Incorporating Printed Art Into Your Interior Design Project

A well-thought-out interior design can last a lifetime. It’s a grand project and should be enjoyed for years regardless of the theme it’s in or the mood it creates. When thinking of interior design, printed art is the first thing that comes to mind.

Suitable for all kinds of settings, art accentuates empty walls and adds a sense of liveliness. From a comfy house to an office space, artistic wall prints are a must for good design.

An image of your favorite art and patterns printed and framed is a smart addition to any interior. The texture may differ from original artwork but it’s not detectable by the naked eye. This budget-friendly decor tool has come a long way in recent years.

“While hand-painted art is still the classic, art prints are getting more and more trendy. First of all, they’re affordable.

Second, modern technologies allow for breathtaking realistic photo and art printing that will leave you in awe,” says Gevorg Hambardzumyan, the CEO of Square Signs, a sign printing company that produces a range of decor products.

Let’s take a look at top tips about how you can add printed art to your design project and get started.

Let Wall Art Prints Speak for You

Art has always been a part of interior design. In the past, people hung up original works for aesthetic purposes and as a sign of luxury. Today thanks to the development of printing technologies, high-end decor elements are available to many.

Find artwork that evokes positive emotions or represents your experiences. Print it, frame it and amp up your walls. Create a happy welcome in the foyer or a fun mood in the kitchen with prints showcasing your passions.

Decor elements for social spaces are known by their ability to affect mood. A motivational art print is a yes for office spaces, whereas a relaxation room needs something that brings peace and tranquility. A good example of this would be nature scenes and turquoise waterscapes.

Get Art That Matches the Overall Design

Interior design needs an extra touch for the finished look. Like the last piece of a puzzle, the right art print brings that sense of completion. Portraying colors used in the room, this wall decor element adds a style without drawing much attention to itself. Get the printed art to brighten or warm up any setting. Keep in mind the balance of colors necessary for the interior design to be optimal.

Interior enhancing art prints are timeless. They can match with the overall style of the room and control unwanted noise.

Use Printed Art to Create a Focal Point

Printed art is also used as an element that builds up the interior design all around. This means your choice of other elements is based on it. With time, it has become one of the most commonly used tools for creating a focal point. No wonder it’s the first thing people land their eyes on when entering a room. Making it a key decor element largely affects the first impression people get. With this in mind, think twice about what to showcase up there. Create an intimate atmosphere with art in dark colors or an easy-going mood with dynamic ones.

Bring in Nature With Wall Art Print

Decor elements connecting us to nature, as trendy as they are, have a deeper meaning. Wall art prints displaying natural hues have a relaxing effect. At present, when many people still work from home, art prints with natural colors offer a peace of mind.

Despite the specific style, these prints are versatile and easy to match. This is another advantage you can consider while getting inspiration from nature.

On that note, here is a reminder that if printed on weather-resistant materials, these decor items will serve perfectly as outdoor ornaments as well.

What Can Affect Your Choice of Printed Art

Choosing large wall art prints is fun yet challenging. Here are some factors that you should take into account.


Depending on the location, owner’s lifestyle and individual preferences, interior design projects require wall art prints of different styles. It’s obvious that art pieces chosen for the office space and a medical center should differ.

Don’t be surprised! Wall decor impacts people’s emotional and physical well-being. This is why they have found purpose even in medical centers. As for house design, your choice should fall on appealing artwork to create comfort and show off your taste.

Size and Shape

Artwork should be visible when installed in order to serve its purpose. Avoid unexpected clutter by measuring the free space on the wall before ordering the print. Empty walls offer you freedom and possibilities. You can incorporate several art pieces to form a collage or get a set of multiple mages at once.

The size and shape will also be affected by other elements of the space. Let’s say the room is embellished with large beautiful windows. In this case, you might want something big and similar in shape to complement those.


Mindful spacing means making the most of the available area. It’s not as easy as it seems, yet it’s crucial for making the right impact on the surroundings. To place the artwork correctly and avoid cluttering, take into consideration the structure of the room, its furnishing and its overall color pattern. Doing this in the planning stage will be a lifesaver.

Installation Rules

Hanging any art at eye-level is the safest option when it comes to installation. To make your printed art a central decor element, hang it on a visible place. To balance the interior and create a sense of wholeness, pay close attention to the furnishing. Last but not least, create symmetry by placing the wall art print around main pieces of furniture.

If you want to avoid damaging the wall, go for command strips, lean prints on backings or display them on a shelf.

Note that in all cases, you can magnify the effect of your art prints with the help of lights.


Each and every element of interior design has an impact on the atmosphere of a space. Make your interior design project a success by giving it a finished look with special art prints.

Home Base Project Team
Home Base Project Team
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