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How To Fix The Craftsman 19.2 Volt Battery?

If you are a drill professional, then you are well known about the craftsman 19.2 volts. It is because when compared to others, it is working perfectly!! But, the craftsman 19.2 volt battery charger problems are a common thing. By using some solution, you can resolve it.

The craftsman 19.2 drills are lightweight to use and very versatile drill compared to her. There are many more craftsman are accessible.

But it comes under the pair of lithium-ion batteries to ensure that are performing very well. Sometime, the craftsman 19.2 volt battery charger problems make the drill won’t work.

Once you realize the battery stops holding the charge, you have to rebuild the battery and create the charger for a new battery. Generally, these issues are common that are involves cracking the case and gets into the circuit board. Therefore, you have to prefer the best tool for your project.

Keep reading this article to know more hot to fix the problem quickly. You can make your craftsman drill working again. So you can do your project without any delay. All the fixes are simple even it is applicable for other tools.

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Why It Is Essential To Fix The Battery

For instance, if your craftsman 19.2 V drill battery gets issues, you have to check it once. It is because the charger has the green indicator light.

It indicates the battery has a full charge. If you are using the craftsman battery, it is must to fix the battery once you find the issues in your battery condition.

Bu problem is that there is no charge at all!! At that time, you have to consider more. If you can’t take the battery to the seller, you have stuck with the dead battery. Don’t worry.

There are many more fixes are accessible to resolving it. Once you apply the fixes, then you can get your craftsman drill working correctly again.

What Is The Average Cost To Replace The Battery?

If you decide to replace your dead battery, it is possible, but many people consider the cost. The cost to replace the battery depends on where you get it from. Otherwise, it is a lower cost to replace the battery.

There are many more battery packs are accessible that are suits for your equipment and tools. The craftsman battery is having new added to battery packs. According to your needs, you have to purchase the battery!!

You can easily find the cheap cost solution to replace the battery. It depends on the model of the drill. But the cost may be worth spending. Otherwise, you rebuild the battery on your own if you know the fixes.

Furthermore, the batteries come in various sizes. Based on the size of the battery, the cist will be varying. The battery allows your tool to work efficiently. Therefore, try to purchase the battery.

Generally, all are like to use the tools in good condition. It is because a few issues in your tool are disturbed your project. Therefore, keep in mind before starting the project, you have to stock the tools for safety. Consequently, it is the best investment to have tools for your project.

What Are The Ways To Rebuilding Your Battery?

In order to rebuild the battery, you have to learn about the inner working of it. If you need to use the necessary tool for your project, you have to know the fixes. The process for rebuild the battery is simple. To rebuild, you have to follow the steps below!!!

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Step 1: Choose The Necessary For The Job

You can rebuild the battery, and get it working correctly is simpler. But you have to know some solution. Foremost, you have to choose the tools for the jobs

  • Wirecutter
  • Wire stripper
  • Soldering iron
  • Solder
  • #10 Torx bit/driver
  • Black wire (4″ piece)
  • Shrink tube
  • 20v multi-output voltage laptop charger
  • Insulated alligator clips (black/red)
  • Needle nose pliers
  • Solder wick
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scratch awl
  • Solder paste

Once after having the tools, you have to take apart the battery. Inspect the problem and apply the fixes.

Step 2: Crack That Case

Once after doing the first step, then you have to get four screws out. Even you can use scratch awl if you don’t have the last bit. But you have to make sure you have to use pressure to break the little pin off that is located in mid of the screw head.

This fix you can make depends on the case. First, you have to take the different angles before you have to get the pin off. Then, when you do this fix, you have to do away with the screws, pop off the top of the case. Then take out the plastic locking tabs.

Step 3: Take Out The Circuit Board

This step is needed to prey the charging connector support up. Now, it will be loose. After that, you have to take out the tiny screws and hold the circuit board.

Next, you have to cut all four thinner wires present on the outer edge of the battery in that place. The four wires look three red and one blue.

Here, you have to cut the wire that is located at the connector terminal charger. When you are cutting the red and blue one that runs into the connector terminal, in this case, you do not cut the red wire that is located opposite to the black one. Therefore, cut it around the circuit board.

Now, disolder the tab that is present in the battery connector from the circuit board. Next, check the board and tilt it. Otherwise, you have to cutting the red wire at the bottom. Finally, you have to take a sponge tape off.

It holds the thermal protector and allows you to remove the board quickly. In this place, you have to makesure that you separate the charger connector stand.

Step 4: Rebuilding The Battery

Set up your charge connector base back in the required spot and take that two pins back into the holes. Now, you can use the glue to fill the space and attach the two legs. Therefore, the battery holder will stand properly.

You have to take the charger connector and strip the red wire, including the other red wire that is the battery pack. Then, take a piece of shrink tube, put it over one wire and then solder it. But make sure you have to use the shrink tube to cover the joint.

Take the black wore and solder one end!! And get the other end and soldering it to the tab. This you have to do for inside work. Next, make sure that you have to place the tabs back. Finally, snap the top of the case.

And you have to line up the charge connector terminal perfectly before putting the screws back into place.

Step 5: Building The Charger

Building the charger is more straightforward, and also you can find the one at a cheap price. It is cheap and that are made of lithium batteries.

For the batteries, it is essential to choose the charger with 20v output. It is because it gives the chance that the battery comes with a two-pin connector setup wired to the multi-connector. So you have to cut the wires at the connector and get the insulated chips in both the positive and negative spots.

Step 6: Getting The Charger Ready 

Once after completing the set-up of the charger, then you have to set it for 20v output. Then, you have to connect the positive to the required terminal and the same negative one.

For the positive, it will be on the round side. The black will on the flat side. Leave it for an hour to charge.

How Does The Charger Work?

If you have to follow the above steps, then the battery will work properly. For instance, if your craftsman drill does not work correctly, you have to check the steps that may have missed any actions. Then, you can make your battery new. It is perfect to use these steps!!

The drills are works at various speeds. The low rate will have force for driving screws and the high speed to drill faster. Based on the speed the power of the drill will consider. So the battery condition is vital to check.

Are You Tried To Fix Craftsman 19.2 Volt Battery, Or Should You Purchase The New Battery?

When you want to rebuild the battery, you can easily save more money. Generally, both are the better choice to fix the one or purchase the new one. The signs that you need to buy the new battery is

  • Leaking
  • Swelling or bloating
  • Burn marks or overheating

If you find any of these signs, then you have to buy the new battery. These signs indicate that the battery is malfunctioning, so it is a risk to use.

When Is It Best To Rebuild The Battery?

If your battery is not holding the charge means, you have to check the charger first. It is because sometimes the problem occurs within the charger.

If the charger is working correctly, then you have to try to rebuild the battery. The craftsman battery charger fix is easier and possible to fix hassle-free.

When your battery is not charging, then you can get the worst experience. May there is much reason for why the battery won’t charge. Try to know it and fix it.

Once after testing the battery, you have to determine that is the battery is faulting. Then you have to rebuild it. Then you can get hope that are works fine.

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Things To Remember

If you use the drill, you have to know how to find the battery didn’t take the charger, including many of the people making the same mistake charging the battery overnight. Don’t do that. Once you find the issues, you have to rebuild the battery and hold the charge.

Moreover, you have to check your health of battery frequently. Once you realize your battery is warped in any way, you have to dispose of it and purchase the new battery.


Now, you can know the fixes of craftsman 19.2 volt battery. The craftsman 19.2V battery is made of lithium-ion cells!!! This keeps the battery long-lasting.

However, suppose the craftsman 19.2 volt battery charger problems appears means, then you have to fix it by own or purchase the new one!! Get the valuable experience!!! Hurry up!!

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