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Is dramacool safe in 2021? – If you have ever been in your otaku phase or still are, you would be aware of the fate of kissanime, which had all the anime in the world and was shut down due to legal reasons, leaving all the weebs heartbroken. Then many clone sites popped up, but they are always risky. The same is the case for dramacool.

Dramacool was an excellent website where you could stream all the Korean series and other Asian series and movies for free. It was filled with ads, but at least it was free, and you could watch all the dramas without having to pay for OTT subscriptions.

But due to legal reasons, the site was shut down, which has led to the rise of fake and clone sites of dramacool online with different extensions, which are just as unsafe. 

Is Dramacool Legal?

Dramacool allowed people to stream Korean, Taiwanese, Chinese, and Japanese dramas with English subtitles for free. But the content available on the site was available illegally, and thus, it is an unlawful site. 

What is Dramacool?

As mentioned just now, this site allowed people to stream all kinds of content without paying hefty amounts for OTT subscriptions. Sometimes, if you like only one type of series, for example, Korean dramas, you will need to get a subscription to various platforms like Netflix, Rakuten Viki, and so on to be able to watch all the Korean dramas.

This site gave a solution. You can watch all the Korean dramas on the same platform without paying anything at all! What is even better is that the quality of the episodes is also very high, and you can fangirl over all your oppas or noonas at the same website for free. 

Why Is the Dramacool App Not Working?

If you are using the app version of this site and it is not working anymore, it may have been blocked by your country’s government or your internet service provider. It is also possible that the site’s server is down, which is often the case on such websites with pirated content. Or it could be a network error from your side. 

Why Is Dramacool Not Safe?

It is evident from the first look itself that the content on the site is pirated. Piracy can be a legal offense in many countries, and you might not be directly affected by it, but the site owner can be charged for piracy by the actual content owners.

The site has no backlinks to the well-known sites or credits to the owner, so it is not associated with any authorized people who are the rightful owners of the content. The second red flag of the site is that the identity of the owner is hidden. It is quite suspicious and can be a cause of concern.

The site is safe to be used but not entirely. It is so because of the advertisements that will pop up on your window. There are various types of ads, and not all of them need to be harmful. Most can be harmless, but some malicious ads may inject malware into your system.

This hidden malware might hack into your system and steal your information. It might make you a target of cybercrime. If you give any personal details, then you might almost certainly get in trouble.  The ads might try to direct you to other illegal websites that might land you in danger as well. 

In a nutshell, while the dramacool site itself might be harmless, if we ignore the fact that the content is pirated, the ads on the site are far more dangerous. 

Safe Way to Use Dramacool

If you are an experienced streamer of such sites, you might have a better understanding of how the cyber world works and how to save yourself from such ads. If you are unsure about your abilities, here are some tips on how you can safely use this website for streaming those mesmerizing dramas set in Korea, Taiwan, or other countries.

Try to avoid clicking on the ads as much as possible. If you accidentally end up clicking on an ad and end up on a different website, exit it as soon as possible. If that site asks for personal details like a phone number or credit card details, you must never give this information to them no matter what they are offering in return.

Use an updated antivirus on the system you are using to stream this site. While there are in-built checks in more operating systems as well as in Google algorithm, it is always good to go an extra mile and have a dedicated antivirus installed in your system.

The paid antivirus is highly efficient and will perform regular checkups on your system and keep it safe from any malware that might try to get in from these ads or other devices. 

You should always try to avoid these sites as, first, it is not legal as piracy is a significant concern for the creators. Secondly, these are not safe as the extensions keep changing, servers are sometimes failing, they are not reliable, and we have already told you at length about the risks from the ads on such websites.

Alternatives for Dramacool

While it is advised to get the subscription to authorized streaming services like Netflix or Hulu, there are some sites you can try as well. 


This site is easy to use, and you can watch many Asian dramas on this site. Beware of ads on this website as well.

Rakuten Viki

This is perhaps not the best choice, but it offers a good range of dramas and regularly adds to its selection. You can get a cheaper plan that will allow you to stream the video at a lower quality, but you will get access to more series. If you do not want to get a subscription, you can wait for a while till the drama is completed.

 It will soon become open access. The subtitles on this site are available in many languages, and they are uploaded quite quickly. If you use the desktop version of this site, you even get a “learn” feature for the a remarkable asian,  Korean series in which you can get subtitles in Hangul, romanised Hangul, and English.

You can click on the word and learn its meaning and pronunciation. It is quite an outstanding little feature if you want to practice your Korean speaking skills.

New asian TV

This site has very few ads, and you might be able to avoid them as much as possible while getting a huge selection of Asian dramas and series.


This is another famous site with fewer ads but a wide selection of Asian dramas and movies. It also has links to the anime and manga websites of this domain.


Though dramacool is free and seemingly harmless, it might pose some threats to your system. If you still wish to continue using it, try to avoid the ads, follow the rules for cyber safety and use a good antivirus in your system.

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