From the Kitchen to the Bathroom: 6 Interior Tips You’ll Be Happy You Read

A beautiful interior design isn’t an easy feat, as different factors will determine the look and feel of a room. For example, you’ll need to balance color schemes, carefully position lighting, and introduce the correct furniture scales.

If you want to tweak your current interior design or are ready to give your home a makeover, you must aim to refine your décor in rooms across the property, from the kitchen to the bathroom. Do exactly that with the following six interior tips you’ll be happy you read.

1. Balance Your Color Scheme

Balance is crucial in interior design, especially when using more than one color. If you’re unsure how to achieve the perfect balance, ensure 60% of the interior design is in your desired dominant color, the secondary color is 30%, and the accent color is 10%. If you want to add a fourth color, split the secondary color.

2. Choose Timeless Colors

Some colors refuse to go out of style. Avoid changing your décor in a year by incorporating one of the following classic colors:

  • Neutrals (think creams, blacks, and beiges)
  • Darker green shades
  • Classic French gray
  • Navy blue

3. Design at Your Eye Level

A room’s use should determine your interior design. For example, if you plan to watch TV in your bedroom or living room, you must ensure the furniture is at your desired eye line. It will help you create a functional, attractive, and comfortable space that will make the room more inviting.

4. Choose Quality Materials

It is worth paying a little extra for better quality materials in interior design. The items will not only pop in a room but are more likely to stand the test of time.

For example, if you want to create an elegant yet durable kitchen, incorporate quartz countertops from Legacy Countertops to create a stylish, hardwearing kitchen that demands attention.

5. Welcome Natural Light

Many people focus too much attention on the décor and fail to consider a room’s natural lighting. Create a vibrant, attractive, and airy space by pulling back the drapes, cleaning your windows, adding skylights, and positioning furniture toward the window.

It may even help to hang mirrors facing a window to reflect light across the room, which will make it appear more spacious.

Sunlight doesn’t only affect your health and wellbeing, but it can alter colors in a room. For instance, a shade will appear differently in a south-facing room compared to a north-facing space. Always test colors on a wall before incorporating them into your interior design.

6. Don’t Fear Black

Many people fear incorporating black into interior design, as there is a misconception it will make a room appear dark and small. Black is a dominant color, but it can add elegance, strength, and texture to a space.

Use black sparingly in accents to tie a color scheme together and ground a room. It’s a perfect option for those choosing a pale backdrop, as it may provide a visual punch that will make a room appear stylish and sophisticated.

Home Base Project Team
Home Base Project Team
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