8 Signs It’s Time to Call a Pro to Fix Your Leaking Shower

Leaky showers cause so much hassle. So much so, that most homeowners treat it as one of the worst things that they have to deal with when it comes to household maintenance.

It is pretty overwhelming because the mere sight of water in places where it shouldn’t exist always triggers panic. You shouldn’t feel so stressed though. It’s just water anyway.

To help you DIY your way around leaky showers, we collected top tips from experts that will help you assess if your leaky shower already needs professional help or not.

Knowing these signs will help you get full control of every single leaky shower situation that you may encounter. Don’t let panic and anxiety get the best of you. Read on and learn. You can handle anything!

4 Negative Effects of Not Fixing a Leaky Shower Immediately

Leaky showers cause much stress to homeowners because delay in repair can cause the following:

1.Water Stains

Any shower area immediately feels gloomy and horror-movie-ready when there are water stains. Constant dripping from a leaking shower causes unsightly water stains that will always put you in a foul mood.

2.Health Risks

Leaky showers prime your bathroom as a fertile breeding ground for moulds and bacteria. Such can cause health issues that no one should have to suffer from. Bathroom users can suffer from skin rashes, eye irritation, headache, and even fever.

3.High Water Bill

Leaky showers can waste as much as 20 gallons every day. You’d be surprised at how high your water bill will be if you’ve been delaying fixing your leaky shower.

All the minuscule water drops accumulate to so much water waste by the end of every billing period. Avoid this at all costs — not just for the environment but for your wallet’s sake.

4.Costly Tile Repair

Tiles damaged from excess moisture are expensive to repair. Structural damage from excess moisture also takes longer to repair.

6 Signs to Look for To Help You Tell if It’s Time to Call a Pro for A Leaking Shower

Check for the following signs to see if you indeed have a leaky shower and it’s time to call a pro for immediate repair:

Sign # 1: Moulds

Random puddles of water surely signal that something is off. But not all puddles of water are caused by leaky showers. It could simply be a case of someone forgetting to close the shower door. Hence, puddles of water shouldn’t cause you instant panic.

You should however be on the alert if you already see moulds around the area. Mould growth means that excessive moisture is already present. Excessive moisture can only be around if your shower is leaky.

Sign # 2: Ceiling Health

The state of your ceiling can easily tell you if your shower is leaky. Check the part of your bathroom ceiling that’s directly atop your shower. Check for water stains on the area. If there are water stains already then you can be sure that something is off with your shower.

Sign # 3: Wall Assessment

Check your bathroom walls for any odd dirt growths. If your bathroom wall is painted and it’s already peeling or flaking, then this is a telltale sign that your shower is leaking.

Sign # 4: Shower Screen

You won’t need to call a pro if it’s just your shower screen that’s broken. Broken shower screens can easily cause splash leaks. Splash leaks are normal as water can easily go through shower screens.

You shouldn’t take it easy though if you’re just facing a shower screen problem. Broken shower screens can cause your subfloor to rot from excess moisture.

It’s a good thing that your shower won’t need professional repair but you should go out of your way to have your shower screen fixed. You can DIY your way around it as you would only need caulk and maybe new door sweeps and gaskets.

Sign #5: Shower Tray

Check your shower tray for any cracks and gaps. To check for leaks, fill your shower tray with water. Check where the water goes. Observe your shower tray carefully as small leaks won’t immediately be obvious.

You have to carefully and patiently observe. Seeing just a tiny leak is a sign that it’s to call a professional shower tile repair company to fix everything.

Sign #6: Drain

You should also check your drain for leaks. Drain leaks are damaging because they can ruin the floor joists of your shower. You’d also suffer from water stains if your drain is leaking.

If you can’t seem to figure out how to check for leaks in your drain, then you should call professional repairmen to do the work. They can easily check your bathroom and inspect if something is off.

Sign #7: Taps

Your taps should also be checked. This is the easiest thing to do as it’s always obvious if there’s something off with taps. Functioning taps are not leaky and are easy to control. Problematic taps leak even when they’re not in use. You should immediately call a pro if you’re already suffering from having a leaky tap. You should call for repair as soon as possible because water stains can easily develop in areas around your tap.

Sign #8: Tiles

Your problem could not be a leaky shower but a nasty tile leak. This problem is way worse and requires more immediate solutions and repairs. A tile leak can make your grout and your bathroom’s structural frame to give out.

To avoid this, call for tile repair experts once you see that it’s your tiles that are causing the water trouble. You can DIY your way around this problem but it’s best to rely on professionals as you may need to replace your backer board.

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