What is Cost for Spraying a 30×50 Metal Building with Closed Cell Foam?

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Spraying a 30×50 metal building with closed cell foam – Among others, the closed-cell form insulation is most popular, and also it is consists of dense material. If you want to know how much to spray a 30×50 metal building with closed cell foam, keep reading this article to learn more!!

The density of the insulation is weather-resistant, and also it is ideal for metal garages.

Before utilizing it, people are needed to know the cost of closed cell foam. Of course, it is most effective in price and also allows you to make a decision ideally. When compared to other materials, the cost of the insulation is convenient.

Including, if you want to use this insulation, you have to understand the R-value. The R-value is helps to know the value of heat resistance!! So if the value is higher means, then the opposition are also higher.

The cost of the close cell foam insulation range is approximately $1,400 to $3,800. And the average price is $2,600. So including the insulation, it will be $7,600.

How Does the Cost Cost for Spraying a 30×50 Metal Building?

If you want to decide to utilize the insulation, then you have to compare the cost. You can calculate it based on per board foot that are comes one square foot of material etc. It allows you to focus on the material before you choose!!

Average Material Cost By Size

SizeClosed CellOpen CellFiberglass BattBlown-In Cellulose
100 sq. ft.$150$76$92$83
200 sq. ft$300$152$184$166
500 sq. ft.$750$380$460$415
1,000 sq. ft.$1,500$760$920$830
1,500 sq. ft.$2,250$1,140$1,380$1,245
2,000 sq. ft.$3,000$1520$1,840$1,660
3,000 sq. ft$4,500$2,280$2,760$2,490

Spray Foam Vs. Batt, Fiberglass, Cellulose, And Others

The batt, fiberglass, cellulose, spray foam is a typical kind of insulation!! Before you decide to install it, you have to understand it first. All this insulation is beneficial to choose from.

The spray foam is slightly hard to install compared to another fiberglass etc. Even, it is easier to purchase and placed.

If you do not compare the closed-cell foam insulation for R value, it is more accessible to blown-in fiberglass, but it needs the added equipment.

Are you tried to consider safe and eco-friendly bags? Then you have to purchase the cellulose, which is coming at a lower cost. It does not have higher R values and blower to install it. All you need to follow some procedure to decide if spray foam you want.

Injection Foam Insulation 

The injection foam insulation is non-expanding open cell insulation that is the best alternative to spray. It works perfectly when you use it for your old houses. It can improve your goodness of insulation.

Among others, this kind of insulation are added benefits, and you can use it on your wall without removing the old insulation, including this insulation foam you can use outside of your home. It is most convenient for all!!

If you want to install it, the professionals use the drill holes in your wall to fill the open spaces inside the walls. Otherwise, it allows them to fill the gaps quickly.

Did you know? This injection foam does not have the lower R value. But it is effective and beneficial to use. It is most adjustable for the home settles!!

Moreover, it has able moisture permeability that allows you to detect leaks in the roof quickly. Unlike other choices, the thickness of this insulation is one inch, and the cost is $.44 to $1.50.

Injected Insulation Per Inch Thickness 

Inches ThickCost Per Square FootR-value

Fiberglass Batt Insulation

It is one of insulation and gains popularity highly. The fiberglass insulation are consists of tiny glass fiber. This insulation you can purchase in blanket form as batt.

And it is working by trapping air and helps to regulate the air temperature properly. The cost of the fiberglass batt insulation per square foot is $.64 to $1.19.

This insulation is stapled and unrolled to place. Apart from regulating the temperature, it gives the moisture barrier by its adequate trapping air.

Therefore, it is an advantageous one. Moreover, this insulation is lower cost and easy to install. Now, the homeowner prefers the fiberglass batt majorly due to various reasons.

Otherwise, the fiberglass batt has trapping dust and allergies. It will cause mold growth. And you have to get particles of glass in your irritating skin.

Then, the fiberglass batt installation gets improper installation sometimes. Therefore, the homeowner is having the insulation with foil facing in their installation area.

Once after correcting the installation, then it allows proper airflow that increases the cooling and heating.

Blown-In Fiberglass Insulation

Likewise, it also consists of tiny glass fibers. For instance, it has installation loss, and then it is the safest hazard. Once after realize it is loose, you have to place it in attics and change it in remote areas with the help of professionals.

Blown-In Cellulose

If you want to know about the cellulose cost, it is lower than other kinds of insulation. The cost ranges are $0.83 per square foot. So it is cheap and best to choose.

The material of this insulation is given an R value of 3.6 to 3.8. Thus, it has the competition with blown-in fiberglass. However, the insulation provides the leaving gaps, settles, R-value, etc.

Rock Wool

The rock wool has basalt, limestone, and iron slag with it. It works in a bit of string, twisted, etc., and heated in a furnace. This kind of mat is dense, and also it allows pressing into place and is detained by friction. So you can cut this with a knife if necessary.

This insulation is having the R value of 3.0 to 3.3 per inch. Including, it offers deadening and non-combustibility! This is hard to get, and you do not buy this from stores. If you want, you have to order it first.

Now, you have to consider the price value of this insulation. It is expensive, and the cost is $1.06 per square foot. Among others, it is a special one to purchase. When you apply this insulation, you have to take care of it more because the fibers are irritating to the lungs and skin.

What Are The Two Types for Spraying a 30×50 Metal Building with Closed Cell Foam?

There are two types of foam insulation are accessible that are open cell and closed cell insulation. This are different level of insulation comes under perfect resulting in additional R value and density.

When it looks to the R value, the higher density level is considered by, the higher R value, indicating the higher heat resistance.

Otherwise, it has various properties that are means the open cell and closed cell spray foam insulation. Both are having different ranges of benefits. And it is working correctly for other applications.

Open Cell Foam Vs. Closed-Cell Insulation 

Everyone prefers to choose the insulation based on intended value. The open-cell foam you can use for all kind of exterior jobs. And it gives satisfied and best job filling experience to you. It is because it is a porous one.

Similarly, the closed cell foam is non-porous. And it is excellent to use for regulating the temperature that can prevent mold as well. The homeowner can utilize this foam insulation for weatherproofing also.

How Much Do The Cost Of Closed Cell And Open Cell Foam?

The cost of closed-cell insulation is $1.00 to $2.00 per board foot. And the price of open cell foam insulation is $4.4 to $.65. Both the cost varies, and it depends on how to apply it.

When you prefer the green closed cell spray foam insulation kit, then you can cover the 602 square feet per inch. The cost is $759. And the sell safety goggles are $9.99. Even the price of a protective coverall with a hood is $24.99.

Similarly, the Dow froth pak 200 helps cover the 200 square feet with the cost of $349.79. The safety goggles for $20.00 and the protective coverall with hood for $29.99.

The N seal open cell spray foam insulation kit you can get for $839.00 helps cover 1000 square feet at one inch of thickness. And the Fastenal sells for $1280.59.

What Is The Cost To Install Spray Foam By Location?

The installation method for spray foam is various based on location. It is because you have to do this with the R value of insulation for the region. The following chart is shows the R value based on the area that helps to decide!!

Spray Foam Insulation Based On Region

RegionAverage Price
Minneapolis, Mn.$1,950
Philadelphia, Pa.$1,755
Phoenix, Az.$2,240
Trenton, Nj.$2,980
New York, NY.$2,650
Dallas, Tx.$2,214
Los Angeles, Ca$2,405
Denver, Co$2,403
Atlanta, Ga.$2,618
Portland, Or.$2,560
Chicago, Il.$2,489
Boston, Ma.$2,462

Incredible Benefits Of Closed Cell Foam Insulation

The closed cell foam insulation has more valuable benefits. Some are listed below:

  • The closed cell foam is resisting the tears and also gives the proper strength.
  • It highly helps to regulate the temperature.
  • And it prevents mold by controlling the moisture.
  • This insulator is a durable one, so it gives power more than your expectation while applying.
  • This closed cell foam insulation does not lose its efficient at all the time.
  • It is non-porous. So it helps to make a barrier against the rodents and bugs.
  • It reduces energy consumption and best eco-friendly.

Disadvantageous Of Closed Cell Foam Insulation 

The closed cell foam insulation has some drawbacks. To know, check listed below:

  • The cost of closed cell insulation is more than others.
  • And it is challenging to apply and hard to reach areas.
  • The insulation can cause indoor air quality issues. Once it happens, you will have issues while solving the problem by permanent insulation nature.
  • It causes respiratory issues as well.

What Is The Thickness Of Closed Cell Insulation?

Generally, the closed cell insulation has the higher R value. Therefore, it needs 2 to 4 inches of foam. The thick layer of foam you have to apply on your ceiling compared to the wall.

The thickness of foam gives the protection highly. But the once you increase the thickness of the foam, the cost will be doubled.

Tips And Tricks for Spraying a 30×50 Metal Building with Closed Cell Foam?

When you decide to install the closed cell foam insulation means, then safety is essential. You have to know about more precautions:

  • Foremost, you have to wear disposable coveralls with gloves and a hood. Otherwise, use the safety goggles, which help keep your eyes protected from air Bourne particles. And also, you have to ensure your skin is not exposed to it.
  • Prefer certified respiratory protection.
  • Make sure everyone should be safely protection in the building.
  • No one should enter the building for an hour without protection.

Installation Of Closed Cell Foam Insulation

If you want to install closed cell foam insulation, it is most recommended to hire the professional to install spray insulation. The spray foam installation kit you can get from hardware stores. But it is typical for the professional installer.

Usually, the spray foam installation is risky due to fire. Therefore, if you want to install it on your own, it is a high risk. On the other hand, if you have a foam spray insulation kit, you have to follow the instructions to install it easily. Keep remember the following things:

  • You never spray foam insulation on a damp surface.
  • Do not spray the wet surface.
  • The moisture level is needed to be low while installing. Therefore, you have to check the moisture level with the meter.
  • Cover the surface to protect
  • Cover the surface area like an electric outlet, windows, light switches, etc.

Spray The Perimeter First

If you are trying to fill the gaps with foam, then you have to spray the perimeter on the area first. Once the surrounding area dries entirely and then serves the remaining space. Otherwise, you have to stop using this step to prevent a proper seal and damage the material.

Now, you have to spray the edges!! First, it makes sure that you are covering the edges of your ceiling and walls. Then, if you want to exposes the roof, you have to do the same process.

Related Questions

Are Canned Spray Insulation Closed Cells?

The canned spray insulation is a closed cell. You have to check what kind of insulation you choose. Overall, you have to purchase the insulation you want most and based on your purposes.

Is It Worth Purchasing Closed-cell Insulation?

The closed cell insulation cost is more than the other. But it is adequate to use and worth purchasing. The closed cell insulation helps to reduce the energy consumption and more extended run.

How to Stop the Sweating in a Metal Building?

When the metal building is having more moisture than air, condensation will happen. The reason for condensation is high interior humidity. To stop sweating in a metal building, you have to use appropriate insulation available on the Machine Wonders website .

Another way to overcome condensation issues is to install the vapor barrier, ventilate the inside, and repair the roof leaks. Including you has to place the vapor retarder between the ground slab and subfloor.


Now, you can get an idea about the benefits and installation of closed cell foam insulation. Before choosing the insulation, you have to learn how much to spray a 30×50 metal building with closed cell foam.

Then you can decide the best!!! Finally, check the cost of the closed cell foam insulation and then insulate!!!

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