Roof Restoration or Roof Replacement?

Do you need a roof restoration or roof replacement? What’s the difference between the two? You need to figure this out before you have work done on your roof.These two things are very different, and one requires more work than the other. A roof restoration is the easiest of the two and will take less work. It still takes a lot of work but can often be done sooner than a full roof replacement.

Do You Need a Roof Restoration or Roof Replacement?

Roof Restoration

                Many people believe that if there is damage to their roof, they need to replace the whole thing. This is not always the case because you can also just restore it: This is a good way to revitalise the look of your home. It doesn’t take as long as a full replacement and can make your home look just as good.

                If you have it restored, you will have minor repairs made. The company will also clean and recoat it to help it stand out again. They will use a spray to make your home look better. It also gives your roof more life and can add about ten or fifteen years to it.

                There are different steps to take depending on what type you have. The first basic step includes applying paint or foam on top. This will help it to reseal the tiles and shingles that have gotten old. It also protects metal from rust and corrosion and any other damage.

                Other things that need to be done are replacing cracked tiles, torn or brittle shingles and re-bedding the ridge tiles, and replacing the flashing. These things are usually needed for ones that are over ten years old. This is still less expensive than replacing your whole thing, but it usually doesn’t come with a warranty.

                The roofs that are more suited for restoration include terracotta tiles, cement tiles, and iron or metal-clad ones. These items are easier to restore to make it look new again. This is what you want from a restoration and you can rely on expert roof tilers to do the work.

Roof Replacement

                Replacement is when you must replace the whole thing. This would include scraping off all the tiles or shingles and replacing them. This will take a little longer to do, usually up to three days, sometimes a little more.

                This is done when your roof has rotting timbers, it is sagging, or when you have too many broken tiles or brittle shingles. You will also know you have issues when the fittings or fasteners have corroded. Another hint that you may have issues is when your inside ceilings have damage or mould.

                A new roof will not only improve the look of your home, but it will also increase its value and make it more energy efficient. When you decide to have your house roofs replaced, roofers will have to consider things like the age of your home,the type of roof you have, and the climate in your area.

What is the Difference?

                A roof restoration is fixing up an established roof to make it look new again. This is done when the roof has minor issues that can be easily fixed. This is one way to save some money on your roof.

                A replacement is when the entire thing must be redone. This happens when there are too many things that need to be repaired. This will cost you a little more than a restoration.

Replacing Your Gutters

                Something that you need to think of when you are restoring or replacing your roof is your gutters. Your gutters will help it to stay in good condition if the gutters are in good shape. Once they begin to fail you will begin to get damaged. This would be when you need a complete replacement, which can be very expensive.

                You will know that your gutters will need to be replaced when you begin to start seeing leaks from them. You will also notice water damage or mould in the corners of the inside of your home. It would be imperative for you to replace your guttering when this happens.


                Restoring or replacing your roof is not only good for your home while you are living in it, but it can also increase the resell value of your home. When the potential buyers see that you have done this, they will know this is something they won’t need to worry about. This will help your home to have more interest and to sell faster.

                Usually, when you are trying to sell your home, you take care of the inside of your home and fail to take care of the outside of it. Taking care of the outside will help to increase the value of your home and increase the interest in your home. This is especially true if you are replacing or restoring your roof.

                A full replacement can add more value to your home than a restoration can, but it is also more expensive. A restoration would be good if that is all you could afford, but replacements come with warranties and other perks that restoration doesn’t have.


                You can get an estimate of how much each of the processes will cost you. A roofing contractor will come to your home, look at your roof, and tell you what work it needs. They will then let you know the approximate cost of the job.

                You will pay more for a complete replacement than you will for a restoration. It will also take longer to replace it than it would to restore it. A restoration can be done in as little as a day, while replacement will take three days or longer. This also depends on the weather and other things that might come up.


                There is a difference between replacing your roof and restoring it. If you want a shorter-term and less expensive solution, then restoration is for you. This will make it look new again and act like it was new in many ways.

                Replacement is going down to the boards and replacing everything, sometimes even the boards depending on their condition. You will get new tiles or shingles and everything else that is necessary. This usually comes with a warranty, as well.

                As you replace your roof, you should replace your guttering, as well. Guttering that is falling or is leaky can harm the inside of your home. You don’t want to have this happen after you have fixed your roof.