At the same time, even if the belt is perfect and the multiswitch has stopped it from starting, then it’s the mistake of the idler pulley multiswitch.

That’s why checking the switch whether its working continuously or not. In case if its gets broken, then change it.

Check the Beneath Steps to Know the Ways to Change Dryer Pulley Multiswitch:

Step One: Open up the Dryer

It is the vital step that you must do to repair your dryer that is remove the dryer from its power connection.

Step Two: Get rid of the Control Section

You need to remove the control plate, which is located rear, as well as the screws which are situated insider the door frame. Now detach the control panel tabs and eliminate the screws that keep the panel in the exact place. Finally, switch on the control panel.

Step Three: Relief the Dryer Belt’s Tension and Confiscate the Belt

The idler pulley needs to push below the drum. After that, you need to remove the belt from the idler pulley. Eventually, move the drum out from the dryer.

Step Four: Remove the Cycling Regulator

In this step, you need to remove the cycling thermostat so you can easily do the repairing procedure.

Step Five: Separate the Idler Arm

You need to remove the motor mounting bracket and then the front side of the support panel. Then, take away both the blower wheel as well as the motor from the space. So, you can easily detach the idler arm.

Step Six: Eradicate the Old Belt Switch and Connect the New Belt Switch

Before detaching the old belt switch, you must remove the belt switch wires. Once you have removed the belt switch, you are required to install the new belt. After you need to follow the procedure in the opposite instruction.

If you are not sure about the wiring detachment, better make use of professionals who can easily replace the idler pulley switch. The reason is you can avoid making the dryer even worse than before.

Ruined Drum Belt

The drum belt is an essential part of the dryer. Only when your drum belt is perfect, you can able to dry and tumble your clothes. Suppose if it’s get damaged then avoid turning it on.

Plus, the drum belt must be in tight form, so you can stop the belt from getting damaged. In case if its gets damaged, then change it instead of repairing it.

Here Are the Steps You Need to Follow if You Want to Change Your Repaired Drum Belt:

Step One: Release the Dryer In the right way

At first, you ought to eliminate the dryer from its primary power connection. At the same time, you ought to wear gloves for protection.

Step Two: Take out the Lint Screen From the Dryer

Of course, you are needed to remove the lint screen from the dryer and then unscrew its installation from the dryer.

Step Three: Now You Need To Remove the Top of the Dryer

In this step, you are required to get rid of the top of the dryer. It is pretty easy to release the clips that is connected with the dryer.

Step Four: Confiscate the Wiring Attachment from the dryer

It would help if you unscrewed the locking tabs so that you can release and disconnect quickly.

Step Five: Take out the Mounting Plate

It is the crucial step that you need to do is unscrewing and removing the mounting plate.

Step Six: Finally Eliminate the Old Drum Belt and Add the Fresh Drum Belt

You ought to take out the broken drum belt from the dryer. Later you need to bring it up and then install the new drum belt using the idler pulley.

When it comes to threading, use the motor pulley by pulling the idler pulley to the right. That’s all now you need to connect the dryer to the power supply.

Fragmented Idler Pulley

No matter what idler pulley is the critical part that needs to be in the dryer. You ought to hold onto the drum belt since it alone safeguards the drum from getting damaged.

At the same time, understand one thing: if the idler pulley gets cracked or broken, then all you need to do is replace it, and it matters the most.

Make use of the idler pulley to determine the problem in the dryer. Then, check the below steps to know it.

Step One: Choose To Open Up the Dryer

Once you have come to the exact location of the drum belt and idler multiswitch, you are required to open up the dryer. Only when you open the dryer. At the same time, when you open it, never forget to wear gloves at any cost.

Step Two: Check Where The Idler Pulley Is Situated

As in general, the drum belt constantly loops around the drum. Plus, it will be located below the idler pulley and around the motor pulley. The work of the idler pulley is that it will give pressure to the belt by using its movable arm.

Step Three: Try To Eliminate the Belt

Now what you need to do means push down the idler pulley to the direction of the motor. It will assist in removing the tension present in the belt. Thus, you are all set to easily take out the belt from the drum without any stress.

Step Four: Gauge The Idler Pulley Properly

The moment you have eliminated the belt, then you are required to move the idler pulley. Later you ought to spin and then push the arm.

If you notice any vibration or any jerk while running, then it’s a sign of breakage in the dryer. Hence, you are required to change the idler pulley.

Based on the model of the dryer, it will change. Indeed it will function even if you change the wheel alone. Alternatively, some dryer asks you to replace the complete idler pulley.

Check The Related Questions And Answers

What Is the Exact Life of a Dryer Commonly?

As in general, the dryers will work up to 10 to 13 years. But, at the same time, one thing is that the parts present in the dryer surely get damage. The reason is that when compared with the overall machine, the inner parts have less life.

Plus, if you choose to maintain it properly, then its lifetime will even get increase. Plus, you are required to change the drum belt and heating element available in the machine. Also, it would be best if you changed the thermal fuse the moment it blows.

Suppose you choose to use the dryer when these parts aren’t in the proper condition you alone regret. Using your dryer in this way will improve its lifetime surely.

How Much It Cost to Repair the Dryer?

The minimum cost you ought to spend if you want to repair the dryer is $180. It includes both the parts as well as the labor. If the amount in the dryer is smaller, the cost you need to spend is only less.

It’s around $70 and at the same time, if the dryer parts which get damaged is costlier and substantial such as drum means, then the cost will be $400.

You ought to notice that the cost required for the dryer repair will get changed based on its model and type of dryer.

That’s why before you choose to repair your dryer, you need to do is asking the cost of so many professionals. In case if the repairing price is higher than the new dryer.

Its better to prefer purchasing a new dryer so then you can able save a lot of money. No matter what it is, you will be allowed to buy the new one.


With the help of the above-mentioned repairing steps, we hope you have come to know some actions. Thus, the moment your samsung dryer won’t start just clicks tries to implement these steps. Then, for sure, you can witness your dryer will work better.

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