Create A Beautiful Space to Unwind with Artificial Putting Green

The number of Americans taking advantage of limited outdoor space with artificial turf has been growing for years, and there are plenty of reasons why.

For those of us who have enjoyed having synthetic grass to enjoy in place of a deck, patio, slab of concrete, or barren dirt patch, it might get a bit dull having a blank but perfect lawn.

We have a few ideas on how to make the most of your artificial lawn with decorations and games, and we’ll also clue you in on things to keep in mind when planning out a holiday display for the yard, or organizing a large gathering. 

There are plenty of ways to enjoy synthetic grass but a favorite for many Americans is the beloved pastime of golf. Playing a calming game of putt-putt has been an easy way to spend a warm weekend in the backyard, working on your form.

It helps to have the support of doctors in encouraging golf to stay healthy, as mentioned on this site. Pair that afternoon with a cooler of chilled drinks and a fiery grill with some smokey charcoal and you have yourself an idyllic staycation. 

A better backyard

Having a traditional lawn can be more work than it’s worth in nearly any climate these days, as temperatures rise higher and higher, and draughts become longer, as well as more frequently occurring. Even with a whole family of parents, children, and pets, you can make use of your outdoor space with artificial turf over any slab of concrete or raised deck.

Weathering any extremes your area may experience, synthetic grass mimics the look and feel of natural lawns without the need for constant watering and pest control spraying. Offering all the perks without any of the maintenance, you can make any space in your home or on your property an emerald escape year-round.

Because it is made of recycled turf, plastics, and blends of rubber, artificial putting green lawns are excellent at preventing colonies of bugs from making a home in your yard. With no means to obtain food or nutrients from the grass, bugs won’t make themselves at home near your home. 

Artificial putting green can give you the summer golf spot of the neighborhood. You can still decorate your yard as you would traditionally for any holiday, stakes are safe to insert into the lawn as long as it is done carefully, and the stakes are not large enough to tear the base layer of the turf. It’s even safe to let inflatables rest on the lawn as you may usually do with a natural grass lawn. The rubber grass blades are not dangerous to these decorations, and better yet, cannot be damaged by the inflatable shading one spot for long stretches of time. 

In-door/outdoor room (feeling of grass, inside): Growing up in Florida, a much beloved and universally useful part of the home was the veranda, an enclosed outdoor space where the family could enjoy the weather without being swarmed by bugs.

Some of my family members made it an entertaining area, and a few made it their outdoor exercise spot, but the best use I’ve seen in person yet was an indoor/outdoor putting green for my grandfather to practice in.

There was a mini fridge for a cold drink between short games, and a small dog bed in the corner by the door, for his faithful wiener dog, Missy, to judge his skill. 

Getting creative with newfound opportunities

Pairing a beautiful piece of artificial green with warm lighting and comfortable seating can turn a boring backyard into a relaxing resort in next to no time at all! Take a little inspiration and elbow grease, and you can have the yard of your dreams in any weather and all year long.

Keep your strokes low with regular practice, or just hit the green for a short game to unwind after work. You can learn more about how to play the game and hone your habits here: Afterward, you can have a few friends over to join you and the family for a barbeque on perfectly groomed, ever-green synthetic grass. 

Once you’ve concocted the perfect plan for your outdoor space, you can make plans with your friends and family to take full advantage of any and every good weather day.

Be it hosting a fantastic backyard barbeque with your family, gathering friends to compete in a cut-throat battle of backyard games, or creating a beautiful and flawless snowman from a synthetic lawn that won’t pollute fresh snowfall with mud and sticks, there are plenty of ways artificial putting green can give you a better outside experience, regardless of the season.

Home Base Project Team
Home Base Project Team
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