Open Concept Living: Decorating an Open Floor Plan Apartment

So, you just moved into a chic apartment with an open floor plan layout, and you’re ready to start decorating! Congrats! This layout gives you the opportunity to create a functional, stylish living space that reflects your personal style. But where to begin?

It’s no joke that creating an open concept living space can feel like a tricky task. You know, shortly after you move in, it dawns on you: How do I make a cohesive look out of something so open? How do I make my own unique stamp on this space without making it feel crowded or cluttered? Where do I even start?

Well, fear not! Whether you own the tiniest studio abode or have enough room to live like royalty, this article is here to lay out some essential tips and tricks for designing a unique open-concept living space. Let’s get started!

Understand the Open Floor Plan Concept

If you’re considering an open-concept living space in your next apartment, you’ll want to understand the concept and how to decorate it. Open floor plans are a clever way of maximizing space that allows different areas within the same room to be visually separated without physical boundaries.

When designing an open-plan apartment, remember how you want to flow through the area without disrupting its openness. Specifically, an open floor plan is defined as having no walls or partitions between the kitchen, dining, and living room. This setup provides more flexibility for furniture layout and allows for more airflow throughout the space.

Use area rugs to create individualized sections within an open floor plan. Additionally, using varying heights of furniture pieces like a large bookshelf or tall plant stands as room dividers, you can create separate seating areas within one overall space while maintaining a sense of openness to ensure all three sections of your apartment flow together nicely.

Designing Bedrooms and Bathrooms in an Open Concept Space

When it comes to designing an open-concept space, DeCasa Collections share a few key insights that you should consider. However, bedrooms & bathrooms provide privacy and should be given their own dedicated space.

If you have the room, create a wall of bookshelves or cabinets to effectively separate the bedroom from the rest of the space without closing it off completely. Additionally, consider incorporating furniture that can serve multiple functions, such as a couch that can double as a guest bed or a coffee table that can become an ottoman.

When it comes to bathrooms in an open-concept space, think about layout first. Placing the shower or tub by the window offers more privacy and will help create a cozy atmosphere. Additionally, adding decorative shelving or cabinets in between rooms will allow for more storage while helping to divide the space. Finally, consider incorporating rugs or floor mats to define specific areas of your home and add texture and design elements.

Creating a Stylish Kitchen Space in an Open Floor Plan

When you have an open floor plan space, ensuring the kitchen feels like its own area is essential. After all, this is a space for preparing and cooking food, not just gathering around for conversation. Here are a few tips for making the kitchen stylish and inviting:

Define Your Space

One of the most challenging things about decorating an open floor plan is defining each area. Using furniture or decor to create boundaries between the living room, dining room, and kitchen can be helpful. Consider adding a console table or bench near the kitchen to create a physical border between it and the rest of the space.

Focus on Functionality

When designing your kitchen in an open floor plan, focusing on functionality is essential. Make sure all of your appliances are easily accessible and within reach when you’re cooking in your kitchen. Use innovative storage solutions like shelving units to store dishes, utensils, and any other items you want out of sight but still close by when you’re in the kitchen.

Add Style

Once you have all your appliances installed and functional storage solutions in place, it’s time to add some style! Pops of color can go a long way in giving your space character without sacrificing functionality. Consider adding brightly colored accents like dish towels or countertop accessories that coordinate with the rest of your furniture pieces and decor.

Complementing the Open Concept With Accessories

You can also complement your open floor plan apartment with accessories as part of your design. Whether through wall art, rugs, decorative pillows, or furniture, there are plenty of ways to make a statement with accessories and draw the eye around the space.

When selecting accessories for your apartment, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Choose items that draw the eye across the room. For example, if you have two couches facing each other in an L shape with a rug between them, you can place tall standing lamps on either side of the space to create visual flow.
  • You may also want to arrange accessories by color. This can help unify all the elements in your space and create a subtle sense of harmony.
  • Lighting is another important consideration—it helps set the mood and can completely change how people perceive the layout of your room. Utilizing different light fixtures and natural and artificial lighting is definitely something to consider when decorating an open-plan apartment.
  • Lastly, don’t be afraid to play around with texture! Accessories in various textures—soft blankets, plush pillows, woven rugs—will help give your space depth and dimension, making it more inviting and comfortable.


Open-concept living can give a feeling of expansive freedom, with ample space to decorate however you please. It’s essential, however, to be aware of your space’s physical and visual boundaries to ensure you’re maximizing the use of your apartment.

From room dividers to subtle furniture placement, there are various simple solutions to combat the feeling of a sparse open layout. The key is to stay creative and balance aesthetic appeal, function, and comfort. By playing around with layout and decor, you’ll create your own unique space that’s that’s ideally suited to fit your needs.

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